Blue Apron Week + GIVEAWAY!

Sponsored by Blue Apron. 

Last week was Blue Apron week at my house, I love when my box of goodies shows up and all I have to do is follow a recipe! No hunting ingredients at the grocery store or even having to go to multiple stores. 

My absolute favorite part is trying new foods, this recipe alone had many ingredients I never use - cod, chard, golden raisins, ginger, chick pea flour, and acorn squash! 

It's always hectic at my house during dinner, it's nice to just have to prep and cook. Except when you're chopping and you feel a blinding pain in your thigh and realize your precious toddler has tried to bite a chunk out of it. 

We tried time out, he looked so pitiful it didn't last long, that may be a problem later LOL. 

I consider myself a pretty strong woman, but dang if I could get a knife through that acorn squash, I had to call in reinforcements, but someone told me you can microwave it for a minute first to soften before cutting! Glad to hear that because I quite enjoyed the acorn squash.

Just seasoned and roasted in the oven for 20 minutes.

I thought it interesting that you can chop and sauté the chard stems first, I used my new Scanpan and I love it so much!! Oliver is forever throwing away my pan due to the coating coming off, the Scanpan has ceramic titanium coating and stands up to utensils and it’s easy to clean. 

I really liked the chard, I'm definitely going to experiment more with it on other recipes. 

The veggies got mixed with the couscous and the pan wiped out really easily so I could cook the cod. I like that Blue Apron keeps there meals around 600 calories, I appreciate that they are full of lean meats and veggies, my preferred dinner options. You can customize your meals to your tastes though in your account, they have vegetarian options too! 

Oliver was still working so I was a nice wife and took him dinner in his office. 

Another great meal, easy and was a great fit for my macros! If you are unfamiliar with Blue Apron they are a company that deliver farm fresh ingredients to your door step - already portioned out and ready to cook! I of course weigh all my food, but didn't need one measuring cup or spoon. The options I've chosen are based on my families tastes - chicken and fish mostly. I only do the 2 person plan, but they do offer a family plan if you're cooking for more. You can also skip a month anytime, no commitment. 

Madison kept herself occupied while I cooked ;) I love finding her face in the most random places. 

There are so many recipes I want to try!

Y'all know how I feel about a hot sandwich - this fancy grilled cheese looks AMAZING. 

Chicken meatballs - Madison would die over this meal! 

Blue Apron was kind enough to off the first 50 readers two free meals just click HERE

They also were kind enough to offer a Scanpan for one lucky reader!! I'm so excited - this pan is legit!

You can check out the pan here

To enter go over to Blue Apron and leave a comment here telling me your favorite recipe! 


2 Weeks Post Op Update.

I am a bit over 2 weeks post op from my breast augmentation and lift, I am still a bit tender, but nothing to inhibit my daily life. I"m able to pick up Aiden {30 pounds} and do everything else I need to around the house. They kinda just feel like they do that first few weeks in pregnancy, tender, actually a bit less so because Aiden bumps them all the time and it's fine. 

I am VERY happy with the size {339cc} they are a C cup and I think they look very natural on my frame, actually more natural than my real boobs ever did. The first week they were swollen and felt like they were right in my armpits, but I've been massaging daily and they are settling in nicely. I had to google the massage, I was not doing it correctly LOL I was doing it more like a breast exam, but it's more a squeeze. I have to wear gel patches over the scars for the next few months while they heal, I only take them off when I shower. I've also been using Vit E oil on them, they do itch a bit at night. I do have feeling in one nip already, hopefully the other side gets on board eventually. 

I came across this picture from before Aiden and I remember how freaking annoyed I was that when I would spray tan I would have white rings on my stomach from where my boobs would lay, some of the reason I switched to spraying at home was so I could control the spray and lift my boobs to get a more even tan. I have to say that I love them more than I thought I would, like a ton more!! Honestly I wish I had done this years ago. I love that they fill up my entire bra, no gaping holes in the top half. I love that when I brush my teeth I don't have to hold them up. I love that I can buy any old bathing suit top without a 10 store run down looking for supportive yet cute bathing suits. 

I had to get myself back on my diet track last week, I threw out all the junk and really tightened up my weighing and tracking. I'm telling you eyeballing it is dangerous, you think you're doing well, but it's very hard to guesstimate and when you do it too often it can hinder your progress.

I weighed in at the lowest weight I can remember, well, ever. I didn't own a scale in high school, but I would guess I was around 180 even then. I had to take a picture to be sure I wasn't imagining it LOL There have been many points in my journey when I thought I was DONE - like my body just wouldn't go lower. One was 200 and another was 185, then 150. All three of these points for me were sticking points, I was stuck for a while until I really figured out that I had to change what I was doing.  I had to get out of my comfort zone, I had to push myself.  

Hopefully I'm not losing muscle, lol, I actually looked it up but 1. it takes longer to lose muscle when you've been working out constantly for a long period of time. 2. it wouldn't just come off all of the sudden in the span of about a week

I moved my calories to maintenance calories {about 2,000/daily} before my surgery and that where i'll keep it for a while. I still have a few weeks until I can workout, it's been mentally tough for sure. That's a huge stress reliever for me and I could use a good long run right about now. 


