Thank You 2015!

It's been a heck of a year - my sweet Baldish baby boy turned 1 and has grown more lovable with each passing day.  He's been going to preschool 2x a week and has really grown to love it. He continues to be a great sleeper and an overall easy kid, just a lover! 

Madison started 1st grade, it's been challenging, Oliver and I have faced many new obstacles in our parenting. I'm sure by the time Aiden starts school we'll be pros! She played soccer and we finished up dance.

I ran some races, even set a new PR for a half marathon. I dealt with my insecurities being gossiped about, which in turn only made me more determined to ignore what mean people say about me. Life lessons being learned, even as an adult.

Speaking of growing up, this was the year, the year I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I started Ollie Marie and 4 months later quit my full time HR job to pursue what makes me happy. I did things that scared me, I took a giant leap of faith, and I couldn't be more proud of myself if I'm being honest. I've learned so much and I'm excited for next year, things should run a lot more smoothly now that I've been there done that. 

My business grew quickly and my family has supported me so much, it's been life changing for all of us! We added on to our house to accommodate the need for space and to allow me to continue to work from home as long as I can. We've had some rough patches FOR SURE, it was quite the adjustment for all of us and it can be stressful being together ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY. I am forever grateful that I have the chance to be home with the kids more, while I can honestly say I've never worked this much or this hard, the flexibility I have has come in handy for everyone. 

I continued to count my macros and hit the gym, I hit pre pregnancy weight and continued to drop about 10 more pounds. I set a goal of logging my food every day in MFP and today is day 364!

I am pretty proud of myself, now to add another whole year to that number! This has been the year of taking that leap of faith and focusing on my career. I hope to expand my business next year and continue to grow, it's a wonderful thing to be able to do what you love everyday. I'm still working out my physical goals for the year, but be sure to come back on Monday for the update. 

Thank you to all of you who continue to read and support me, I love this community so much! For those of you who asked, my Facebook Weight loss Challenges will resume, but not until February - I'll announce closer to the time how we are accepting people :)

Happy New Year from my family to yours!


Counting our Blessings.

We celebrated a very blessed Christmas with my parents, Aiden got trains and a vacuum so all was right in his little world. My Mom informed me I was in charge of making Christmas dinner, so I lazed  {is that even a word?} and bought the entire thing from HoneyBaked Ham so all I had to do was heat it up. I can't even tell you how much more enjoyable the day was when my Mom and I weren't in the kitchen all day slaving over a meal, we will probably never cook on Christmas again! 

My Mom bought Madison a sewing machine, meant for ages 10 and up, but she thought why not give it a try. Madison has a real hidden talent, she was making pillows for everyone within an hour, my Mom was so proud she almost cried. We've already had a trip to Joanne's to buy her more fabric.

The next morning I met my favorite girls for a 18 mile run, just for fun on my part, training for a full on theirs. It was 70+ degrees and 10000% humidity - I was mildly concerned for my boobs, the humidity is prime time for serious chaffing. Thankfully Poppy Locks brought TRISLIDE which is a waterproof spray on anti chafe lubricant and it worked miracles!!! I'll never use stick body glide again. She also brought cupcakes, which is about 34% of the reason I went, the other 50% was post run mimoas, and the other 16% was the company.

Then my Mom and I took the kids to check out some post Christmas markdowns, I was trying to get a new bra and Aiden was insistent on opening and closing the door so I'm sure all of Rockwall has now seen my boobs. I did manage to score a super cute Christmas wreath for next year from HomeGoods, but no luck on a new tree.

Aiden is all about fist bumps, he says 'bump! bump!' and tries to hold out his fist for everyone that walks past him. He's become a giant pain in the a** at restaurants, not wanting to sit in his chair, making a huge mess, you know the normal 1.5 year old stuff, but whew it wears me out.

We went home for naps then my parents came over and we decided to go to Olive Garden {Rocwall, TX} together, my Mom and Dad left first and took Aiden with them. Oliver, Madison, and I met them there, while we were waiting for our table we saw the news and the tornado watch. No biggie. Then while we were eating everyones phone started to go off with the emergency alert, but no one really reacted, I think living in a large metropolis people feel safer from tornados. We paid our check and headed to the car, we heard the sirens going off while we were driving home, I started to get scared and Madison started to cry.

