Those Darn Dots

Saturday we had an intense showdown with our arch enemy the Polka Dots, it's was a rough game and she was pretty much done with all the sideline shouting. I told her I was sorry, Mama gets a little carried away with those darn Dots. At the end of the game she was chasing a girl with the ball and the look of determination on her face while her little cheeks bounced from the hard running, gah, so proud. All I want is full effort it's not about being a rockstar, it's about giving it your all. 

Joggers from OMB
We cooled off with some Kona Ice at the Rockwall Aspasians Marketplace, then shopped a bit before having lunch with my parents. We are pretty busy next weekend so I talked Oliver into hitting Dillards for Christmas picture outfits, I'm so on it this year. Usually I'm squeezing them in sometime in Nov, like LATE November. 

I already have in quite a few Christmas items for OMB so I just need something for everyone else. Madison wanted something peach with big white feathers, I had to talk her down into something more card appropriate. Aidan's will have to be ordered online, the stores selection for boys is a disgrace, seriously. It just annoys me to no end that I can't shop in a store for both of my kids at the same time. Target I'm looking at you too.

I put these boots on my mental wish list, I love the color and the zipper detailing! So annoying, I can't find them on their website to link them :(

I am the WORST at remembering to bring a fully stocked diaper bag, I had wipes, 2 diapers, and no sippy cup. At least I'm good at improvising! 

That night I realized I got a sunburn, I'm ready for real Fall weather not this hybrid crap we have going on. 

Sunday I slept in until 6:30, woke up starving so I made a egg quiche thing in my sandwich maker, I'm kinda loving cooking in it. I just mix egg whites with the Kodiak mix and pour in half, put in chicken, cheese, and whatever else, then pour on the rest and cook. Oliver and Aiden came to my soccer game where I almost killed myself chasing some young 'un down the side lines for 90 minutes. Good HIIT for sure, but I was beat after that, Aiden took a 15 minute cat nap and declined any more sleeping the rest of the day. Rude.

Papa came and took Madison for a little one on one time, build a bear. She knows how to work him, that bear came home with a song, a heartbeat, a smell, an outfit, shoes, and a freaking cape. God Bless. Poor Papa didn't have a clue. 

Aiden's future wife came over, isn't she delicious!!!!??? Gah, I could eat her up! Aiden drank her bottle and lifted her shirt to poke her belly button, so overall a good first date. 

When I got up this morning to hit the gym I went to check on Madison after I didn't see her in my bed, she wasn't there and I legit had a heart attack, I ran back to my room and double checked the bed next to Oliver and finally saw her on the floor. Gah. She's gotten worse and worse about sleeping in her room, but she's not allowed in our bed so I guess she's just laying down wherever now. All I can say it I deserve every bit of my good sleeper Bald Baby, she's 6 and still can't sleep though the night. I swear she will pop up happy as a clam at 4am and start talking to me, it's kinda weird. I'm like do you ever really sleep??? I'm kinda the same way so I guess I shouldn't be too worried, I'm functioning. 


  1. Hard to focus on that sunburn with all those back muscles popping!! ;) 👊 pow pow!

  2. Found your boots!


  3. My 6 year old is the exact same way. She won't sleep through the night alone. She can run on no sleep and still wake up happy and cheery!

  4. Good thing you and the hubs weren't getting busy when you didn't see her. Could be life scarring. Hahaha.

  5. That dress on your girl- love it!


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