Music Playlist + Protein Desserts

One of the absolute best parts of the 5 year age gap is that Madison can read to him, I love hearing her sound out words to him like she's teaching him to read. The older he gets the more fun they have together, she's so much nicer to him than I was to my own brothers LOL. I'm the oldest of 4 and I for sure was not pleased having so many siblings close to my own age, too much competition. 

If you caught my Periscope last night I attempted two new protein desserts, I happened to have a shit ton {literally} of macros left after dinner. One was the Beltsander Brownie - recipe can be found here.   It didn't turn out, but now that I retook at it I forgot to add the baking powder, oops. Well, I'll be giving that another chance hahahaha. The underneath is a 'Protein Ice Cream' type thing that was actually quite delicious! I saw it on IG, but they didn't give an exact recipe so I kinda winged it, here's what I used:

115g of Low Fat Cottage Cheese {don't use Fat Free you want that milk fat for creaminess}
1 scoop Protein Powder - I used the PES Cookies 'n Cream Protein
1/2 cup {about} of Almond Milk {or any liquid}
a sprinkle of Xanthan Gum Gluten Free

It was thick and creamy like soft serve - totally trying it with chocolate next time!

I got up at 4 am to run 10 miles this morning before the sunrise, the weather is so perfect right now and I felt amazing, happy running endorphins can make any day a great day!! I'm going tomorrow to get my body fat tested in a tank of water, yikes. I thought it would just give me a new goal to focus on, the scale is whatever, I need to decrease the fat around the muscle yo. hahahaha, or I will leave crying about my 45% body fat, whichever.

Anddddddd, FINALLY as promised a million years ago here is my music playlist - just click here to be taken to the Google Doc. I have a column on there for # of plays, but not sure how accurate that is - some that had just a few I listen to all the time so I don't know.  You should be able to sort by whatever genre you like, most is rap, that's my go to workout heart pumping feels. 


  1. I was always very very nice to my little brother too. I am almost six years older than him so I think I took him on as sort of a project. It is funny now, because he is more like a child to me than a brother. I worry about him endlessly, its really great! lol

    I will be really interested to hear how your body fat measurement goes. I would imagine that the method is a lot more effective than having them do it with calipers or just on a fat measuring scale. Is there any reason you want it to be so precise?


  2. I did the Bod Pod to get an accurate body fat reading. It actually matched my hand held monitor that I got off Amazon. Can't wait to hear how the water tank works!

  3. Mine have a 6.5yr difference and I love it! My son really is amazing with LittleOne and she adores him even when he's cranky. When she rattles off her list of people she loves, her big brother is always first on the list.

    I need to get my bf tested next week, my gym uses the hand-held machine though so let us know how they compare!

  4. I am loving Periscope – I log on every time! Sparkleccbunny is me!!! You are so adorable, fun, smart, etc!
    Did you hold that water bottle for the whole 10 mile run?
    Good luck with body fat tomorrow!

  5. Love the playlist! Thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks for the playlist! I've been needing some new songs when I run.


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