Full Body Workout on One Machine

One of the most common things I hear from followers is

1. How tall are you?   {{5'5}}
2. How do I get started?
3. What sports bra do you wear?    {{Panache }}
4. How many times/how long should I be working out week/day?

So, to start this discussion off lets throw it back, cause it's Thursday.

Last year around this time.

How to get started. Well if you are brand new to working out I HIGHLY recommend finding a group setting to workout in - they motivate you and teach you all at the same time! I LOVE taking classes at the gym and I've mentioned before I first started working out by joining a local bootcamp. If you are lost and feel overwhelmed when you walk into a gym these will be very beneficial for you.

If you are semi comfortable in the gym, but lost when it comes to lifting weights I have the perfect way to get in a full body workout with only one machine!

The cable machine is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. It's simple to use, has SO MANY exercises that can be done on it, plus you can go as light or as heavy with just a simple adjustment! I recorded a few of my favorite moves, but honestly You Tube it - lots and lots of variations! So even if you can't squat 100 pounds or have big fancy weights at your gym, most will have some sort of cable machine like this one.

There is no 'magic' number of minutes to spend in the gym, you have to find what's right and fits in YOUR life. Personally I have always worked out a minimum of one hour, mostly because I've always had to drive 20 minutes each way to get to a gym or bootcamp, so if I'm going to drive that far I'm not doing it for 30 minutes of sweating. If you workout at home you probably have a different view, I'm just stating what works in my world. I get up early, the gym opens at 5 so I'm there when it opens and I stay until it's time to get ready for work, so usually 90 minutes of working out 6 days a week. You can TOTALLY have results doing less of course, my sweating sessions are not just about my body - they are my friend time, my girl time, my own time, my time to focus on the day ahead, it's ME time. Going to the gym is fun for me, so of course I try to squeeze in as much of it as I can!

and as promised here are a few of the newer tunes I'm playing while I sweat!


  1. OMG Love your music. I've gotta tell you my new favorite one to exercise to is by Moby. It's called Flower (bring Sally up bring Sally down) look up on you-tube- great song to do push-ups, squats, abs to... you'll know why when you hear it!!

  2. When you do cable workouts like this do you typically do it as a circuit and run through everything 3 times or do you do each exercise for 3 sets?

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