Food + MFP Hack.

Friday night was not exciting, I worked until pretty late and didn't get in dinner until almost 9pm, Oliver offered to go get burgers {so nice of him, side eye} I instead spiraled up some zucchini and topped with chicken. I also caught up on Real Housewives, I've really missed my few reality TV shows, my goal is one show a day lol. 

Madison turned down spending the night with my parents on Friday, so they took the Baldish One for the first time. It went really well, he loves his Papa for sure. The next morning I showed Madison this picture and all of the sudden she was ready to go over there, my Mom said she walked in and declared she was still tired and climbed into bed with Aiden and Papa. 

Saturday mornings are always reserved for soccer, my morning got away from me and I had to take my Protein Crepes on the go, Aiden and I both enjoyed them! You can find the recipe here, I filled with Caramel Apple yogurt mixed with vanilla protein and almond milk, then I topped with Big Slice Kettle Cooked Apples and Apple butter - holy yummmmmmmmmm. Apple Butter is my new staple.

I took Madison to the Arrosti doctor for her limp Friday, she said she has a strained quad, she massaged it out and taught her how to roll and stretch. She was still limping pretty hard, the dr thinks she's favoring it more in her head and is scared to go back full force. We are stretching and icing, I hope she gets back to normal soon.

We went home and Aiden took a 3.5 hour nap while I worked and the other two hung out and watched TV. Then we hit up Office Max for a new printer, I let my assistant pick out post it notes, too many colors and it's a big decision.

I really wanted the fluorescent light taken out of the kitchen, but couldn't find a fixture I thought would be great for the room....except the one I already had hanging in the dining room/office. So Oliver agreed to switch it over and we bought a different one for the dining room.

Being home more has really brought back the itch to do more DIY and redecorating, watch out Pinterest, I'm coming for you. My next project is for sure my bedroom, it's been the same for a few years now and I'm ready for a change.

After soccer and putting up the lights we hit up Costco, 300 dollars and one regretful hot dog  later {550 stupid effing calories} we still had to stop at Tom Thumb for a few more items. This food better last minimum of 2 weeks, gah.

I made some crock pot shredded chicken, chicken + mango lime salsa + broth, it's good but needs maybe 2 jars of salsa next go round. I'm going to use it on salads for lunch this week.

I put it on nachos last night, ohhhhhhh man was that amazing, that guacamole is the single servings of the chunky guac from Good Foods, pretty freaking amazing.

Legs today at 4:37am, using the big girl weight is great for legs, but damn they are hard to get back on the rack without hurting your self. Using your knee to push it back in works, as long as you don't drop it on your toe first.

I also meal prepped these egg type muffins on crack - like SO MUCH better than egg muffins for real.  I got the recipe from Corina over at Live Fit. Y'all, these are easy and so good - even Aiden was all over them!

I'm going to make a double batch next week, for both kids and I. If you caught my Periscope last night while I was making these, her is the MFP hack I promised y'all -https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/myfitnesspal-macro-settin/glpkdgpldbbdpjbpimehpkpgdicibgpi?hl=en-US

I haven't tried it because I paid for the year, sad sad face, but I hear it works and you should only have to do it once. 


  1. How do you cook your chicken in the crock pot? I can never get mine to look like that!

    1. Have you tried using a kitchen aide mixer if you have one?? If not a regular hand mixer (I've heard it works too) Make sure you shred right after cooking and the chicken is still hot. It's amazing and saves so much time! Lol

    2. Yep, i pulled the chicken and some broth out with a spoon and put it in the mixer on LOW for a few minutes, perfect!

  2. I put boneless/skinless in the crockpot with chicken broth & seasonings. After it is done cooking, shred using 2 forks. Love it!

  3. Meg, can you please do a video or something on how to make rice using iifym? I cant "master" the rice thing with this macro stuff. PLEASES HELP!!

  4. Thanks for the MFP hack link! Gonna try this out.

  5. Meg, is your dishes part of the Pioneer Woman collection by any chance? I love her stuff and that pattern looks very similar!


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