Sweet Cheeks.

Friday my MIL had to leave early so I didn't have anyone to watch the kids while I worked, so instead of trying to work and watch them which usually ends up with me yelling and frustrated I packed up a small picnic and took the kids to the park after school. 

It was a much more pleasant evening then being cooped up inside the house, I'm dreading the winter already! Next week they are both out of school, Madison is going to gymnastics camp Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday Papa is taking them, Friday we are going to see Santa. My dad took Aiden to see him over the weekend he called it a test run, it did not go well LOL. 

He's a big fan of the new kitchen rug, Target of course. While we were missing 2 ceilings for a few days last week tiny mosquitos got in the house and did a number on his face while he slept :( Poor kid looked awful, they feasted on his sweet cheeks, thankfully they are gone now. 

The addition now has siding, still needs to be paired white to match the rest of the house. We just completed the end of week 2. 

The stairs are not finished so it's a bit drafty over on this side of the house right now. Someone gave me an excellent idea of using the barn door here to hide the stairs AND close them off when I need the kids to stay out. Oliver LOVED the idea, which never happens!! I need to repaint this room, the laundry room, the master bath and closet, and of course the upstairs. Whew. 

It's fun to see it coming together though! The wall behind me in the picture is just a large wall, 22 ft and I really wanted to put up Stikwood, but it would cost me 3k and I just can't spend that on a wall no matter how awesome it would be, so I'm still on the fence about how to decorate. 

We still have a long way to go, but I'm focused on getting through my first Holiday at OMB and can't stress about the timeline, gotta just deal with what I can. 

Sunday we all rested and just hung out at home all day, Aiden loves when his sister leaves her iPad out for him to use, already all day 'Mama choo choo on' 'Mama choo choo on' 

We had to refill the fridge, then I spent a while on the couch catching up on Pretty Little Liars. I had to jack it from Oliver's football game when he got up to go to the bathroom - you snooze you lose. The Cowboy's won so he wasn't too mad about being banned to the bedroom. 


Finding my Motivation.

Things are looking up today, we have a roof and windows! That means no more tarp blowing in the wind all night long keeping us awake. 

The sun is out and no rain in the forecast, which is a big sigh of relief. As I speak they are putting the ceiling back in the closet and laundry rooms! My biggest request for the new space was lots of natural light - we had enough room for 5 windows - which is great, but I didn't think through to curtains. 10 panels is a lot so I'm gonna be on the hunt Black Friday for some good deals. I don't have a final plan for decor, but bright and airy is the general theme I'd like - light colored walls and floors, maybe a faux brick or paneled wall. 

The hole for the stairs has been started, it had to go in the middle of the wall so I'll have to get creative for my dining room furniture. Maybe a round table instead of rectangle, I need to tape it off and see how it sets. 

Despite a stressful week I have committed to getting my food back on track and I feel SO much better, physically and even more importantly mentally! The very first thing I did was get the crap food out of the house, I can't expect to have to fight temptation all day and win every single time. That's just crazy, you must put yourself in a winning situation to begin with to be able to stay on track. 

I made this recipe again and it's so so so good y'all!

1 Spaghetti squash {poke a few holes, put in bowl, put in microwave for 12 minutes}
Layer in a pan, a layer of tomatos, layer of cooked chicken mixed with 1/4 cup pesto, and pour on the sauce {1 cup ricotta, 1/2 cup parmesan cheese, salt/pepper, Italian seasoning, 1 egg} top with cheese {mozzarella or pesto gouda} bake 400 for 25 minutes. 

I've been trying to branch out and try new recipes, boredom is also a dangerous for your weight loss plan, it's important to keep yourself interested in your foods! This is sweet potato mixed with olive oil and hot sauce and cooked until soft, mix with turkey bacon, blue cheese, and mexican cheese. I paired it will cilantro chicken I got from the deli at Kroger. 

Butternut squash has been a staple lately, so low calorie and so so good. This time I mixed it with olive oil, rosemary, and basaltic vinegar - baked at 425 for 40 minutes turning once. I paired with tortilla crusted tilapia from Costco. 

Breakfast I'm still trying to get as much protein in as I can, I prefer to get the majority of my protein in during breakfast and lunch, while saving my fats and carbs for later in the day. Just changing up a few things has really got my motivation back on track!

Plus Timehop sent a gentle reminder that I've come really far in the last year, don't lose sight of the work you've already done! 

It's really shown me how much exercise plays a role in the journey, while you can lose weight by watching your food intake I find it MUCH harder to stay on track when I'm not able to sweat. You'd think it would be the other way around - I'd be hyper focused on my intake - but no, it's a struggle. 

I still have a few weeks until I can go back to the gym, but I'm going to sign up for some yoga classes next week and I'm really excited! I haven't been able to fit yoga in my schedule before because they don't have 5am classes by me and no childcare later in the day, but I think I can squeeze a class in once or twice a week now. 