Lightening is covering the sky, we see bright flashes of blue fill the sky, lightening has struck a power source. The drive home is about 20 minutes, my parents are with the baby following us and Oliver is talking to my Mom on the phone, they live about 4 miles past our house and she wants to go home and check on her dogs. I insist they come to our house since they have Aiden, my Dad says the wall cloud is right by us and we barely make it in the house when they see the tornado go by off the back porch.

not my photo. 
I have never been so scared, tornados are so unpredictable, they can drop out of the sky at any moment on any house. You can be hit and never have warning! My parents waited it out for about 30 minutes at our house before heading home.

They are so extremely lucky, the house behind them was hit and a few across the street, it literally jumped over theirs. I'm so glad they didn't go home with Aiden, they could've driven right into it! Rowlett was hit the hardest, they are about 25 minutes from us, but my tiny town and the towns around us were hit badly and they are not getting the same amount of support so I'm hoping today the Red Cross will be out to provide for these families. It's hard to know how to help, donations of food, tarps, shelter, and clothing are put together, but this is a rural area and I know many will need monetary donations - deductibles will be in the thousands of dollars if they even have insurance at all.  I'm hoping to find out more information today on what's been set up. 


Big D Climb

'Tis the season to train and race! I am trying something new for 2016 - a stair climbing race!! I am so excited they asked me to partner with them for this event!

I came across a flyer for the Big D Climb while I was picking up a packet for my last half marathon, I looked into it and after speaking with the ladies in charge of the climb I think it's going to be a blast! I was worried about a few things:

1. how to train for a climb
2. if I could talk anyone into being on a team with me

We are climbing the big green one, about 70 stories, seems like a lot, but they told me on average it takes about 45 minutes to complete. 45 minutes of cardio I can do and I know a lot of you could too! When you register for the Big D Climb you then get emailed a weekly training program, which is a great tool to get ready and also motivate yourself to workout in the New Year. All funds raised from event go towards the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

I've looked over the training plan and it's very doable for every stage of fitness, a great way to start the New Year getting fit and maybe trying something new! 
Here are a few details:

1. I would LOVE to do this race with y'all so if you are local and want to hang out for a while on Jan 30th sweating, laughing, and just having fun PLEASE sign up to be on my team! I'm even going to have Oliver come and climb with me, so feel free to bring your husbands! 

2. I will be participating in the training program and posting regularly updates on getting ready for the climb. 

3.  $45 registration fee per climber – includes event t-shirt, race timing chip, access to the training program, and climb after party

How to Register

  • 1. Visit www.bigdclimb.org
  • 2. Click the “Join a Team” link in the toolbar located on the left side of the webpage
  • 3. Hit the “Select & Continue” button for the climb option that best suits you (full climb, half climb, or virtual climber)
  • 4. If this is your first time participating in an event with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, click on the “New Account” button.  If you’ve participated in an event with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society before, click on the “Sign In” button and enter your email and password.  (Forgot your password? Click the “Forgot my Password link” and follow the instructions to reset your password).
  • 5. Enter your information and click “Sign Up”
  • 6. Search for your team by entering “Team Skinny Meg” into the search bar 
  • 7. Hit “Select & Continue” on INSERT TEAM NAME HERE in search results
  • 8. Fill out the registration information questions. When complete hit continue. 
  • 9. Fill out your personal information. When complete select “Complete Registration”. 
  • 10. Fill out your payment information for the $45 registration fee. When complete select “Register Now”.


READY! READY! That's what this little turd will yell out when he's done, over it, ready to go. We all went to Madison school Christmas party Friday, he was done about 45 minutes in, grabbed his coat and started hollering READY READY. 

Saturday we had Christmas dinner over at my in-laws, my Father in Law cooks us a 4 course meal every year. Madison told me what was wrong with me on the way over, I have recessive eyes. Apparently when you have dominant eyes, like Daddy, her, and The Baldish One that makes you better. 

