Texas in the Fall.

I lurveeeeee October in Texas, just perfect weather, I was lucky enough to get spend a lot of it outside this weekend. Friday night started off pretty awesome, Fro - Yo and Scandal with Oliver, then early bedtime. 

I'm still watching Grey's but I'm so confused - McDreamy died, but Meredith is living with her sisters and where the hell are the kids?? She doesn't even act sad her husband is dead, it's so confusing. Scandal doesn't disappoint though! 

Saturday I woke up early to hit up Canton with my Mom, no kids, it's too crowded for strollers. The weather was amazing, crisp and sunny, I made sure to get in my protein before we left. This Mirico bread is low carb and high protein - 8g of protein per slice! 

Always need to get a good hand dipped corn dog while there! 

I met some readers there, they are all so dang cute and my Mom loves to be the paparazzi lol I love making new friends wherever I go, seriously probably the best thing about blogging! I always invite them to workout with me, but no one ever takes me up on it - hahahaha.

I didn't find a whole lot, but I did buy this mask as a back up halloween costume for a party I'm going to - Oliver refused to dress up like a mouse though. Rude. If he would just do what I say then we'd be cool.

Sunday is soccer day, I'm still having issues with my left leg, it's really so annoying. I foam roll and use a hard ball to really dig in to the back of the knee, icing daily too. I just need to make it until the end of the month and then I'll take a few weeks off when I get my boobs fixed, while I hate taking off the gym I'm sure my body could use the break and I'm sure OMB is going to be crazy busy for the Holidays very soon!

The Baldish One is a pro foam roller, he'll drop on anything and try to mimic me. He's really starting to talk more, taking him on a walk around the neighborhood is kinda frustrating - he has to stop, point, and repeat himself for all the sounds he hears. Choo - choo for the train, dog dog dog, plane plane plane, car car car. It's like walking a cat without a leash, but he begs to go outside all day. It's going to be torture when it gets too cold to play outside!

My gym was set to close at the end of the month, the last day someone bought it, then the next day we hear the landlord gave the lease to someone else and we were out. Uhhhhh. So I joined 24 and I'm on the fence about it, I'm hoping they add some more 5am classes, like spin, but we'll see. My other gym was completely empty at 5am and this one was pretty empty until closer to 6, I didn't have to wait for a rack or anything, but some of the equipment was pretty old. They do have a pretty awesome little waterpark for the kids which could come in handy during the summer. 


  1. I know this question isn't related to your post, but do you like the pink sponge you purchased off Amazon for the barbell? Sorry this is off topic- I'm in need of one. Thanks so much! I'm glad you had a good weekend!

    1. Not sure if you'd want someone else's feedback but I bought one and love it. Can definitely go heavier on thrusts and I use it in the squat rack for comfort. Thought it was worth the $25.

  2. Thanks so much Julie! I appreciate your feedback very much! I guess I'll be getting one! Thanks again!

  3. OMG I was at Canton this weekend as well and thought man the weather is great, I bet Skinny Meg is out here! Hope you enjoyed Canton!

  4. I'm with you on Greys! Where are her kids?!! ;)

  5. "when it gets too cold to play outside" girl, come to Maine! We bundle up our kids and send them out anyway!

  6. If you had offered for me to come workout with you when I met you at Canton, I would have absolutely taken you up on it!! haha
    Invite me and I'll come meet you at your new gym. Or you can come teach me to run crazy amounts of mileage on the Santa Fe/White Rock Lake trail.

  7. Hate I couldn't make it in time on Saturday. Hopefully soon!

  8. I would take you up on that offer to workout with you! You should be a personal trainer! ;)

  9. I would work out with you if I didn't live in Massachusetts!
    The baldish one foam rolling!!! OMG

  10. Oh Megan! I would totally workout with you! Just come to Houston or we could meet up when I visit the in-laws in Waxahachie! ~SARAMYBELLA~


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