Beginner Booty Work

Me and this guy celebrated 8 years of marriage yesterday, I came home to flowers, a dirty card, and a sparkling clean house - all I ever wanted. Acts of service get me more than gifts, then we went out for a dinner I didn't have to cook. 

We also happened to get married on my Mom's birthday, it was seriously a wonderful day. Worth every penny of my parents money - that we have to pay back if we get divorced, hahahaha. 

Madison's been pretty MIA around the house lately, spending the night with one grandparent and then the other, Oliver's missing his buddy so he's on a mission to steal mine. I'd be worried, but Aiden literally walks around chanting, Mama Mama Mama. 

Anyways, let's move onto today's workout. Booty. 

This is my hardest area to see progress in, but the extra leg days are showing signs of life down there -  I notice a better indent from the cheek to the thigh - I'd like to see some shrinking in the saddlebag area but I'll be patient and keep working at it. 

Leg Day can seems very intimidating to some, you don't need to start out with a 45 pound plate in a squat rack! I started last year with body weight only, moved to dumbbells, a smith machine, then a squat rack.

The cable machine is a GREAT way to work at building your strength and super easy to use if you are a gym newbie. Just find the ankle strap and hook it up, put the weight super light and practice each exercise, then increase the weight for your next set, and so on. It goes super heavy so you have lots of room to grow while you get comfortable in the gym!

Here's a video of some of the exercises I do weekly on there.

Happy Sweating!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Thank for the leg workout, I need to incorporate some of the excises in my leg day routine.

  2. Now that is some perfect booty poppin' music ;)

  3. Hi Meg it's RaNae aka EweCreekCottage on IG thanks for sharing this it fits in perfectly with my plan for the next 30 days to move me closer to my goals. So glad you had a great anniversary I wish you many many more

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and your Happy Family!! I keep up with your blog and your IG, and I look forward to checking in everyday to see what you have to offer all of us!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Do you have suggestions for a leg/butt workout if I have no access to a gym?

  6. Happy Anniversary may God continue to bless y'all. LOVE the leg/butt workout, how many reps do you do?


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