Despite my weakened genes I still kicked her butt at Scrabble, although she still needs helps finding words.  We ate too much, then decided to finish some Christmas at the Mall. It was crowded, but I love the Mall at Christmas, the music, the Holiday rush, the excitement at finding a great gift for a loved one. 

We let the kids play for a bit in the kid area, Aiden of course, Choo Choo CHOO CHOO. Another kid  was on this ride and his Dad had a handful of quarters just refilling over and over again. We waited and waited for our turn and when it came time, he was scared! Papa wasn't about to let it go so he hopped on and rode the train with him. This is why the kids love Papa the best. 

My running group is training for the full at Nola in February, I already backed down to the half, but I hate to miss all the fun runs with my girls. Sunday they were meeting at White Rock for 14 miles, it's nice to have a change of scenery and to see all the rich peoples holiday lights. 

I was kinda sad I wasn't doing the full, then we ran 14 miles and I haven't run more than 7/8 in a while and my 'pikachu' was really sore. After talking with all the girls apparently having your vaj hurt is not common LOL My groin always hurts when I increase my miles. I'm ok today though, hardly sore at all. They are running 18 next weekend, with Poppy cupcakes after, I was told you only get the treat if you do the full 18. I really love my cupcakes, but I'm gonna have to give it some thought. I could put that Christmas dinner to good use too....


RENO UPDATE. #8moredays

I was crazy nervous to paint the room before I picked flooring and furniture, but I took a chance on the Mindful Grey by Sherwin Williams and I absolutely love it! This is what it looks like with the morning sun, such a great neutral color. 

The flooring was harder to pick, actually it was only hard because Oliver had an opinion, so we had to compromise. I love the color, I just pray it's not too dark, Oliver actually wanted the white washed flooring, but it just was too much with the pallet wall. 

I loved this display in a kitchen they had, but need some a different set up on the drawers and I wanted it in all white. 

So Shelly Kelly and I went and designed a custom island, it will have seating and all kinds of storage! It's the first time I've used any of their kitchen items and I was highly impressed with the design center, easy to use and I got exactly what I wanted. 

We also got 2 desks and a large cubby holder - I freaking love those things! They organize everything, we use them for the kids toys and it's perfect - tons of storage! 

Don't judge the mess, we need a major toy clean out before Christmas! Oliver's off for 2 weeks starting this Friday, I can't wait to give him his 'honey do' list!! Merry Christmas to ME!


My Future Handyman.

The kids went to Pancakes with Santa over the weekend, the guys were showing up to start painting the house on Saturday so Oliver and I had to stay home and make sure they knew what colors went where. We have quite a few rooms that needed painting due to the water damage we had, but painting means we are nearing the end so I'm not complaining! I'll give a full reno update this week including flooring and furniture we picked out. Oh and Aiden sat on Santa's lap {for the 4th time this Season!!} and didn't cry, lol, just takes doing it over and over again. 

We ran some errands afterwards and hit the mall for a little Christmas shopping, I found the CUTEST curtains half off at Z gallery and I'm going to redo Madison's room for her birthday in April. The Baldish One also got his first tiny faux hawk, I cried just a little. 

Sunday it rained and rained so we slept in a little, I gymed, then we all put on clothes to go have brunch and grocery shop. 

We shop at Kroger mostly, I do love TJ's but it's about a 45 minute drive so we usually only go once a month or so. I paid freaking 5 bucks for those strawberries so y'all make sure I eat them all - mmmmmkay?

Look what else I found at Kroger! I've only ever seen them at Target so I got a bag, or three. I know I said I hated Quest bars, but I've been buying the Smores flavor, cutting them in small pieces and putting them in the microwave for 20 seconds - pretty dang good. 

Then Baby Aiden and I attempted to hang a Chandy in my closet, he enjoyed playing with the drill and I'm glad I didn't electrocute myself - but the chandy is not up. After a lot of cussing I gave up and I'm hoping the contraction guys take pity on me and just put it up for me ;) One day he'll be my little handyman and I won't have to do it myself! 


