Body Fat Testing


I did something a bit scary this weekend, I went and had my body fat tested, the accurate kind not the little pinchers. I've never had my body fat tested, I used the calipers once a few years ago, but I kinda figured if it wasn't accurate what was the point? So Poppy Locks told me about a traveling tub where they test you so I agreed.

You wear a swim suit only, the water is warm around 88 degrees. You get in, hook your feet under a bar, put a weighted band across your lap, lay back, blow out ALLLLLLLL your air {so hard to do!} and hold it until they tap the side of the tub to come up.

You do it twice, it's hard to know if you've blown out all your air so usually the second go round is a bit better. 

They then go over your results with you, going in I was really hoping to be under 25%, I was HIGHLY surprised that I was 19%!! That's freaking awesome!! A few other notable numbers, my RMR - when I had this professional figured by a nutritionist it was around 1350 calories - they have me a 1681 thanks to all that muscle I have on me! RMR is the number of calories your body needs at rest to live on, like just breathing a stuff, no extras like chasing the kids or exercise. 

That puts me above average, in the healthy range, pretty cool!

So to live I need 1681 calories, but my maintenance calories are around 2401 - which is the amount I should be able to eat and not gain weight. All I heard when I read that was that I get to eat more food, bring. it. on. 

I'm nearing the end of my cutting macros, I am planning to reverse up slowly to maintenance very soon, about 3 weeks before I have my boob surgery. I don't want to be eating low calorie when I can't workout for a few weeks so I need to adjust my body first before that happens. If you'd like more info body fat testing you can check it out here - Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing. I bought 2 tests so I can go back in 6 months and see if I've improved, something besides the mirror and scale to rely on! Wish I'd tried it sooner to have a base number. 

Other than that we had a fun weekend, the weather was beautiful, we watched my baby play soccer. She's still limping a bit from her quad, we've been foam rolling and icing a ton. 

We also spent Saturday night hanging out in downtown Mckinney at Oktoberfest, the Pumpkin beer was nasty, wasted macros right there. I wore the Red Hot Dress, had some many compliments! 

Madison rode all the scary rides, she's a brave girl, no fear! Oliver got a good buzz, I have to keep him off IG when he drinks LOL Lord. Aiden enjoyed the petting zoo, well the baby animals anyways. We stayed up late last night to watch the Blood Moon, pretty disappointing without a telescope. It's going to be a extra caffeinated day for sure. 


Music Playlist + Protein Desserts

One of the absolute best parts of the 5 year age gap is that Madison can read to him, I love hearing her sound out words to him like she's teaching him to read. The older he gets the more fun they have together, she's so much nicer to him than I was to my own brothers LOL. I'm the oldest of 4 and I for sure was not pleased having so many siblings close to my own age, too much competition. 

If you caught my Periscope last night I attempted two new protein desserts, I happened to have a shit ton {literally} of macros left after dinner. One was the Beltsander Brownie - recipe can be found here.   It didn't turn out, but now that I retook at it I forgot to add the baking powder, oops. Well, I'll be giving that another chance hahahaha. The underneath is a 'Protein Ice Cream' type thing that was actually quite delicious! I saw it on IG, but they didn't give an exact recipe so I kinda winged it, here's what I used:

115g of Low Fat Cottage Cheese {don't use Fat Free you want that milk fat for creaminess}
1 scoop Protein Powder - I used the PES Cookies 'n Cream Protein
1/2 cup {about} of Almond Milk {or any liquid}
a sprinkle of Xanthan Gum Gluten Free

It was thick and creamy like soft serve - totally trying it with chocolate next time!

I got up at 4 am to run 10 miles this morning before the sunrise, the weather is so perfect right now and I felt amazing, happy running endorphins can make any day a great day!! I'm going tomorrow to get my body fat tested in a tank of water, yikes. I thought it would just give me a new goal to focus on, the scale is whatever, I need to decrease the fat around the muscle yo. hahahaha, or I will leave crying about my 45% body fat, whichever.

Anddddddd, FINALLY as promised a million years ago here is my music playlist - just click here to be taken to the Google Doc. I have a column on there for # of plays, but not sure how accurate that is - some that had just a few I listen to all the time so I don't know.  You should be able to sort by whatever genre you like, most is rap, that's my go to workout heart pumping feels. 


Negative Self Talk.

#TBT of my Mom and I in Colorado 
My Mom and I were having a conversation the other day, she said my Dad asked if she was an artist now, she replied of course she was, but why was he asking? He didn't know, it just popped in his head because she was doing so many different art projects. She told me 'I don't need anyone to tell me I'm good at crafting, I know I am' LOL. 

I've always heard that girls get their self confidence from their fathers, but I think it's pretty clear I get mine from my Mother. My Father was one of four boys, growing up without sisters means he isn't always sensitive to a woman feelings, not on purpose, but says things jokingly that are not always funny. 

