2 Weeks Post Op Update.

I am a bit over 2 weeks post op from my breast augmentation and lift, I am still a bit tender, but nothing to inhibit my daily life. I"m able to pick up Aiden {30 pounds} and do everything else I need to around the house. They kinda just feel like they do that first few weeks in pregnancy, tender, actually a bit less so because Aiden bumps them all the time and it's fine. 

I am VERY happy with the size {339cc} they are a C cup and I think they look very natural on my frame, actually more natural than my real boobs ever did. The first week they were swollen and felt like they were right in my armpits, but I've been massaging daily and they are settling in nicely. I had to google the massage, I was not doing it correctly LOL I was doing it more like a breast exam, but it's more a squeeze. I have to wear gel patches over the scars for the next few months while they heal, I only take them off when I shower. I've also been using Vit E oil on them, they do itch a bit at night. I do have feeling in one nip already, hopefully the other side gets on board eventually. 

I came across this picture from before Aiden and I remember how freaking annoyed I was that when I would spray tan I would have white rings on my stomach from where my boobs would lay, some of the reason I switched to spraying at home was so I could control the spray and lift my boobs to get a more even tan. I have to say that I love them more than I thought I would, like a ton more!! Honestly I wish I had done this years ago. I love that they fill up my entire bra, no gaping holes in the top half. I love that when I brush my teeth I don't have to hold them up. I love that I can buy any old bathing suit top without a 10 store run down looking for supportive yet cute bathing suits. 

I had to get myself back on my diet track last week, I threw out all the junk and really tightened up my weighing and tracking. I'm telling you eyeballing it is dangerous, you think you're doing well, but it's very hard to guesstimate and when you do it too often it can hinder your progress.

I weighed in at the lowest weight I can remember, well, ever. I didn't own a scale in high school, but I would guess I was around 180 even then. I had to take a picture to be sure I wasn't imagining it LOL There have been many points in my journey when I thought I was DONE - like my body just wouldn't go lower. One was 200 and another was 185, then 150. All three of these points for me were sticking points, I was stuck for a while until I really figured out that I had to change what I was doing.  I had to get out of my comfort zone, I had to push myself.  

Hopefully I'm not losing muscle, lol, I actually looked it up but 1. it takes longer to lose muscle when you've been working out constantly for a long period of time. 2. it wouldn't just come off all of the sudden in the span of about a week

I moved my calories to maintenance calories {about 2,000/daily} before my surgery and that where i'll keep it for a while. I still have a few weeks until I can workout, it's been mentally tough for sure. That's a huge stress reliever for me and I could use a good long run right about now. 


  1. Hey Megan :) So happy for you.. sounds so great, what a relief that you are so content with going for the surgery. You look so good and so happy. Please tell me what jeans do you have on there?

  2. You look awwwwwmazing!!!! Congrats on the scale!

  3. You look fabulous as always! Such an inspiration and motivation!!! I was stuck at 185 as well and now I'm close to the 150's!!! WOOT WOOT! Keep Rocking it and good luck with the rest of your healing process!!!

  4. You look so much younger now, so happy for you and your new tatas!

  5. Lavender oil is great for scarring and healing.

  6. YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE :) You are an inspiration to work hard for your goals! Woo! Thank you for sharing life with us!

  7. You look amazing. I agree you do look younger. How's that for turning back the clock! !


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