House Reno - Part 1

I am such a scatterbrain lately I can't remember all the details I've shared about our renovations so if I repeat my self - sorry! This is our house before, it's about 2100 SF with 4 bedrooms, we bought it in 2004 when we were just babies and dating. We love love love our neighborhood, the houses are all on 1 acre lots, so big yards and wide streets. This house has served us well, but has grown smaller and smaller the more kids we had and finally it was just not working at all once Oliver and I were both working from home. 

We actually discussed adding on a while ago, but never pulled the trigger. We thought about moving, but it just didn't feel like the right time to purchase our forever house - which is what our next house will be. We purchased so long ago that our mortgage is low and it's hard to pull the trigger on a much higher one, so we went with the next best thing. Building up. We refinanced and our mortgage is only about 100 bucks more a month, this is a great solution for us for the next 3 or 4 years until we look at moving again. The area we live in is rapidly growing so our house value is only going to increase the longer we wait. 

We first looked into converting the garage into part of the house, but with the cost of that plus adding on a metal building for a garage we could just add a second story above the garage. We went with a local contractor that my parents used and that we trust. We are adding on about 675 sf for around 60k, we opted for just one big room that could be used as a game room when we decide to sell the house. Right now Oliver is using our 4th bedroom as his office, but we may try to work it so we can both be upstairs and away from the kids when we need to work. I've already told him his brown ugly boy desk isn't invited. 

The first week they framed the entire thing, put up a bit of drywall, and the roof minus the shingles. We were doing awesome until this storm hit last night. The winds were terrible, tornados warnings had us in the bathroom at 5am and the tarp blew right off the house. 

The water started seeping into every vent and doorway, our master bedroom carpet is soaked on one side. 

We have water leaking in our master bedroom, bathroom, closet, laundry room, and kitchen nook.

The contractor said it could be worse so I am trying be positive, but I'm stressed about how far this will set us back time wise. My hope is we will be done in time for Christmas, but that might be wishful thinking.....

to be continued. 


Recommitting to my Goals!

Thursday night Madison was itching like crazy and we had a small freak out thinking she had lice, omgggggggg. I would die. I'm still traumatized from that one time I got it and the hours I spent with my head on my mom's lap while she pull them out of my long blonde hair. We didn't see anything in her hair and just assumed she was itching from a small reaction to lotion or detergent. Friday she had her school fun run and her 6 year well visit afterwards, Oliver told them about the itching and turns out she has strep. So no school on Friday for her while she started her antibiotics. Friday night we had tickets to go see Peter Pan 360 in Dallas.

First we went to dinner at Meso Maya, all of my Mexican friends are fired from my life. I ordered the pork chops with the plantains and OH EMMMMM GEE I am so mad none of them ever told me how amazing plantains are!!!! So amazing, might be the best Mexican food I've ever had! 

Peter Pan 360 is well worth the money!! The theatre is round and no bad seats in the place, they project onto the tent and it's really so cool!

She absolutely loved it and I highly recommend going to see it if they are coming to your area. 

Saturday morning we woke up early to make cookies for the cookie party I had that afternoon. A baker I am not - I literally effed up the EASIEST recipe, not once, but twice! Ugh. She had 2 soccer games that day before heading off to a birthday party, it was the last games of the season. 

She scored 6 goals between the two games, so proud of her! I'm still working on screaming less, baby steps.  I also finally got a picture of her making a goal, half the time I forget I'm taking a picture because I"m too busy cheering!

I went to my cookie party while Oliver took her to the Princess Tea. My friend Amber hosted this year and I absolutely love that we've turned this into a tradition to kick off the holiday season! Amber had her third child a few weeks after I had Aiden and she's been working HARD to get that baby weight off and she's looking fantastic, so proud of her! 

Dress from Ollie Marie.
Then we all met up for dinner, I love what a great big sister Madison is to Aiden. We have our moments of - Aidens taking my stuff and Aiden's hitting me - but she's really so caring and looks out for him. 

Sunday I had a desire to paint my bedroom. I don't know what's wrong with me, it was a terrible idea with all the other stuff we have going on in my house.

We loaded up early and hit up Home Depot, I really liked this Behr color finder! I ended up making it easy and picking the same color for my bedroom and closet. It's like a light aqua blue, I was over the grey. I called my brother to come and paint it for me, I used to paint my own walls, but gotta delegate when necessary now! 

I prepped my chicken for the week, I tried this new seasoning from TJ's and loved it! I marinated for 2 hours before I cooked. This weekend was a total wash of my diet, I loosely tracked but to be honest my motivation lately has been wayyyyyyy low. Like, way low. Not being able to workout has been a lot harder that I thought and that's spilling over onto my food choices. 

I thought about what my goals are and what my choices are - take off the next few weeks from tracking all together or buckle down and be on top of my nutrition. I know that if I don't keep my food under control I'm going to be really unhappy so I am recommitting today that I will be hitting my macros every day for the next week. My weight loss challenge on FB is doing a no cheating week so this is a perfect time to refocus! 


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