10 Mile Run + Food

Saturday I got up at 4:20 to meet up with a group for a 5am run, some split off at 6 miles, but I decided to stick with the others who were doing 10. It's been a while since I've had a long run, it rained on us for most of the run, I was unprepared for it and wish I had brought a visor to wear. 

I am SO glad I decided to wear my FlipBelt, if I had worn my arm band my phone would surely be ruined. I stopped wearing my Flip Belt a while ago, the cord coming out to my headphones was always bugging me, but now that I run with my Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones it's the perfect solution! The headphones are perfect for running, they are flexible enough that I can have one in my ear and hoot the other in my bra strap so I can hear others talking around me, which in a group is important so you're not rude hahahha. I hate running without music!

Later that morning I meet up with some friends, including Poppy Locks, and had brunch at the Fatted Calf. She was lucky enough to get to work out with Layne Norton a few weekends ago and I needed to hear every detail! So jealous, they lifted weights and talked about macros, then had lunch at Fuddruckers. Anyways, the Strawberry Mimosas were amazing, followed by the breakfast sliders, perfect Saturday brunch.

Madison had a late afternoon indoor soccer game, she scored 3 goals! The girls got a good foot on her too, we just bought a large soccer goal for the backyard, Lifetime Soccer Goal with Adjustable Height and Width, time to get some daily practice in and work on that foot work. After the game I bought her a little Dippin' Dots that was red and told her to be careful and don't spill it. OF COURSE, she gets it all over her dress and starts crying that it was her favorite pony dress, sigh. We were going to Home Goods anyways so I told her she could pick out a new dress. She obviously is a mini me, picking out 6 outfits to try on, then when I was helping her in the dressing room she told me I was like the Fairy Godmother and she was the princess. LOL.

We all decided to meet up in downtown McKinney for dinner, we wanted to try a new place called Harvest. You really need reservations to eat there, but we got there early enough and snagged some seating in the outdoor part, it's just so freaking cute there!

It's a Farm to Table concept, so the menu is full of yummy choices and I had a hard time deciding! We started with a beet salad, I had no idea that I loved beets, but it was freaking amazing!!! It had yellow beets / fried spinach / Deep Ellum blue cheese / red quinoa. I really need to recreate this at home.

Then for dinner I had the Creole Pan Seared Shrimp  - Carolina gold dirty rice / spinach / celery / baguette. Delish! If you're local you need to try, you won't be disappointed.

By the time we got home this guy was done, his little fat cheeks are just, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I could cry looking at his little baby face.

Sunday I slept in until 7:30, which annoyed me, I just feel like I can't get everything done in the day if I sleep in that late! I finally had to wake Aiden up at 8:45 so we could get to the grocery store and back home to prep food before I had soccer. I had to buy new soccer shorts this year so I went ahead and bought a new bag too, the other was pretty smelly, I may have forgotten to take out wet socks from last season. Oops.

After soccer I had to take photos for the new arrivals, this is Madison's favorite part of the weekend. She runs off and changes her outfit in between every picture, I love her leg pop and sass. Then we eat dinner and meal prep her lunches for the week before falling into bed exhausted and ready to do it again this week.

Tomorrow I'll share my meal prepping with you!


  1. Great weekend! Super model right there!! She looks adorable in those dresses!

  2. I know you said paige did your macros but i cant find her info anywhere. Do you mind sharing?

  3. I know you said paige did your macros but i cant find her info anywhere. Do you mind sharing?

  4. I would love to see how your meal prep wit Madison is going (I know it's only the second week though) what kinds of things do you have her pack? Does she have the same lunch for 4 days? My daughter's school does pizza on Fridays so that is her hot lunch day.


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