Post Op - Day 4.

So much to catch up on!

First, we finally finally got our family pictures done and while it was foggy and my hair went flat they still turned out adorable! All my pictures are done by Amber Jane Images in Rockwall. 

I want to cry looking at this little baldish man baby! He's growing so fast, I swear I gave birth yesterday. 

I freaking love this picture so much I want to make it our Christmas card despite the fact that I'm not in it LOL Maybe I'll put this on the back and a family one one the front. 

My absolute favorite picture is this one of the kids, gah they are just my favorite to stare at!!

Thursday I started to freak out a bit about my elective surgery, I've had many surgeries before this, but just knowing I would be a terrible person if I died doing this had me all sorts of emotional. I prepped by buying some pjs from Soma and some low fat ice cream #priorities 

I had to be at the surgery center at 6:30am - Oliver drove me, but wasn't going to stay. My MIL spent the night so she could stay with the kids. Surgery was supposed to start at 7:30, but ran late. Oliver was being a douche and telling me 'remember to say call oliver when you wake up' LOL 

I changed into a gown when I got there, when I was in the bathroom I realized I've never taken a picture of my boobs so I did that for reference LOL Then I was in the bed while they did a pregnancy test on me and checked my paperwork. While waiting for the anesthesiologist  I had to pee again, but no nurses were around and I told Oliver to hunt someone down because I couldn't pee myself during surgery! I was already hooked up to an IV at this point so couldn't just get up, well I never found a nurse before they came to wheel me out. Hopefully I held it the entire time. 

I have no idea how long I was in surgery, but recovery was supposed to be around 30 to 45 minutes. I've had 6 other surgeries and never ever been sick from the anesthesia so it came as quite the surprise when I was horrible ill for the rest of the freaking day. I was in recovery for 2 hours before they forced me into the car, I thought I was dying. I couldn't even open my eyes because the world was spinning. It was seriously the most awful day ever! Oliver carted me into bed and I stayed there dying and furiously breathing through my nose so I wouldn't throw up for the rest of the day - around 6pm I was able to open my eyes and beg for some water. 

My Parents kept the kids for the night.
At this point I refused to take any pain meds before I ate something, I was so scared of feeling sick again. I ate a turkey sandwich and popcorn and took some. I think I periscoped? Maybe that was the next day I really can't remember. I didn't realize I would have to sleep propped up on pillows, but I kept taking my meds and slept anyways. I even set my alarm during the night so I wouldn't wake up with pain and it worked wonders, I woke up feeling better the next day.  I kept the pain meds the entire next day, my parents kept the kids and Oliver took care of me. I watched a lot of DIY Network and had the most amazing idea to add this barn door to our master bedroom, a door and selfie mirror all in one! Luckily I did NOT make any purchases while on drugs LOL

Sunday I showered and felt even better, I made an effort to just be upright more. I absolutely hate laying around on the couch and it was getting expensive with all the items I wanted to buy online ahahaha. I decided to cut back to the the ibuprofen and not take any hydrocodone, mostly because I haven't poo'd in in days and well, yeah. TMI sorry!

Oliver made me breakfast, but as the day went on his passion for caring for me was waning. By the afternoon he 'had' to leave to help he guy friend out doing some guy crap. Thankfully my Dad just happened to be bored he he came by to pick up the baby and take him to the store with him! Aiden literally tries to jump on you as soon as you are sitting anywhere close to him. 

My favorites gal Ara - The Cleaning Queens - was so sweet and made me some food and bought toys for the kids! She even put the ingredients so I could figure out the macros LOL I appreciate that, but I didn't count any macros over the weekend. I hit my lowest weight right before surgery so I'm not weighing myself for a long while, I'll just keep that number in my head for now :) 

Construction started today and the banging and cutting is sure to be a constant for the next few months. I got myself dressed and fed today, my boobs look a little weird right now. High and a bit off to the sides, they need to settle, but until then loose shirts and cardigans! My back hurts from sleeping upright, but the pain is tolerable. I have no issue with my arms overhead actually and was able to do my hair and get dressed with out help. 

The doctor did 339CC to give me a C cup and while they are still swollen I am very happy with the size! Oh and I started icing day 2 and it's been the biggest relief, ice and more ice!!! I will go back for a post op checkin later this week. I'm not sure when I should start massaging them, but can't say I'm looking forward to it. 

The biggest thing I've noticed so far is that all of those stretch marks I had across my chest are gone, I can't believe it! I had so many and they were deep so to see nice smooth skin is nothing short of amazing!! My nipples are still covered with bandages so I don't really know what they look like yet - Oliver asked if they were even on there or if they put them on there later LMAO. That guy. 


  1. If they were even on there....HA!

  2. Wishing you a fabulous recovery and things continue to go well!!! You are amazing and yes you did periscope on Friday evening!!! :) You still looked amazing even post op!

  3. No Oliver, they're keeping her nips in a jar to be screwed back on later... Men!

    So glad you're feeling better and everything is going well. I'm hoping to do the same thing in a couple of years when my kids are a little older.

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery!! Pain meds can be the worst! I had 1 surgery in my life and had to take some and got so sick from them! I also had some bathroom troubles with them. Good luck!!

  5. Your post op scope was fun. You didn't do anything crazy!

  6. Yes you did a scope and it was great to see and hear from you. You look amazing! Praying for a quick recovery! !

  7. OMG peeing my pants and the nipple comment! Dying...

  8. I had a reduction years ago. Similar but different. One of my friends asked me what they did w/the nipples. I was all "lalalalala I can't hear you I don't want to know." Seriously, whatever they did, was fine with me. Hang in there, the worst part is over!

  9. Oh Oliver. At least you have some entertainment. I'm glad you are doing well and I am so happy your stretch marks are gone. That's fantastic

  10. So glad you're doing well! I hope you continue to get better soon!

  11. Your scope was so cute the night of your surgery! I love following your "real" life! Better than the Kardashians!! HAHAHA
    That is so cool about the stretch marks! Wow!!! Nice to see something positive right away.
    I'm so glad that you keep blogging with your busy life. I live for your blog!

  12. PS - the family photos are absolutely adorable!!!

  13. Hope you are healing fast. Pictures are adorable! I'll dm you my address in hopes of receiving one. A girl can dream! Would you mind telling us what you are doing at home? A new level? I'm so eager to hear! I'm a dork I know!

  14. Hope you are healing fast. Pictures are adorable! I'll dm you my address in hopes of receiving one. A girl can dream! Would you mind telling us what you are doing at home? A new level? I'm so eager to hear! I'm a dork I know!

  15. Gorgeous!! OK, I must have this skirt and its sold out :( Boo
    Thank you for being honest about your reduction. I am looking at one in the future, and I know what to expect now!

  16. Loved the scope that evening! Checking in with all who have watched your journey for so long was awesome even if the creepers came out. :) so glad to see you up and moving about and to have construction started is a relief I'm sure. Have a good one girl!!

  17. I am so proud of you I know you have been wanting this done for a very long time. I loved mine and it was e best decision I have ever made.

  18. Woman! Make a christmas card with a collage of photos! Why choose just one? :)


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