More than anything else I teach this girl, you have got to have confidence in yourself, it will help her in so many areas of her life. Hopefully it will steer her in a path of being a leader and not succumbing to peer pressure. You don't have to be the best or the prettiest or the thinnest, but you do have to own your actions and reactions to situations and people, be confident in what you stand for, KNOW what you stand for. 

I teach my kids by example, I could talk until I'm blue in the face, but maybe they will hear me and maybe it's background noise. I face my fears, I do things I'm scared of, I trust my gut. In my marriage Oliver tends to be the more negative one and I'm the more positive, sometimes he does it and honestly doesn't even realize he's doing it until I point it out. It's hard to change who we are, even for the good of our kids. That's why God put us together, to balance each other out. I'm the pusher and Oliver's the puller, he needs me to bump him out of his comfort zone and I need to be reeled back in when I get overly excited. 

So many times women are the worst at negative self talk, mostly about their body. I don't look good, I have fat rolls, I have cellulite, I have lumps, I have stretch marks. Yes, those are all imperfections and we all know that most women have all of those things too. Why do we feel the need to qualify how we look to others, no one except you cares about your stretch marks or cellulite. If you are always airing your negative thoughts about your body to others, that's going to make them feel uncomfortable or even worse, bad about their own body. They are going to compare themselves to you and if you are talking badly about your flaws then theirs must be even worse. 

Like Madison says, THAT'S A PROBLEM. When women talk about lifting each other up, it starts with your actions to yourself. It's easy to say LOVE YOURSELF, but if you are in a cycle of negative thoughts and feelings towards you, how do you change it? Would you do it for your kids? For your husband? For your friends?

Dress from Ollie Marie, necklace here.
Of course I have things about my body and my personality I don't love, but I don't focus on them. I take steps every. single. day. to make myself feel good about me, that's not selfish, that's taking care of me as a person. It doesn't have to be a physical things, maybe you need time to yourself, maybe you need girl time with some friends, maybe a date night with your husband, just something that makes you feel good. 


Branching Out with Food.

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron, all opinions are my own of course.

Changing my eating habits has been a long long journey, I could barely boil water a few years ago, seriously. Cooking veggies? No way. Over the years my cooking skills have improved and my taste buds have evolved, significantly.

I much prefer to cook my meals at home now, mostly because it keeps me on track for my weight loss goals, but I'm terrible at getting stuck in a rut and making the same meals week after week.

Insert, Blue Apron!

If you've never heard of them they are a genius company who literally ships the perfectly portioned ingredients to your door with instructions on how to make a delicious recipe! Honestly, it can't get much easier and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee that I don't have to measure out stuff, just weigh it and cook it.

Boom, pulled everything out and it's just waiting to be cooked up, I love that everything is so fresh!

Whenever I'm in the kitchen you can be sure that at least one child is sitting by my feet, like they are waiting for crumbs to fall or something. I picked the 2 Person Plan, but they also offer a Family Plan, the 2 person plan comes with a once a week delivery with 3 meals!

For some reason I rarely cook with red meat so I was pretty excited to try this recipe, Tomato Basil Burgers with a green bean tomato salad. This was the perfect meal for a Friday night, much better than going out and blowing my macros on a restaurant burger.

I read over the direction and prepped the ingredients, from start to finish it took me less than 20 minutes. Mostly because they labeled everything they sent LOL I didn't have to search around for knick knacks!

One item I thought I hated, but actually I don't think I've ever tried was olives. They had me chop them up and mix them in the mayo for the burgers, Y'ALL, so good!!! I would have never thought to try that combo!

It was literally a mouth watering burger, seriously amazing. The toasted bun, perfection, and the green bean salad had a coating of mustard and lemon that I will be recreating very soon! Just from this recipe alone I learn about 4 new ways to spice up items I would make anyways, knowledge is powerful when you are dieting. Learning to spice up your foods is so important and Blue Apron makes it pretty dang easy even for the novice cook.

Blue Apron is offering a sweet deal!  
The first 25 readers will get two free meals on their first Blue Apron order - click here.

And just because I'm starving now, here's a few other recipes I'd love to try from them!

Pork and Ramen Noodles.

Tomato and Goat Cheese Pie.  You know my obsession with that lovely cheese!!


Food + MFP Hack.

Friday night was not exciting, I worked until pretty late and didn't get in dinner until almost 9pm, Oliver offered to go get burgers {so nice of him, side eye} I instead spiraled up some zucchini and topped with chicken. I also caught up on Real Housewives, I've really missed my few reality TV shows, my goal is one show a day lol. 

Madison turned down spending the night with my parents on Friday, so they took the Baldish One for the first time. It went really well, he loves his Papa for sure. The next morning I showed Madison this picture and all of the sudden she was ready to go over there, my Mom said she walked in and declared she was still tired and climbed into bed with Aiden and Papa. 

Saturday mornings are always reserved for soccer, my morning got away from me and I had to take my Protein Crepes on the go, Aiden and I both enjoyed them! You can find the recipe here, I filled with Caramel Apple yogurt mixed with vanilla protein and almond milk, then I topped with Big Slice Kettle Cooked Apples and Apple butter - holy yummmmmmmmmm. Apple Butter is my new staple.

