New Race PR!

Halloween was almost a disaster after I found out the Etsy seller I was using for Madison's costume was not in fact actually making it, my Mom is a lifesaver and put these together in less than a week! I have to say she did 1000% better than anything I would have ordered online and I'm lucky to have such a crafty Mom. Aiden's Big Bad Wolf was perfect for him, just a sweat suit with some fur and tail, he was comfortable in it and it kept him warm while we hit a couple houses. 

Madison was too cool to stay with our slow trick or treating, she ran off with the neighbor and I didn't see her until dinner. We have way too much candy, last year I took it to work and put it at the reception desk - I'm giving it away to literally every person who stops by.

Oh hey Uncle Ben - take home a giant bag of candy. Madison is already asking 75 times a day if she can have a piece, so over it. Then my Dad casually came over and left 2 unopened bags of chocolate candy bars - oh hell no. I called my Mom to come over and take that crap back, LOL. 

Sunday I was running the DRC Half Marathon with this girl - we both said lets just have fun and run around a 2 hour. I hadn't really trained to much for a fast half, just did a few 8 to 10 mile runs and a handful of 5 milers. I started to get sick and lose my voice on Friday, Saturday was worse, and Sunday and I felt a bunch of congestion in my chest. 

So we start out with the 1:55 pacers and then around mile 6 pull ahead of them, I'm thinking - ok I'll just stick right ahead of them and finish around 1:55. Sounds good until around mile 8 when I really start to feel tired and I'm kicking myself for not remembering my advocare running fuel!!! Ugh, I was so mad at myself. 1:55 is still behind me, but I'm not sure by how much. I start having convo's in my head 'I'll just tell her to keep going, I need to slow down' 'Eff Megan don't wimp out now' 'ok, just run to the next water station' My chest was on fire for the last 6 miles, all that heavy breathing was stirring up the congestion. 

Literally over and over again - talking myself into and out of a PR LOL 

Mile 12 was almost too much for me - I wanted to walk SO BAD. I mean, SOOOOOO BADLY. I kept saying 'it's only 1 more mile' 'who the hell screws up a PR at mile 12?!?!' ahahahaha. 

I finished in 1:54:21 and I'm so proud of myself!! It was my first time really running a race the same pace as someone else and it pushed me - might have to bring her along for another :) I had to apologize for all the mean things I said to her in my head. 

After the race my stomach was pissed off which sucked because they had all kinds of good food! The rain started just as I got back to my car and continued for most of the day so we got really lucky with the weather!!

Family pictures were canceled....again. We all kinda laid around watching DIY network - we are trying to get pumped for the renovations that are about to happen. 

Finally I rolled off the couch and put on some real clothes to hit the grocery store, we had zero protein in house. 

Madison told me she's too droopy on rainy day, she said she needs more sleep. Aiden's getting more accustomed to sleeping in his crib in Madison's room - it was a bit dicey there for a few days while he adjusted. 

Oliver finished clearing out the garage and I got about half of the dining room cleaned - Aiden managed to break my Pottery Barn glass thingy - ugh.  Then he threw a fit when I wouldn't let him sweep it up. Kids are fun. 


  1. That's fantastic! Total running goals!
    We are taking most of our load of candy to the dentist, because they give the kids money and then the candy goes to troops overseas!

  2. Congratulations on your new race PR! Also, your mom is one crafty woman! She did a fabulous job on the costume.

  3. Did you put Aiden in Madisons room to keep her company so she wouldn't wake you up? Or for the renovations? I missed that part!

  4. Great job on your race! I am battling an Etsy seller right now, too. Grrrrrr.

  5. Congrats on your new race PR! I'm curious to know- what is your advocare running fuel? I use 02 Gold and of course Spark. Anything else you recommend for longer runs?

  6. Meg--great job on the race! Just watched your scope and yeeeeppp my post boob job healing was yucky. I was in major pain for at least 3-4 days and heavy drugs were in constant use just to keep the pain manageable! (Mine were inserted through armpit no maybe that's worse?). Anyway, prepare for worst and expect best. The bandages are really tight and constricting so prepare your bedroom with all the stuff you need before hand. It's hard to move! ❤️

  7. Congrats on the PR!!!

    Costumes are amazing :)

  8. Congrats on the new PR Meg, I watched your scope after..not live - good for you girl!! Sending a big hug before your surgery from Ocho Rios...love your scopes. xo


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