Exercising the Most Important Muscle of All.

Left 153 // right 149

The biggest difference from then to now is my boobs - a least a full size smaller - and my stomach is flatter.  
Measurements on left from when I was around 148 pounds doing mainly cardio. Red is now at 149
Arm {10.5} > 10.5 depending on flex level
Chest {34} > 33
Waist {28} > same
Hips  {38.0} > 36.5
Thigh {22} > 21.5
Calf  {15} > no clue forgot to measure
Then I found this gem from around that time {gotta love reading old blog posts!} Cardio on top of Cardio. Just trying to burn #allthecalories.
Sunday- 12.5 mile run {1450 calories}
Monday- 30 run 60 spin 15 weights {1000}
Tuesday- rest
Wednesday- 30 run 30 weights 60 spin {1150}
Thursday- 30 run 30 spin 60 body pump {1048}
Friday- 7 miles {750}
Saturday- 60 run\spin 60 body pump {1000}
Total- 6,398
Right now my workouts looks something like this...
Monday - Leg's for 80 minutes, sometimes I do 10 minutes of HIIT to warm up
Tuesday - Short run between 4 and 5 miles + upper body for 30 minutes
Wednesday - 20 minutes HIIT + Body Pump
Thursday - 30 minutes Spin + Weights usually full body. 
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Leg Day #2  + sometimes 10-15 minutes of HIIT to warmup
Sunday - 20 minutes cardio + Upper body 
I have no idea what I burn, I don't use my Polar anymore.
When they say willpower is a muscle they are so right! So many many times I get asked, 'how do I get started' and honestly there is no wrong way you just have to decide you want to do it and work at it. I have tried so many different way's to lose weight, and been 'successful' with most of them, I got to a 'hey I feel good about myself' weight and that was really my goal. 
Last night after dinner my macros were spot on, goal for the day achieved, but I can't tell you how obsessively I was thinking about this cookie's and cream protein bar I wanted to eat. I opened the bag, put it back, then walked off to do something else, and went back again just to put it back in the bag a second time. I told myself, you don't need it! I picked up the Bald One and distracted myself until bedtime with a baby wrestling match, that he won. When I woke up this morning my first thought was, I'm sure glad I didn't eat that bar yesterday. That was a definite workout of my will power. 
Over the years my will power has gotten stronger, when I first started I had a hard time resisting temptation and often failed, a lot. I've gotten much better control over my food now, but that came with trying new things and learning to prepare food I actually liked, of course you're going to hate 'healthy' food if it tastes like crap. 
{Speaking of healthy foods, my biffel @Poppy_Locks FINALLY released her Protein Pancakes E-Book!!  40 delicious protein packed pancake recipes with step by step instructions and pictures of the finished recipe ready to eat, a short guide on eating to fit your macros, and a special bonus recipe!} Honestly trying new foods - like protein pancakes has made all the difference for me. A first they seem complicated, but once I memorized the base recipe it was easy to get creative with the rest.

 One of the biggest things I struggled with was eating out, it was SO DAMN HARD to pick the healthiest item on the menu. I almost felt like it I was paying for it then I should enjoy it, but here and there I started to make better choices eating out and now I remember the feeling I get AFTER a meal or even the feeling I have the next day from not being all dehydrated and bloated from a greasy meal. I turned all those times here and there into a 99% of the time deal, worked my way up. I won't say NEVER, but if you are starting out then it's doubtful you'll be super determined and make the right choices every meal or every day, you have to work your way up, THIS is why they say all those small changes add up. You have to retrain your mind as much as you do your body. 


  1. you continue to amaze me -- get it girl.

  2. Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!! I go thru spurts where I have a rock solid will power and then I find myself slacking. Will power makes all the difference. I have to chose to exercise it daily!!!! Go girl!!!!!

  3. WOOT! Thank you for that! I always like to see how other people lay it out in real life. It's easy to SAY "oh, I go to the gym 3x a week" but to actually do it is a different thing. Figuring out what to do there is the hardest thing! I also struggle with the should I Body Pump or not but I LOVE Body Pump so I'm still doing it on Saturdays. Knowing that you look as good as you do and you do it makes me feel all the better about that choice! Thanks again!!

  4. I loved reading this! You look fantastic! My role model!

  5. I struggle with will power and my choices EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ugh. You da bomb. Totally getting poppylocks book.

  6. The thing I've always appreciated most about your blog/instagram is that you have never pretended to be perfect. You aren't always perfect and yet you've done amazing things! You inspire so many, thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  7. I am wondering if you use a tool to tack your micros ( like an app)? I have been trying to track on myfitnesspal but it isn't as user friendly to track that way. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  8. You look awesome!! Your an inspiration!!

  9. You look amazing!! How do you find your workouts? I need a plan I'm defiently a cardio queen!!

  10. This was the MOST adorable periscope ever. I cant wait to watch more. I haven't stalked you in a while, but hopefully I can change that now! You look amazing!


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