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When I first heard about a Wood Wrist Watch I was slightly confused, an actual watch, really made out of wood? I had a hard time imagining what it would look like, so I was pleasantly surprised when this beauty popped up in my Instagram feed from Jord Watches.

My heart loves that beautiful lilac face, color in unexpected places. The watch is surprisingly lightweight and doesn't bug my wrist when I'm typing on the computer, the number one reason for my lack of watches at work. 

 I've worn it with about 3 out of 5 outfits this week, don't judge me, it's too pretty to leave at home! I'm so happy with my Jord Watch that I've already picked out one for my husband and I'm SUPER excited about it, he loves to wear watches, but most metals cause his skin to break out in a rash so I think this is going to be the perfect gift for him! 

So far this one is the front runner, but Christmas is a long way off so I still have time to change my mind! 

Jord is giving away 3 gift cards, contest ends 8/26, good luck!
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  1. Well this just got added to my Christmas list, so awesome!

  2. These watches are so pretty, would love to own one!! Thanks!

  3. My sister in law has one of the wood watches a gorgeous watch

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  5. I have tried several times to go to Jord's website but it keeps telling me not found!! :(

  6. Love the zebra wood and turquoise. It's probably a good thing they are expensive, I can't splurge right now, but I really like this style of watch!

  7. I love the Cora Turquoise Zebra Wood... Cora was also a front runner name for Baby K so how fitting... it did lose out to another name but I would love to have a CORA on my wrist ;-) I also don't wear watches to work because they are hard to type with.


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