I took Madison to the Arrosti doctor for her limp Friday, she said she has a strained quad, she massaged it out and taught her how to roll and stretch. She was still limping pretty hard, the dr thinks she's favoring it more in her head and is scared to go back full force. We are stretching and icing, I hope she gets back to normal soon.

We went home and Aiden took a 3.5 hour nap while I worked and the other two hung out and watched TV. Then we hit up Office Max for a new printer, I let my assistant pick out post it notes, too many colors and it's a big decision.

I really wanted the fluorescent light taken out of the kitchen, but couldn't find a fixture I thought would be great for the room....except the one I already had hanging in the dining room/office. So Oliver agreed to switch it over and we bought a different one for the dining room.

Being home more has really brought back the itch to do more DIY and redecorating, watch out Pinterest, I'm coming for you. My next project is for sure my bedroom, it's been the same for a few years now and I'm ready for a change.

After soccer and putting up the lights we hit up Costco, 300 dollars and one regretful hot dog  later {550 stupid effing calories} we still had to stop at Tom Thumb for a few more items. This food better last minimum of 2 weeks, gah.

I made some crock pot shredded chicken, chicken + mango lime salsa + broth, it's good but needs maybe 2 jars of salsa next go round. I'm going to use it on salads for lunch this week.

I put it on nachos last night, ohhhhhhh man was that amazing, that guacamole is the single servings of the chunky guac from Good Foods, pretty freaking amazing.

Legs today at 4:37am, using the big girl weight is great for legs, but damn they are hard to get back on the rack without hurting your self. Using your knee to push it back in works, as long as you don't drop it on your toe first.

I also meal prepped these egg type muffins on crack - like SO MUCH better than egg muffins for real.  I got the recipe from Corina over at Live Fit. Y'all, these are easy and so good - even Aiden was all over them!

I'm going to make a double batch next week, for both kids and I. If you caught my Periscope last night while I was making these, her is the MFP hack I promised y'all -https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/myfitnesspal-macro-settin/glpkdgpldbbdpjbpimehpkpgdicibgpi?hl=en-US

I haven't tried it because I paid for the year, sad sad face, but I hear it works and you should only have to do it once. 


Let's just hang out and eat. K?

One thing I was pretty worried about when working from home was full access to my pantry and kitchen, but as it turns out it's been a non issue, in fact I think I'm less snacky! I don't really have lulls in my day to think about food, more about doing the stupid dishes which have tripled since I've been home. Legit, three loads a day, it's ridiculous. 

I like the ability to cook up some eggs on days I don't want pancakes or mug cakes, throw in some left over chicken and I'm getting in that protein. 

I have some pretty sweet options for mid morning snacks, this was amazing. Super amazing even. 

Lunch has been different every day, but I plan to do more prepping this Sunday {I didn't get a chance to last weekend} just to make it go faster, I have the ability to get the most done the hours Madison is in school.  This is Joseph's Lavash Bread with Guy's Award Winning Sugar Free BBQ Sauce with chicken and cilantro.  MUST TRY!

Then I got a little crazy with the Fall items at Walmart, oops, the marshmallow are fantastic - lol - and I don't even really like marshmallows.

I finally got around to making Poppy Locks Protein Pumpkin Cheesecake, she told me it was a absolute must make - she was so right.

Throw it all in a bowl, mix it up, and bake for 30 minutes at 325, then 45 to 50 at 220, chill overnight.

I cut it up into 16 squares and put in tupperware so I can pull one or two out, top with Pumpkin CoolWhip and pumpkin chips. No such thing as too much Pumpkin, it's only around for such short time! 1 square is 96 calories 4f/5.7c/9.3p I used Greek Whipped cream cheese instead of the fat free.

One day I chopped up a fast salad and used the Feta Dip as dressing, so good.

A few nights have been a little hectic, dinner is just not a easy time around here, cranky babies, hungry husbands, and homework. This was an easy one, Trader Joes Butternut Squash Risotto with chicken. MUST EAT ALL THE PROTEIN. Are you sensing a theme?

I made Bison Burgers last night, Trader Joe's Country Potatoes on the side. I liked the Bison meat, I rarely cook with red meat, but this is leaner and tasted very similar to beef.

I found these at Sprouts, but keep forgetting I have them in the freezer so I haven't tried them yet! Someone remind me after dinner tonight ;)

Anddddddd that's all I got for the food portion on my life this week, I'm feeling very lean and proud of my food this week. I guess if half my life is hectic at least I have this under control, for now. It tends to go in cycles, some weeks are amazing, some are just good, and some are a complete mind game trying to keep shit out of my mouth.

Got to the gym at 4:30 today, super amazing leg day, my knee is feeling better and better! All my workout gear is 25% off today at Ollie Marie - my Don't Quit and Inspire Beauty leggings are back in stock too! code: SWEAT25 and FREE SHIPPING!


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