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Sorry for the lack of posting last week, it was market week in Dallas and I was there for most of the day Wednesday and Thursday, then Friday the GREAT FLOOD showed up and I had spotty internet. I'm having the most difficult time with my damn Mac and iPhone, my photos won't show up in iPhoto after I download there from my phone and I'm about to lose my mind. They are meant to work together perfectly, right?!?!?! UGH. I seriously start cussing every day trying to get this to work, finally I just said eff it and put them on Dropbox. Stupid Apple, I hate to love you. Anyways, the Baldish One and I made the most amazing protein brownies - seriously amazing heated up and topped with a bit of ice cream!

Just don't leave them unattended and cooling on the counter where your husband can come and cut himself a piece before you have a chance to weigh it. You'd think he would know better by now.

I was supposed to run a half marathon Saturday morning, but in true southern form people started freaking out about RAIN and canceled the race. Seriously, over rain. I think a few places REALLLLLLL north of us got a bunch, but in the metroplex is was nothing and it really irritates me the way people blow events out of proportion. 100 bucks I won't get back. 

So I just went to the gym and had myself a killer leg workout! After just a week of increased calories I can already feel the difference in my workouts, I have more energy and stamina. I weighed myself yesterday and I'm the same so I went ahead and increased them a bit more, trying to get myself to the top of my threshold before my surgery next week because after that no exercise for a few weeks and I still want to be eating around 2000 calories. 

I went home and made a high protein breakfast with a side of veggies and toast. All soccer games were canceled of course, perfect day to do a little furniture shopping. I've never been to Nebraska Furniture Mart, for whatever reason I had it in my head they had ugly furniture, I don't really know why I thought that. In my search for a new bed I saw one online that I liked, but wanted to check it out in person. 

I have to say I was highly impressed with the section and prices they had, lots of low and high end furniture, trendy, traditional, and modern. Of course Oliver hated my first two choices, this one....

and this one. I loved the rhinestones on this one, but not the bedding, Oliver said it was too girly and I told him if he'd loved me he'd let me get this one. Nope. Rude.

So I went with a more neutral one, see how much I love him?? I'm still on the fence about a dresser/armoire, but I found one on Craigslist I liked so I'm going to try to make time to swing by and see it this week. Everything I love is either too $$ or too girly, Oliver's not a fan of mirrored furniture, this stuff is just easier if I buy and ask for forgiveness later. 

Family pictures were Sunday and Madison was way overdue for a haircut, I've been asking her for weeks to do it and she kept saying she wanted it long like Mama's. We get to Sweet and Sassy and she declares she wants to cut it off, side eye. So we bob it and I couldn't be happier, it just fits her face better, less crying about knotty messes every morning, and no more ponytails every day! 

Cardigan from OMB.
Sunday was gloomy and dark with a bit of drizzle, so no pictures. We just hung out at home cleaning and such, I did get dressed enough to have dinner with my friends along with a skinny Rita or two. Construction on the house starts next week so this week we have to empty out our garage and dining room completely, pray for me and Oliver to not kill each other. I know the end result will be fantastic, but the next few months are going to be hard for all of us. 


  1. Always buy & ask for forgiveness later! Always! Love the headboard you picked through!

  2. Make sure you have your stuff turned on to sync to other devices haha then reboot phone hope this helps

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE both of your bed pics! Now I want to go bed shopping!!! Good luck with the remodel....deep breath! You got this! ~Laura

  4. You won’t get a refund on the race even though the entire event was canceled? That does not seem right. Someone should speak out about it. They should postpone it or at the very least give you all the option of a refund. On a happier note, I love Madison’s new hair hut!

  5. I hate the apple problem too! My photos aren't showing up on my Mac. WTH! 🙄

  6. I was having the same problem with my photos, I found a site that recommended you restart the computer with the phone plugged in, and it worked like a charm for me! I will say I do miss iphoto, but I'm learning to deal.

  7. That headboard is gorgeous!!!!! I'm in need of a new one, but won't get it until we move into the new house mid November and then I'll take my time finding one that fits the room =) Let me just say how grown up Madison looks with that haircut...it fits her perfectly. I need to get my girls hair cut, BUT I freak out when I actually do it because I love their hair long haha!

  8. I am not far up 121 from Nebraska. Jeremy and I couldn't agree on anything either last time lol Hope the remodeling goes well. Can't wait to see pics


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