Labor Day Weekend

Most of my weekend can be summed up with a bag of ice and foam roller, my IT band is pissed off and making me want to just cut off my left leg.  I've been icing and rolling 3 or 4 times a day for the last week, never underestimate the power of ice! 

At one point I let Madison sit on the back of my legs while I rolled, it actually was pretty helpful to really dig in deep. I had four soccer games between Saturday and Sunday, I made it through them all and played pretty well considering.

We lost the Final game by one goal, second place, but we still got a beer mug so #winning It was around 95 degrees both days, you know I have to love a game to be out running around in that heat.

Madison finished up her indoor season, the only team they lost to was a 'select' kid team - I guess it's select, maybe they call it something different when they are that young? Super proud of her, she gives 100% when she's out there and I love it!

I pretty much ate whatever I wanted all weekend, so much cardio, I tracked it all so I don't lose my MFP streak. Saturday and Sunday I didn't eat a real meal until late in the afternoon, so I stayed within my calorie range each day just didn't try to meet each macro. I guess this is what I would consider a cheat meal. 

Monday we grocery shopped and meal prepped, the kids took a last swim before bedtime, they are both so lucky to have our parents around. Poor Oliver got double pink eye, Aiden apparently had it, then Oliver's Dad, then my Dad. Crazy how it only hit the men in the family! Oliver spent 3.5 hours at minute clinic Monday, with only 2 people in front of him, just ridiculous. It gets to the point you want to leave, but you're too invested. 

Today was baby Aiden's first day of Preschool, he was all smiles until he realized we left, but I heard from another friend that all the babies were crying. Those poor teachers, God bless them! 


  1. Megan,
    I've been reading about your struggles with IT band. I feel your pain. It's one of the most annoying injuries. I dealt with ITBS at the end of last year/beginning of this year when I was marathon training. Of course, since I was mid-training, I wanted a quick fix so I went to an orthopedic for a PT referral. After a few sessions my PT suggested dry needling. Of course I was willing to try anything to get myself better. I would meet with him twice a week and each session we would do strengthening and stretching exercises and finish up with the needling. I know the exercises were definitely helping, but I do give majority credit to the dry needling. I haven't been to the PT since the very beginning of February, and I can honestly say I very rarely have issues. I log about 20-25 miles/week, weight train, and Body Flow twice a week and, like I said, it rarely bothers me. Whenever it does, I just do the exercise that were given to me for a few days. Not sure if it's something you would consider, but I wanted to pass the suggestion to you! Thank you for being such an inspiration!! I look forward to your daily post!!! :)

    1. I would totally try it, thank you for the recommendation!

  2. You look so pretty! The bald one is getting so big! Not so bald anymore :-(


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