Another First Day.

Friday we stopped on the way home to pick up supplies for some good ole homemade pizza, Madison insisted on carrying in the the groceries - all at once - hahahah must be something women are born with, MUST GET ALL BAGS IN ON ONE TRIP. 

Big hit with the bald one, he has a very particular palette for sure, for breakfast he prefers smoked salmon to pancakes. Only my kid would cry for 20 dollar fish, like our grocery bill is high enough, I blame his Father.

Saturday my parents came and took my children, Oliver and I used it as a day date to get some errands done in half the time, alone. We had to go to the bank, then lunched, finally the grocery store. Exciting huh?? If you have a Kroger near you I highly suggest you try the Cilantro Chicken {I heard the Mango was amazing too!} it's so delish and I used that for my lunches this week. 

Oliver took Madison to her soccer game that evening {she scored 5 goals!}, Aiden and I hung out to take some pictures for OMB. We are working on a game plan for a large office/studio space and it can't happen fast enough, my house keeps feeling smaller and smaller with all the clothing I have in the front half of it!

Finished up just as Oliver got home and we went out to dinner, good thing I had a skinny Rita because the food was terrible. When I order a side of veggies I expect a heaping pile, they literally put 3 brussel sprouts on my plate - what in the heck?!? This place isn't cheap either so it was pretty disappointing, the do have amazing breakfast though!

Sunday The Bald One woke up with a red eye - I freaked out thinking it was pink eye, I was washing my hands every 5 minutes! It seemed to get better as the day went on and no goop, guessing it's just irritated he does love to shove his fingers in the ears and eyes.

We just hung around the house doing OMB stuff and cleaning until it was time for soccer. Let me just say it's a terrible idea to start the season in August and then to make games at 3pm! I felt like death, but I was glad to play again after the rainout that was our last season.

We went to my Mom's for dinner, kabob's on the grill, so good! Our grill is broken and we need a new one, I've been missing grilling food all summer. 

After we got home I took a bath with both kids, Aiden's feet are some stinky little baby boy feet for reals! Wow. This year I told Madison she was responsible for getting her lunch together in the morning. I helped her food prep, she got to choose {within reason} what she wanted to pack and if she eats all her food Monday through Thursday she is allowed to buy her lunch {or have Daddy bring her Subway and have lunch with her} on Fridays. 

I bought her Happy Lunchboxes - Set of 4 and Insulated Lunch Bag - Candy Stripes. She packed all the boxes and I made her a special spot in the fridge to put all her items, she has to be sure to repack her lunch bag each day. I'm hoping that by letting her do it herself she'll eat what she packs, I hate when her lunch bag comes back with food still in it, I feel like she's going to starve!

All of us Mom's had to get in the gym super early, 4:30am today, so we could be home in time for the first day circus. I was pretty shocked SOME showed up that early LOL

She has a wonderful teacher this year and her class only has 13 kids in it, she's going to LOVE that, my little teacher's pet. She's going to a new school this year, the elementary is right next to the middle and high school, so drop off was a nightmare. I can't wait to hear all her stories this evening!


  1. Awww I love her little "first day" sign! Is that the one your mom made for her?

  2. I love that Madison's favorite color is Rainbow! Sounds like my daughter at her age. Congrats on the first day of First Grade!

  3. OK Seriously can your Mom sell those signs!!! I want one :)

  4. What all did Madison put in her lunch? My daughter is the same age and she is learning to pack her lunch too so looking for ideas. Your kids are so cute!!! Thanks!

  5. Love your blog so much!!! Your friends workout pants, so cute, can you tell me what brand they are? I'm a lover of all pink!

  6. Madison looks so big. Where did you get her backpack? I love the little bald one with his hand on your leg :-)

  7. That sign is so cute! Your mom is very talented! Have her open an Etsy shop pretty please? :)


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