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I did something a bit scary this weekend, I went and had my body fat tested, the accurate kind not the little pinchers. I've never had my body fat tested, I used the calipers once a few years ago, but I kinda figured if it wasn't accurate what was the point? So Poppy Locks told me about a traveling tub where they test you so I agreed.

You wear a swim suit only, the water is warm around 88 degrees. You get in, hook your feet under a bar, put a weighted band across your lap, lay back, blow out ALLLLLLLL your air {so hard to do!} and hold it until they tap the side of the tub to come up.

You do it twice, it's hard to know if you've blown out all your air so usually the second go round is a bit better. 

They then go over your results with you, going in I was really hoping to be under 25%, I was HIGHLY surprised that I was 19%!! That's freaking awesome!! A few other notable numbers, my RMR - when I had this professional figured by a nutritionist it was around 1350 calories - they have me a 1681 thanks to all that muscle I have on me! RMR is the number of calories your body needs at rest to live on, like just breathing a stuff, no extras like chasing the kids or exercise. 

That puts me above average, in the healthy range, pretty cool!

So to live I need 1681 calories, but my maintenance calories are around 2401 - which is the amount I should be able to eat and not gain weight. All I heard when I read that was that I get to eat more food, bring. it. on. 

I'm nearing the end of my cutting macros, I am planning to reverse up slowly to maintenance very soon, about 3 weeks before I have my boob surgery. I don't want to be eating low calorie when I can't workout for a few weeks so I need to adjust my body first before that happens. If you'd like more info body fat testing you can check it out here - Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing. I bought 2 tests so I can go back in 6 months and see if I've improved, something besides the mirror and scale to rely on! Wish I'd tried it sooner to have a base number. 

Other than that we had a fun weekend, the weather was beautiful, we watched my baby play soccer. She's still limping a bit from her quad, we've been foam rolling and icing a ton. 

We also spent Saturday night hanging out in downtown Mckinney at Oktoberfest, the Pumpkin beer was nasty, wasted macros right there. I wore the Red Hot Dress, had some many compliments! 

Madison rode all the scary rides, she's a brave girl, no fear! Oliver got a good buzz, I have to keep him off IG when he drinks LOL Lord. Aiden enjoyed the petting zoo, well the baby animals anyways. We stayed up late last night to watch the Blood Moon, pretty disappointing without a telescope. It's going to be a extra caffeinated day for sure. 


  1. I'd be interested in what a hand held fat monitor (done first thing in the AM) tells you and how it compares to the water test.

    1. I've never had the water test but I had a hand-held vs pincher test done by Navy Personal trainers and the handheld was like 3% higher than the pinchers (which they told me were more accurate). I'd love to try a hydro test one day!

    2. Those hand-held fat monitors are not accurate AT ALL. Hydro test or Bod Pods are the only way to test, for sure.

  2. Congrats 19%! Thats awesome. I had guessed 20%. Im getting ready to have mine done too. Pretty excited but I know my numbers will be terrible. I have a lot of weight to lose. 😦

  3. That's so awesome =) You have worked your tush off and it shows! Keep it up girl!

  4. Soo awesome , you have worked your ass off for that! Congrats

  5. That's awesome to get the feedback that all your hard work is paying off! When you have an off day you can always look at those things that show how far you've come! Congrats!

  6. this is so awesome! you have worked hard. love seeing your progress! you are an inspiration to so many people....keep keeping it real. You are a breath of fresh air!

  7. What a fun test! Congrats on 19%! Woot! I'd love an update on your current number -- before you start reversing again. This cut has gone really well for you!

  8. Beyond proud of you...proof that consistent hard work and a fantastic positive attitude are necessary when making HUGE life change. Smokin hot and I get to call you friend xoxo

  9. So cool!! And you are just amazing, I'm so thankful for the years of inspiration that you give! I love watching how you've changed as you've learned through the years! Thanks for your transparency!

  10. Hey girl! I sent you an email a couple days ago and havent heard back. Let me know!

  11. Hey girl! I sent you an email a couple days ago and havent heard back. Let me know!


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