A little Dance Cardio + Triceps

I found some really cute good quality workout gear when I was at market, some came in yesterday, total gym motivation! The tanks already sold out again, I'm going to call and beg to see if I can get a few more for those of you who missed it again. My gym gave us notice that they were dropping Body Pump, so freaking upset about this! I stay at this gym for the people and Body Pump, but if they are going to cheap out on paying the license fees then I'll take my hard earned money else where, they have no plans to replace the class with anything I'd want to do. 

I found these on Pinterest, such a fun way to get in a bit of cardio either at home or at the gym! Periscopers last night requested a tricep workout so here you go! I had to make 2 separate videos because of the orientation of the camera, sorry!

Tricep kick backs to warm up, I'm using a 12 pound weight I think, but start lighter and go heavier with each set. 

Tricep push into an overhead pull - I'm using a 40 pound bar. 
Tricep skull crushers - 3 sets of increasing weight - I went 10,12,15 
Tricep Dips

I also came across this master list of popular restaurants and a listing of the very best macro friendly meals {which means high protein lower carbs/fats}. Totally pinnable for reference when you are eating out, don't blow all your fats for the day on one meal! You can find the full blog post over at The Macro Experiment!


  1. That link is ah-ma-zing! Thank you!

  2. Meg I wasn’t aware of The Macro Experiment site and I am so super excited to look at this restaurant master list!!!! Thank you for sharing this super helpful reference material!!!! :)

  3. This is awesome!!! Thank you for the wonderful information on the macros for eating out. How do you find out macros for recipes?

  4. Ok. I hate to ask one of "those" questions...but I can't find the answer.

    I've been following your struggle with headphones. What are you using now? You seem to be happy with them so I was going to try them out.

    Help a gal out! 👍

  5. Hey Meg! I'm Cait from the macro experiment! Thanks so much for sharing the list, I had a lot of people telling me that "skinny meg" shared this post so I looked you up and WOW I love your blog! <3 Much love!!


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