Market Shopping

Friday night I rushed home from work to get all the new arrivals for OMB together and steamed for product pictures, my friends are so great to always come when I need help! They even travel with alcohol, which Oliver appreciates. We worked until about 10 pm, then I whipped up a quick dinner and went to bed, we had to be up early the next day to shop Market.

One of the great things about Dallas is that we have our very own Market, where wholesalers can come and shop for product, they are open year round, but only have big shows a few times a year. I went to the one in May, but it was my first time and I was super intimidated by the sheer amount of choices I had. It's literally 15 stories of wall to wall shopping, not just clothing, but almost anything you could thing of, they even had the most amazing Halloween decor that Oliver wants to go back and check out. 

My friend Natalie {who has amazing taste} offered to go with me, I really wanted a differing opinion so I didn't just gravitate towards items that I loved. Oliver wanted to come too so he could get a sense of how it all works, he was super helpful at keeping track of delivery times and how much money I was spending for the next few months. No kids allowed at Market, Madison spent the day with Mimi at a surprise birthday party and we dropped Aiden off with Oma while we shopped. 

Afterwards we picked up the Bald One and hit up Lowe's for a new light fixture, the one we currently have in the dining room/OMB space is from IKEA, while cute it's too dim, so we looked for something that would be brighter and still function in a dining room once we figure out where to move OMB. I picked this 8 jar hanging one, click here to see it, funny seeing it online I probably wouldn't pick it!

Then we went to dinner at Mi Cocina, I had the Rico Salad with double chicken, Aiden at all the guacamole, he literally was yelling for more it was so cute! We spent the rest of the day packing orders for OMB, organizing new product, and picking up the house. I'm feeling slightly claustrophobic with all the boxes we have stacked up in the foyer, so obviously that means we must clean the rest of the house! 

Aiden is such a good boy, he's so content to just walk around and hang out with us while we work, he's generally not one to cry to be picked up all the time. I think around 18 months Madison refused to be put down, but maybe that comes later?? I can't remember! 

Sunday is weigh in day, this is the lowest I can remember being in a long time! I'm still feeling really good on this cut, but I'll go into more on that for tomorrows post along with some updating on my body and extra skin. 

Mini Me wanted to come to the gym with me, she changed her outfit 3 times before we even left the house. I can't tell if she really loves clothes or if she's just really indecisive!

Then we went home, cleaned the house, Oliver finished packing orders while Aiden took a nap so we could all go the grocery store together! We went to Sprouts first for chicken and veggies, their organic chicken is really good and only 2.99/lb

Then Kroger for the rest and Fuzzy Tacos for lunch, Oliver made fun of me for dipping my fork in the dressing before each bite. Ain't no way I'm blowing all my fats for the day on dressing! 

It's the last week of summer for Madison, therefore all of us, so we decided to hit up DQ. I've never had their waffle cones, pretty damn good, I didn't even check the macros before hand! I know, flying by the seat of my pants, it's probably a good thing because if I saw it I would have skipped the cone. 57c - but I plugged it and made it work for the day no problem, I just went low carb for dinner.

I finished out my day food prepping, editing pics, and Periscope-ing about macros - I did a easy tutorial on creating a recipe in MFP it's still up to view, until about 6ish tonight. If you have specific questions you'd like me to include in my next broadcast leave me a Facebook comment, it's easiest to go look those up :)


  1. I wasn't able to catch the broadcast live but watched it late last night. Thank you so much for doing the video!! I've been on the fence about macros but your video showed that it's not that difficult. I took notes and will do more research on your past iifym posts for more information. You're such an inspiration!!

  2. Ok seriously? You amaze me! I would be exhausted if I was doing everything you do on a day to day basis.I also love your sunglasses and your headband in that picture of you & Madison otw to the gym!

  3. Congratulations on a new low weight!!!!

    And that light fixture is beautiful. Can't wait to see it installed at your pad.

  4. Hi Meg, all the way from AZ. Love you blog, and all your updates! I've followed you since the friendship between ML and on her blog. Now I only follow you!


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