Friday Fav's

Happy Friday ladies!  I hope you all are going to have a fantastic long weekend! I have 2 soccer games tomorrow morning and then Madison has 2 game in the afternoon and evening, so we have a jam packed schedule. Monday should be easy going, bbq + swimming for sure.

Just popping in quickly to share a few of my favorite things from the week.

Aiden had meet the teacher and didn't seem a bit shy, so I'm hopeful he'll be just fine on his first day this Tuesday. He is going to the same preschool Madison went to, we absolutely love them so I'm looking forward to seeing him flourish there. He's only going T/Th right now, next year I'll bump him up to 3 days a week, then 5 the next year.

Lunch at Mod Market, they print the macros right on the menu and receipt - life would be so easy if I could afford to eat there daily. Plus it's right across from Trader Joe's so I can do a little lunch time shopping for a few of my favorite things. You can check out my Periscope from yesterday for a bit more on that.

When my Mom sends me selfies in her OMB clothes, I really need to teach her how to take a picture with just one hand.

This ahhhhhmazing body butter from Perfectly Posh, I don't think my skin has ever been softer and it's not greasy! I use it nightly to keep my spray tan on point, hydrated skin is in. They also have Pumpkin Body Scrub, must get all things pumpkin.

Dinners have been rocking on my 100 calorie Joseph's Lavash Bread , I've made pizza, quesadilla, rolled up bbq chicken, the possibilities are endless. Oliver even loves them so I ordered a few and froze them.

That the evenings are bearable outside, we spend most nights out there hanging out. I love that Madison takes such good care of her brudder, getting a drink for not only her, but him as well.

Going through my phone and seeing selfies of my baby girl.

The absolute best fitting jeans ever, it's like wearing leggings, but SO MUCH BETTER. No tugging, no pants dance, nada. Worth every penny. The rest: Vest, Tank, Necklace.


  1. Adore your mom's top! Must have in my fall wardrobe

  2. Oh dear goodness...does she call him "brudder"? my daughter (now 8) still calls her brother this more than she calls him by name. I love it. And I adore the fact that your mom takes an OOTF selfie to send to you - so cute.

  3. Banana Republic has a 40% off coupon now through 9/8/15! BRFALL

  4. if you don't want to order them, Walmart carries the Joseph's Lavash Bread. They have a pita version too.

  5. I have the hardest time finding skinny jeans, but I recently tried on the Denim Flex Supersoft at Maurice's and they are beyond amazing too!!! If you haven't checked them out I highly suggest them :)


  6. Love those jeans!!! Have a great weekend :)


  7. Is there any way your could share some of your recipes? Those food pictures looks unreal and I would love to try.


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