Twilight Sparkle and The Bald One.

I came home to the best surprise yesterday, Madison cleaning her room, of her own free will. There are usually about 5 outfits strewn about, she changes her clothing about once every hour when she's home and I let her, as long as she picks it up when she's done have at it baby girl! I keep meaning to buy her a new bed, I'm thinking maybe a bunk bed with a desk area underneath, but I need to measure her room before I shop, it's a tight squeeze. 

She's had a pretty fantastic summer, swimming, fishing, spray parks, summer camps, and endless sleepovers at Mimi's house.

Her absolute favorite part of summer is late night swims with Mimi and Papa followed with baking cookies. We go to bed by 9:30 at our house so you can see why she prefers to stay with the 'fun' part of the family!

Just when you think you can't love your child more they show you an entirely new side, her ginormous heart and love for her brother astounds me. I'm one of four children, so I get sibling love, but the way she rushes to him and takes care of him just makes me so proud of her! Friday he had to get some shots at the Dr's and she cried right along with him, she hated seeing him in pain. 

Pony obsession is still running rampant in our house, she's now moved on to making 'You Tube' videos of them playing. The imagination on this child is fantastic, she can use any object and spend a good 45 minutes sitting and having them act out a story. 

She's still playing soccer, the best goal maker on the team! I think this year we will not be doing dance, but instead go back to gymnastics for a while. She's pretty excited for school to start on Monday, she's going to a new school because they divided up our district this year, hopefully she still has some familiar faces in her class.

My sweet bald baby is still mostly bald on the top, with a dusting of blond baby hairs on the back. Oliver was a blond baby and turned darker the older he got, I have no doubt Aiden is his little replica! 

He literally melts my heart every time I pick him up, he's a lover and a fighter for sure. He enjoys carrying around a spatula and banging everything he sees, I've had to take away his fishing pole for whacking his sister on the head. He does not like to get into trouble and most of the time if you tell him to stop doing something he will, after he gives you his mischievous grin!

He's very much an independent little soul, he occasionally has his fussy times and wants to be held, but more often than not he is content to just be in my general area playing. He does a lot of grunting and pointing, but has started to mimic words we say a lot - Baba, Milk, Momma, Daddy, Dog, Out. He loves to sleep and goes to bed at 8:30 every night until around 7:30 the next morning, never wakes up. Ever. It's like a daily gift he gives me and I never ever take it for granted!! Legit - every morning when I walk past his room on my way to the gym I silently thank him for being such a good sleeper, when you've had a baby who hates to sleep you are forever scarred hahahaha. Shit, Madison STILL wakes me up most nights poking me in the arm until I tell her to go back to her own room.

He's still taking a bottle, being as he's my second child I'm not all 'omg he's 17 months old we must take his bottle away' he just recently started to eat enough to be considered a meal so I'm sure he'll drop the bottle soon enough. He still takes a binky at bedtime, but {hopefully this doesn't come back to bite me} I don't think breaking him of them will be a big deal, he can go all day without one no problem. If they are laying around he'll pop it in his mouth, but he's never cried for one. 

He starts preschool in September, twice a week from 9am to 2pm, his stranger danger has lessened quite a bit so I'm hopeful he won't cry very long the first few days. I've been thinking about an activity for him this fall and it's a toss up between swim lessons and indoor baby soccer, both I think he would enjoy, but it will probably just come down to whichever fits into our schedule the best.

And, just for your enjoyment! 


  1. Indoor baby soccer sounds so freaking cute!!

  2. The way he looks at her is so <3<3<3<3!

  3. I won't have a 2nd baby JUST because of the way our first one sleeps. He's 20 months and still wakes up screaming every night multiple times unless he gets his cough meds, haha. ;) I am glad you had a 2nd that sleeps!

  4. Adorable!! Thanks for sharing...a very nice reading and viewing treat of happy children and happy times!! I love my baby boy 17 today just as I did when he was my perfect baby boy!! Such great gifts we receive in this lifetime!!

  5. Thank you for the video!!!!!! I need a good laugh today!!

  6. Haha! She is something else! And he just loves watching her! What cuties!

  7. Indoor baby soccer?!?! Tell me more! We did swim lessons last Spring and are enrolling Ellison in gymnastics for the Fall (Ethan hated it).

  8. Costco has a great set up for a bunk bed with a desk and a little lounge/ couch that turns into a bed. Super cute!


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