Branching Out with Food.

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron, all opinions are my own of course.

Changing my eating habits has been a long long journey, I could barely boil water a few years ago, seriously. Cooking veggies? No way. Over the years my cooking skills have improved and my taste buds have evolved, significantly.

I much prefer to cook my meals at home now, mostly because it keeps me on track for my weight loss goals, but I'm terrible at getting stuck in a rut and making the same meals week after week.

Insert, Blue Apron!

If you've never heard of them they are a genius company who literally ships the perfectly portioned ingredients to your door with instructions on how to make a delicious recipe! Honestly, it can't get much easier and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee that I don't have to measure out stuff, just weigh it and cook it.

Boom, pulled everything out and it's just waiting to be cooked up, I love that everything is so fresh!

Whenever I'm in the kitchen you can be sure that at least one child is sitting by my feet, like they are waiting for crumbs to fall or something. I picked the 2 Person Plan, but they also offer a Family Plan, the 2 person plan comes with a once a week delivery with 3 meals!

For some reason I rarely cook with red meat so I was pretty excited to try this recipe, Tomato Basil Burgers with a green bean tomato salad. This was the perfect meal for a Friday night, much better than going out and blowing my macros on a restaurant burger.

I read over the direction and prepped the ingredients, from start to finish it took me less than 20 minutes. Mostly because they labeled everything they sent LOL I didn't have to search around for knick knacks!

One item I thought I hated, but actually I don't think I've ever tried was olives. They had me chop them up and mix them in the mayo for the burgers, Y'ALL, so good!!! I would have never thought to try that combo!

It was literally a mouth watering burger, seriously amazing. The toasted bun, perfection, and the green bean salad had a coating of mustard and lemon that I will be recreating very soon! Just from this recipe alone I learn about 4 new ways to spice up items I would make anyways, knowledge is powerful when you are dieting. Learning to spice up your foods is so important and Blue Apron makes it pretty dang easy even for the novice cook.

Blue Apron is offering a sweet deal!  
The first 25 readers will get two free meals on their first Blue Apron order - click here.

And just because I'm starving now, here's a few other recipes I'd love to try from them!

Pork and Ramen Noodles.

Tomato and Goat Cheese Pie.  You know my obsession with that lovely cheese!!


  1. Hi Meg, from Ocho Rios - have been on your periscope broadcasts and love them -- great post as usual. Now you mentioned on a recent broadcast about some plates you were using, I forgot the name, pilgrim something? I am trying to find them to buy....keep doing what you are doing! xo

    1. Pioneer Woman? She just launched a new line of serveware and cookware at Walmart.

  2. I tried Blue Apron for a couple weeks but with a one year old and a two year old at my feet it was taking way too long to make the meals and on top of that nearly every meal we got was super high calorie and never fit my macros! Do you make notes to them to send you more macro friendly meals?

  3. Going to give it a try - been wanting to for a while now...Thanks!

  4. Just signed up for it- looks awesome!!

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  6. your periscope was hilarious last night!! Madison and you mom were so cute and you guys laughing at the end - so much fun!!!! thank you! I didn't get to participate in booty burn because it was 9:30 Eastern time and I was laying in bed!!!


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