Single Leg Exercises

 Happy Thursday y'all! I wore my favorite workout tights two days in a row - black on Wednesday and blue on Thursday - don't judge me, these are so freaking comfortable! I'm devastated that I can't get anymore of them in, sad sad day. I am going to market Saturday in hopes of finding more fitness gear I love! My tank is from Team Spirit Essentials.

I've mentioned a few times that I was working on strengthening each leg separately to help fix my leaning squat. My right leg was significantly weaker than my left so every leg day {twice a week} I do this exercises {usually do most of them with dumbbells, but you can totally just do body-weight and work your way up} I have noticed a REMARKABLE difference in my over-all lower body strength and my squats are improving.

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I'm too lazy to go download it to YouTube so here's the repost from IG - bottom right you can see I don't lean as much to one side, but I still have work to do to get it perfect. 

Here's a video demo of the exercises I've been doing - this is slightly sped up to cut down on the upload time just an FYI - please go slower and focus on hitting the right muscles mmmmmkay?


  1. Good Morning SkinnyMeg: I love your blog. You are such inspiration! Keep up the good work! You rock! Have a nice day.

  2. i, can I be you when I grow up?! I'm 22 with a 1 year old daughter, I work full-time and in school full-time. Once I get my self through the door, I LOVE what the gym does for me but some days I literally think F the gym... You give 100% to everything you do and I'm trying to teach myself to do the same. I look to your Insta and blog for not only inspiration fitness with but I so admire the way you parent! I only wish I had somebody like who's done this all before to give me mommy advice. Sending a ton of respect and grateful vibes your way from Fort Worth TX 💕

  3. Those were supposed to be emojis :( lol

  4. Those were supposed to be emojis :( lol

  5. Good morning. Could you please tell us what happened with the giveaway! It said the 12th! Specific time too. Now Noone is mentioning anything! !!


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