Big D Climb

'Tis the season to train and race! I am trying something new for 2016 - a stair climbing race!! I am so excited they asked me to partner with them for this event!

I came across a flyer for the Big D Climb while I was picking up a packet for my last half marathon, I looked into it and after speaking with the ladies in charge of the climb I think it's going to be a blast! I was worried about a few things:

1. how to train for a climb
2. if I could talk anyone into being on a team with me

We are climbing the big green one, about 70 stories, seems like a lot, but they told me on average it takes about 45 minutes to complete. 45 minutes of cardio I can do and I know a lot of you could too! When you register for the Big D Climb you then get emailed a weekly training program, which is a great tool to get ready and also motivate yourself to workout in the New Year. All funds raised from event go towards the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

I've looked over the training plan and it's very doable for every stage of fitness, a great way to start the New Year getting fit and maybe trying something new! 
Here are a few details:

1. I would LOVE to do this race with y'all so if you are local and want to hang out for a while on Jan 30th sweating, laughing, and just having fun PLEASE sign up to be on my team! I'm even going to have Oliver come and climb with me, so feel free to bring your husbands! 

2. I will be participating in the training program and posting regularly updates on getting ready for the climb. 

3.  $45 registration fee per climber – includes event t-shirt, race timing chip, access to the training program, and climb after party

How to Register

  • 1. Visit www.bigdclimb.org
  • 2. Click the “Join a Team” link in the toolbar located on the left side of the webpage
  • 3. Hit the “Select & Continue” button for the climb option that best suits you (full climb, half climb, or virtual climber)
  • 4. If this is your first time participating in an event with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, click on the “New Account” button.  If you’ve participated in an event with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society before, click on the “Sign In” button and enter your email and password.  (Forgot your password? Click the “Forgot my Password link” and follow the instructions to reset your password).
  • 5. Enter your information and click “Sign Up”
  • 6. Search for your team by entering “Team Skinny Meg” into the search bar 
  • 7. Hit “Select & Continue” on INSERT TEAM NAME HERE in search results
  • 8. Fill out the registration information questions. When complete hit continue. 
  • 9. Fill out your personal information. When complete select “Complete Registration”. 
  • 10. Fill out your payment information for the $45 registration fee. When complete select “Register Now”.


  1. This sounds like my claustrophobia would definitely kick in.... LOL
    Good luck!!!

  2. I almost lost my mom to Lymphoma cancer when I was 12 years old. Luckily she made a miraculous recover and is still here today. Thank you for doing this and for spreading the word about raising money, so many lives will be changed because of it.


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