Food I Ate.

My 12 Week Challenge group was tasked with recording their weekend food intake, in pictures, I played along and got the good and the not so good.

Friday Madison left for the weekend to go visit my brother in Austin with my parents.

That left just me and my boys home for the weekend, Friday night I just knew Oliver was going to try to talk me into going out to eat so I made dinner as soon as I got home from work so I wouldn't be tempted.

A chicken burger, green beans, and Trader Joe's Risotto. Aiden loves meat so he was all over this meal.

Woke up early to hang out with this guy, he is obsessed with this chair and climbs up into it as soon as I walk away. 1 cup of coffee with sugar free creamer.

Since Madison was out of town, which meant no soccer game, I took a girls trip to Canton. We had a cool front come through so it was only a high of 96 hahahah. Trust me, every degree counts in Texas! I absolutely never bring the kids when it's this hot, I can't tell you how many tiny babies I saw out there IN THE HEAT, serious side eye, babies in strollers don't need to be out when it's close to 100 outside.

I'm very picky about who I go to Canton with, newbies want to stroll and look in every booth and it drives me insane. I know what areas I like to look in and I like to get it done, Jessica was so much fun to shop with so I had a wonderful time and found lots of good stuff! I even got myself my first pair of real grown up cowgirl boots!

We shared some fried pickles, so worth it. I also snacked on beef jerky while we shopped.

We shopped for 4sih hours and were both starving and dying of thirst by the time we left, pit stop at Buc-ee's the largest 'gas station' ever with so much fun stuff! We picked up some snacks, drinks, beer, taffy, and hit the road.

I bought the Turkey BBQ Sandwich, ate it, then logged it. I was pretty surprised it had 20g of fat in it, turkey is a lean meat, BBQ sauce is low fat and higher carb, and the bun did not seem buttered to me. I'm pretty sure the entry was not correct, but I left it because I knew if anything is was over estimated which is better under estimated.

Do not buy these, addictive and you will blow all your carbs, k?

When I got home the Bald One was sleeping {Oliver and Oma took him swimming all afternoon} so I picked up and cleaned the house. I had some friends coming over around 6 to take some product pictures for OMB. I snacked on my beef jerky, in hindsight I should've eaten a meal before they came.

Pictures took longer than anticipated so I ended up eating rotisserie chicken standing up at 9:30pm before calling it a night. I screwed it up and did not meet my macros, I was way under, poor planning on my part.

Well after Oliver {4 beers in} challenged me to a arm wrestling match, that I lost.

I bought a Proctor-Silex Sandwich Maker, trying to keep my diet full of variety to starve off boredom, after my early morning workout I made a wheat bread sandwich filled with cream cheese and crab meat, it was really good! I made one for Oliver too and even he liked it.

I bought these tiny bowls at Target and they are perfect for keeping close to my scale to weigh out individual items with out making a ton of dishes.

I did some OMB work, picked up the house again {Tinker toys seem to always be strewn about}, made some more food {Sugar Free BBQ sauce, turkey and cheese with Angies popcorn} and took a nap! That nap was short, sweet, and freaking amazing, I woke up right when Aiden got up from his nap and Madison burst through the door announcing she was home.

I snuggled this sweet child for a few minutes and then we all decided to go for an afternoon swim at my parents house.

Everyone wants to sit on my lap, can't help that I'm popular.

She's been stuck to my side more and more lately and I don't mind it one bit, my little mini me. We swam for a few hours and I sucked down water like it was going out of style, I didn't drink enough the day before and I could feel it. I was also crazy hungry all day, probably from under eating the day before, being consistent is so much better for my body!

Time to food prep and cook dinner, I decided to go with protein waffles this week and use up some of my chocolate Muscle Egg { 30g coconut flour, 32 gram protein powder, .5 cup muscle egg} I always put too much batter in the waffle maker the first round, that's gonna throw off my macros hahahha

Aiden like to find things he can play with and set up under the table, like we can't see what he's doing.

We still had chicken thighs left over from last weekends oops at the grocery store, someone recommended this 3 ingredient recipe to me for them, HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Easy and delish!! Sunday was better and I got in all my food, which is important to Monday's leg day performance.

I packed an embarrassingly large tote full of food to take to work today, but I'm looking forward to each meal I have planned so that's a win in my book.


  1. All these photos and none of the boots? Come on!

  2. So much fun stuff in today's blog! I always look forward to reading your stuff. Thank you! @lil_miss_driven

  3. The toasted coconut vanilla yogurt is my all time fave!!! Really good with a little bit of honey too!

  4. Pinning that thigh recipe for when I have apple juice on hand. You may have tried this already but chicken thighs are good as well lightly coated with EVOO, salt and peppered, and baked. Tastes kind of like fried chicken. I bake at 400deg and start checking the temperature at 15 mins until they are done.

  5. Try out the Nut Exactly made by Fisher. Macro's for 10 pieces (I half it) 150 calories, 9g fat, 16g carbs, 3 g protein.

  6. Salt Water Taffy. Yea, I see that in your bag. Yum yum!!!

  7. My mom goes to Canton every month (she's a vendor), I got to go with her a couple months ago and I was beyond overwhelmed. The amount of shops, vendors, booths, etc etc is INTENSE. I don't know how people see it all in one day, do they take a list of what they want or something? I get to distracted lol.

    1. I always love new food ideas....thanks so much! This Canton place looks awesome. You'd be giving me major side-eye though. With a husband who works in healthcare (think LOTS of weekends) & no local family support, I'd be a dang prisoner if I didn't schlep my kids around with me. And I live in AZ where it's 115 in Aug!!!


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