Baby Got Back.

Twilight Sparkle graced me with her presence Friday night for some {whole wheat thin crust veggie} pizza, she proceeded to 'braid' my hair Frozen style while we waited for our food. She insists she wants to grow her hair out like mine now and won't get a back to school cut. She then spent the night at Mimi's house, they were having an early garage sale the next day and  she wanted to run it {for a full 3.5 minutes}.

Oliver had to work Saturday so I got up for an early morning solo run, which I killed! I haven't been running very much {it's hot} and I was pretty surprised to see my pace still holding strong even when it's 85 degrees at 6am, the coldest part of the day is right before the sun comes up, every degree helps. The first 3 miles were hills and more hills, the last three were flatter, but I had some negative splits with my last mile being an 8:42. 

Strawberries are so sweet and delish right now I can't help but crave them on some pancakes! Topped with some Jif Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake Spread, I put together a little video on how I do my toppings, protein pancakes are all about the right toppings!

The Bald One and I went to Mimi's for a swim, but he was much more content to hang out inside than at the pool - y'all it's so freaking hot it's almost unbearable. August is the worse month to live in Texas and I can't wait for it to be over already.

Us girls had a great time swimming and listening to music, I sent Madison inside for some drinks {It's SO NICE having a child old enough to go fetch stuff LOL} and she told me Mimi and Aiden were gone.

Aiden refuses to sleep anywhere except his crib, it's pretty convenient that my parents live 4 miles down the street.

Oliver got off just in time to come along to Madison's indoor game, she scored 4 goals! Then we all met up with Aunt Katie, she told us she broke up with her boyfriend {again, we need some single match up helps here!} and Madison started crying that she couldn't be the rose pedlar, I was so confused and then I realized she meant flower girl LOL - I told her not to tell Aunt Katie that - she's not a fan of all of us marrying her off to whatever guy she dates, but we liked him.

We stopped for cupcakes on the way home to celebrate Mimi's birthday and these two passed out within 20 seconds of being in the car.

Of course they were wide awake and ready to celebrate after that power nap, I was exhausted and had a throbbing headache which I attribute to the heat. I put the baby to bed and went to be myself around 9:30.

Sunday I slept in until 6:30 and had a small breakfast before cleaning out the fridge in prep of grocery shopping, I sometimes get lazy and don't do that first and end up regretting it when I buy double of something.

I had to wait and wait for the Bald One to wake up, he slept until 9am, then we hit the grocery store while Oliver and Madison hung out and played games together.

Madison ended up back at Mimi's at some point and my Mom sent me this picture, she just goes and goes, poor thing. I put Aiden down for a nap and Oliver down in front of a movie so I could sneak out for a quick boat trip with my running group.

I should've known I was in for an adventure when she went to drop the anchor over the side only to realize it wasn't tied on to the rope, I will forever remember her face at that exact moment! hahahahhaha.

All of these ladies are just so much fun to be around, lots of laughter and drinks flowing from the lake that afternoon. I tried tequila in a bottle of peach crystal light, holy cow, SO GOOD. I'm not a big drinker, but I could be on board with that bottle of fun, it was like chugging water. We had a little problem with the boat, almost had to be rescued by {hopefully cute} fireman {on boats}, I even busted out the good old tool box and put my skills with a screwdriver to good use.

It was sweltering hot, 106 that day, so we had to get in the water. They all laughed at me putting this life vest on as a diaper, Meredith snapped a pic and my first thought was PLEASE GOD DO NOT POST THAT ON FACEBOOK. Y'all know I'm sensitive about my backside, but I didn't say anything, I don't want to be THAT girl who complains about her body. She texted me the pictures {such a good friend!} and I was pleasantly surprised at how OK I was with them!

Finished off the night with a few bites of Madison's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, she's such a good girl to share with her Mama!

Gave the Bald One a bath because I'm not sure a swimming pool counts, he loves bath time and swimming so much, he even put his entire head under water at the pool!

Packed up food, clothing, and toiletries so I can do it all over again this week. Happy Monday!


  1. I told you that Jif Cheesecake stuff was amazing

  2. Could you tell me again what is in your pancakes?

  3. OK, please tell me why your pancakes are so fluffy and mine look like crepes :(

  4. I'm sure skinny meg has mentioned this before ... What protein mix does she use to make those yummy pancakes ?


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