Pretty Fit Box - September.

The beauty that is Texas, I love the open skies here, just stunning at sunrise and sunset. Nothing beats a good hard run and driving home as the sun comes up, ready to start my day in the best way possible. My heart and mind are cleared, my mood is calm and my stress level is the lowest it will be all day - this is why I look forward to my early morning 'me' time. 

Getting up at 4:12am requires a lot of dedication + a bit of caffeine. 

I was pumped to see so many energy items in this months Pretty Fit box! The Pretty Fit box is a monthly {or you can buy just one!} box full of different items geared towards a healthy lifestyle. 

These little coffee additives were the first item to catch my eye, they add vitamins and minerals to your coffee, those micro's are just as important as macros so get them in where you can. The flavor was not overly sweet, just a hint, which I liked. For whatever reason once I stopped drinking Starbucks on the daily I can't stand too sweet coffee.

The  Cogni tea came in pretty handy when I realized I was all out of coffee, I actually liked it a lot! I think it will be the perfect addition to have for those afternoon slumps, I can't do middle of the day coffee it makes my stomach iffy. 

The Celsius sticks I used before the gym, the taste was good and I liked the energy kick I got from them, but not sure I'm a believer that they burn fat :) I would use them for a pre workout though! 

I used these as part of my afternoon snacks, the Reds was delish, I mixed with cold water and a bit of apple juice. Filling and helped me get in all those micros! 

Straws are a must for me, they help me get in all my water, sipping is for the birds.

It also came with three supplements, two of which I already take - the omegas + a multivitamin - the OptiWomen it full of 40 active ingredients. Everyone should be taking a multivitamin, fish oil, and probiotic! The Vitamin D is a fast melt that tastes like peaches! 

That's it's for this months box, I've been getting the Pretty Fit box for almost a year now and always find new and fun items to add to my life! If you'd like to try it you can use code MEG10 for a discount on your first box. 


  1. Where did you find your cute coffee mugs! :)

    1. her mother! LOL. I left it over there, It actually has pictures of my favorite grand babies on the other side!

    2. OMG! Your maiden name is Button? That is so adorable and so YOU!!! Cute as a button!

    3. haha! no that's her 'online' name :)

    4. Haha! I use to take ownership of my Mom's shoes when I was in HS if she left them out! If it has cute pictures on it you will have to steal it back ;)

    5. HAHA oh man I love Button!!! That would be so funny.

  2. I am always wondering about a multi vitamin. Womens one a day I take but people say they are bad so thanks!

  3. Will you do a periscope on all of the supplements you take? I get so confused on what i should take!

  4. Beautiful view indeed!
    Can you remind me again what you take for energy in the AM and before a workout? And how do I get my hands on some? Thanks!

  5. Afternoon coffee does the same to me. I need to look into tea!


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