Let's just hang out and eat. K?

One thing I was pretty worried about when working from home was full access to my pantry and kitchen, but as it turns out it's been a non issue, in fact I think I'm less snacky! I don't really have lulls in my day to think about food, more about doing the stupid dishes which have tripled since I've been home. Legit, three loads a day, it's ridiculous. 

I like the ability to cook up some eggs on days I don't want pancakes or mug cakes, throw in some left over chicken and I'm getting in that protein. 

I have some pretty sweet options for mid morning snacks, this was amazing. Super amazing even. 

Lunch has been different every day, but I plan to do more prepping this Sunday {I didn't get a chance to last weekend} just to make it go faster, I have the ability to get the most done the hours Madison is in school.  This is Joseph's Lavash Bread with Guy's Award Winning Sugar Free BBQ Sauce with chicken and cilantro.  MUST TRY!

Then I got a little crazy with the Fall items at Walmart, oops, the marshmallow are fantastic - lol - and I don't even really like marshmallows.

I finally got around to making Poppy Locks Protein Pumpkin Cheesecake, she told me it was a absolute must make - she was so right.

Throw it all in a bowl, mix it up, and bake for 30 minutes at 325, then 45 to 50 at 220, chill overnight.

I cut it up into 16 squares and put in tupperware so I can pull one or two out, top with Pumpkin CoolWhip and pumpkin chips. No such thing as too much Pumpkin, it's only around for such short time! 1 square is 96 calories 4f/5.7c/9.3p I used Greek Whipped cream cheese instead of the fat free.

One day I chopped up a fast salad and used the Feta Dip as dressing, so good.

A few nights have been a little hectic, dinner is just not a easy time around here, cranky babies, hungry husbands, and homework. This was an easy one, Trader Joes Butternut Squash Risotto with chicken. MUST EAT ALL THE PROTEIN. Are you sensing a theme?

I made Bison Burgers last night, Trader Joe's Country Potatoes on the side. I liked the Bison meat, I rarely cook with red meat, but this is leaner and tasted very similar to beef.

I found these at Sprouts, but keep forgetting I have them in the freezer so I haven't tried them yet! Someone remind me after dinner tonight ;)

Anddddddd that's all I got for the food portion on my life this week, I'm feeling very lean and proud of my food this week. I guess if half my life is hectic at least I have this under control, for now. It tends to go in cycles, some weeks are amazing, some are just good, and some are a complete mind game trying to keep shit out of my mouth.

Got to the gym at 4:30 today, super amazing leg day, my knee is feeling better and better! All my workout gear is 25% off today at Ollie Marie - my Don't Quit and Inspire Beauty leggings are back in stock too! code: SWEAT25 and FREE SHIPPING!


  1. Ah I was just thinking I needed a way to pin Poppylocks cheesecake and there it was right here.. thanks for making it easily pinnable!!! :)

  2. I found those Arctic Zero bars to be awful. Like just threw the whole box in the trash, awful. Maybe your taste buds will like them much better!


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