Lead Legs.

Friday both of my parents were out of town so Madison and I spent a rare Friday evening watching Friends, she told me to pretend to sleep on her so she could take a picture. 

Saturday my 4:11am alarm went off and I laid there for a few minutes contemplating skipping my long run, but I got up mostly because I promised other people I'd be there and I'm no flake. I knew it was going to be a tough one, my rest day was the following day so it was day 6 in a row of working out and I did legs the day before. I was beat by mile 5 and my legs felt like lead, but I figured if I can keep a good pace while running on exhausted legs then I would be good as gold for the half marathon next Saturday. 

I stretched before the baby woke up, it's almost impossible to do anything on the floor if he's around :) I've been diligent about stretching my ham stings, calves, and rolling my quads. My calves were on fire though and I don't wonder if maybe I should try some different shoes? That will have to wait until after my surgery though.

Everyone got up for breakfast before we had to head out to Madison's soccer game. Aiden is refusing more and more to sit in a highchair, he does pretty good at the table, but still makes me nervous on the chair. I promised Madison I would try to stop yelling when she's on the field, keyword TRY. I'd say I scaled it back to about 70%, but she's still unsure of where to be or who to guard and I'm just trying to help :) 

We've been hitting a few furniture stores on the weekend looking for a new bed for Madison, she wants a bunkbed and I'm on the fence. I think she'll love it now, but will be over it in a year or two, they ain't cheap either. 

I think a full size will last her longer, so I told her we'll just have to wait and see what Santa brings. I was pretty surprised that so many stores don't carry just upholstered headboards for kids {or even adults} so I'm going to have to so some shopping online. 

We dropped the kids off with the inlaws to spend the night, Oliver and I were going to a Halloween party. I bought a cat mask and bodysuit and Oliver told me it was lame so I dug around and found my 80's costume that I bought from American Apparel years ago. I spent like over a 100 bucks on this outfit, but it's come in handy quite a few times! The shoes I found at Wal-Mart and the pony shirt is from a thrift store I think.

Super shocking that I actually had all this makeup on hand LOL The eyeshadow is Urban Decay and the lips are Revlon, blush is Mac. I had a HECK of a time getting those pinks off, I put a primer underneath from Nars and it was sticking like glue! 

Oliver was all about this stupid clown mask and pretending to choke me all night, he once again had to learn the hard way that he is closer to 40 than 20 and can't drink like he's a kid anymore. Side eye.

It was a great party and I had a ton of fun, we even won a few bucks :) I had every intention of sticking to my macros, but the long run had me extra hungry and my will power crumbled with I came across the amazing food platters. Seriously - apples dipped in a mix of Pumpkin Puree and Cool Whip. Justttttttt yes. I only had 2ish drinks, I'd much rather eat than drink anyways. 

We slept in until 8 and I got up to make a big breakfast, Oliver was feeling like shit of course so I was extra cheerful and loud while I scrubbed the kitchen, cooked up some chicken, and made myself a 90g of protein breakfast pizza on a Lavash Flatbread. I'll tell you the real problem with eating a huge amount of protein for breakfast - I wasn't hungry at all until close to 7pm. 

Then I put on real clothes to go meet some new babies!! They were both so dang cute, it's really a good thing my tubes are tied. 

I left my phone sitting around and someone put it into Spanish and every time I tried to voice type it would put this crap! Ugh. 

Taking a rest day had me good and ready to go for leg day this morning! I love when my week starts off with a good sweat sesh!! 


  1. Awesome! I hope one day I'll be dedicated like that

  2. Awesome! I hope one day I'll be dedicated like that

  3. my 11 year old daughter grew out of her bunk bed at age 9. My 6.5 year old daughter has a loft bed which is cool because you can do stuff underneath the bed.
    you look super cute in that Halloween costume.

  4. What kind of primer do you use? Love it????

  5. Must.know.how.to.make.this! Recipe???? 90g of protein breakfast pizza

  6. Got my upholstered headboard from Target online. It got delivered in perfect condition, and I got it when home goods were 20% off I believe, which happens often, plus if you have a target card you'll get an additional 5%! If you don't find any you like there, check groupon and wayfair, they always have a ton!

  7. My friend and I each made our own uphoulstered head boards using tutorials online. Less than $100 for a king size headboard and only about 6 hours each, but that was mostly because we couldn't figure out how to use a nail gun *eek* I love mine and am so happy I put the time and money into it. You are craft and could totally pull that off!

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  9. Ive been reading chucks are best for lifting especially on leg day. Defiantly the ankle chucks. I cannot see me wearing high tops. Oh... I have a feeling you are going to PR this half marathon.

  10. Ive been reading chucks are best for lifting especially on leg day. Defiantly the ankle chucks. I cannot see me wearing high tops. Oh... I have a feeling you are going to PR this half marathon.


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