I Thought You Worked Out?

Saturday the weather was amazing so I HAD to go for a run, it was magical, that first cool run after a hot summer is like a breath of fresh air!! I think I'm going to train and run the Michelob Ultra half in October and then do my boobies is November.  I've been working on my back and seeing new definition, mostly under that little butterfly so whatever that is, I see you coming out to play. 

Then we had Madison's first outdoor soccer game, they won, she played goalie a bit and did well. Better than me, I could never, I'd duck every ball that came at my face. We had to swing by the store and find a present for Aunt Katie, but I also needed a new foundation. I've been using the Urban Decay naked and it's just not cutting it anymore. That girl back there, Macy, recommended NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and it's freaking ahhhhhhhhhhhhmazing. So lightweight and A++ for coverage.

She pulled out the glitter and went to town, she's going to be a girly girl for sure.

Oliver finally got around to hanging my new light fixture in the dining room, let me tell you how much fun this is for me. 'I thought you worked out! Hold it higher!' 'You're letting it dip on one side' 'Damn it Megan, hold it still!'

Anyways, we got the thing up and I love love love it!! It burns as bright as 1000 suns, I put LEDS in that sucker, all 8 jars. It's from Lowes.

Then we went out for dinner for Aunt Katie's birthday, tried somewhere new the food was just ok, but the skinny margaritas were pretty damn good. A lot of places just use tequila and lime juice, sugar free triple sec really helps with the tang factor!

Sunday I went to check out a new gym, it was just ok, not sure it's worth the $$. We are trying to see if we get a big group we can get a better rate.  After that I spent the rest of the day working for OMB, I had a Fall shoot and a make up artist come and get the girls ready.  Just unpacking and steaming clothing takes a few hours, especially with the kids around. It will be fantastic when this is on the second floor and I can keep little fingers out of the way when I need work.

Madison is such a good helper and is always begging for more kids clothing so she can be in charge of it, no clue where she gets her bossiness. Thank GOD the weather has finally cooled off just a bit, much easier to get the Fall mood. 

It was breakfast with Grandparents day at school, Madison has asked me 47 times if I'm going to be home when she gets out of school. She's pretty pumped I'm working from home now, Aiden doesn't really care LOL My mom came to pick him up for the morning so I can work, my to do list is overwhelming long. I need to come up with a good plan on hours I will work and times I will just be with kids. I need to be more organized about it for sure, but I'm looking forward to having more flexibility with my family.


  1. We hung the exact same light in the dining room this weekend! I looked just like that. It's so bright too! I love it!

    Here's how we used ours: http://www.dailydoseofdelsignore.com/2015/09/dining-room-reveal.html#.VfbklxFVhBc

  2. Was it weird waking up and not going to work? ?

  3. Go Madison!
    Love the light fixture. Might have to order one!
    You’re so lucky to be home with the kids.

  4. I've been trying to get on your Ollie Marie website, but it's broken : ( Am I the only one that can't view it??

  5. What brush did you say you used with the foundation? Urban decay??

  6. A friend of mine told me about your blog and then I saw me! Had so much fun with you girls the other day! glad you like your foundation :)


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