Reno Update = Part 2

After 10 years our Dyson finally died, after asking for options on Facebook I switched to the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe . I am highly impressed, I vacuumed my entire house yesterday and was so in love!! Granted it is newer than my Dyson, but it cleans my tile better, is lighter weight, is easier to navigate under my counters and furniture, the only con is that the cord is a lot shorter so I had to keep moving it. The construction has so much dust on my floors and I vacuum every single day to try and keep my sanity. We are finally coming to the end, hopefully we should be done by next Friday!

I thought I would share a few of the ideas I have for the room, the first being the amazing pallet wall from Stikwood! I have a 22ft wall upstairs that I want to make into a statement wall that I can also use for a photo backdrop, the weather doesn't always cooperate here in Texas.

I fell deeply in love with this look from their Instagram feed, it's a mix of all their colors and it's perfect! The wood is on the way to my house, but my contractor needs me to pick a wall color today, so after a bunch of recommendation yesterday on Periscope I decided to go with Mindful Grey from Sherwin Williams.

I want a warmer grey/taupe color to compliment the wall without being too dark. The flooring guy is coming in about an hour, I am hoping something strikes me because right now I'm at a loss. Dark floors would look bomb, but I can't handle being able to see every spec of dust and dirt and with all the boxes and unpacking we do it would drive me crazy.  I think probably something cool and medium wood toned.

I went with this ceiling fan from Lamps Plus, I wanted simple and brushed nickel. Shelly Kelly and I are going to measure for furniture today and hit Ikea to see what we can come up with - we need some pretty big work areas and I'm not sure where else to find large {non ugly} tables.

Per usual I make everything harder by starting other projects at the same time, I already repainted my master bedroom and ordered a new bed, which I absolutely love! We ordered this one from Nebraska Furniture Mart. I'm not sure if I love love the white bedding with the bed, but I'm going to hold off for now.

My real challenge right now is that I can't find any furniture to go with it, I guess because I don't have a great idea of what I want, but now that the bed is in I can't even decide on a color. My new wall color is Behr Tahitian Sky and I'm obsessed, such a light fun color!

This next week they will be repainting a few of our rooms and a bunch of our ceiling that was damaged in the great storm last month, I'm praying nothing sets us back so we can all relax and enjoy Christmas without the mess hanging around. 


Do you want to be lighter or fitter?

I've gained 2 pounds since I've gone back to the gym, good thing I know that the scale means very little. Water weight fluctuations are normal and a good reason to stop obsessing over the scale - hydration levels and muscle inflammation have a lot to do with that number. Heck - go do a Hot Yoga class and you'll lose 3 pounds - does that really mean you've lost 3 pounds of fat? NO. You lost water.

Muscle does NOT weigh more than fat - one pound of muscle and one pound of fat weigh ONE POUND. Muscle just takes up less room so you look thinner. Losing pounds on the scale does not mean you are fitter, it just means you are lighter. Yes you should use the scale as a tool, but don't obsess over every pound - as long as your weight is going in the right direction over time you are doing fine. 

I was originally supposed to run the Nola Marathon in February, but decided to drop down to the half for several reasons, but all my running friends are still running the full so that's made for some extra running already. I took off 5 weeks after my boob surgery, already have in 16 miles this week. I feel great - except my calves - they are tightttttt. I'm going to bust out the Foot Rocker for sure, it gives the best stretch!

If I had legs like her's I'd probable never wear pants either.

I just bought these Under Armour Women's Layered Up Liner Gloves and I love them - light weight and not bulky and so easy to manage my phone too! My pace picked up this run, but boy was I feeling it, the only reason I was able to do it was so I didn't get left in the dark - the best way to increase your pace is to run with someone faster than you.

Endomondo App

I've gotten a bit bored at the gym, I need something to spark me back up, but not sure what. I'm glad I've added in yoga, but I need a new weight lifting routine or something. I've tried following a routine before, but get SO bored after like 2 weeks of doing that same thing. I think I've just not put a lot of effort into what I'm going to do BEFORE I go lately, it might just be as simple as testing out my new stuff - I need to get on You Tube or some new IG accounts and get inspired.

Alright - gotta go it's hair washing day - I apparently like to continue to learn the hard way I can't run with my ponytail down or I have knots for days!


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