What I ate on vacation.

Vacation is hard on weight loss, I personally feel torn between 'enjoying' myself and not wanting to come home feeling like complete shit. The hardest part for me is the car rides, all I want to do is munch on stuff, not carrots either. I was totally unprepared for the car trip, I was so busy trying to get stuff done in OMB that I didn't even pack until the night before - for everyone. So my lack of planning had me snatching up every protein filled item I could find at gas stations.

Egg white and veggie omelet with unbuttered wheat toast for breakfast. I totally packed my sprializer and grabbed some sweet potatoes from the store once we got there, added some grilled chicken. Hotel free breakfasts are usually the worst, one hotel has ZERO PROTEIN. What the?!

I indulged a bit, ice cream topping that list a few days, in a waffle cone even.

Then there were times I passed on the sweets for a lower calorie option. Overall I came close to hitting my macros 6 out of 9 days, even on the 'off' days I stayed within my calorie range. Now, this is just what works for me, when I eat poorly it really affects my mood and I just feel negative about my body so I try to stick with some sort of fleixble plan of adding in a few vacation 'foods' without going crazy and having my hand in a potato chip bag all week {cause I've already been there}damn sour cream and onion Lay's.

OBX a few years ago
 It's hard to disconnect food from fun, but I try really hard to not think that I'm missing out on anything by not picking a burger and fries just because everyone else is.

This is very true for me, I just love the way I feel all day after a great workout! I swear on rest days I'm sluggish and tired despite getting extra sleep. I did workout about every other day while on vacation, nothing crazy just some running mostly, 55 degrees every morning is a sin to waste when it's 80 and humid by 5am in Texas.

We stayed right on the lake on top of a bluff, those hill repeats where no joke, but even Madison wanted to get in on the action with me. She insisted we run holding hands and about the 5th time up she had to poop, not the first time my running partner has had to GORIGHTNOW.

This was my perceived level of effort for the work week when I came home, but alas I bucked up and food prepped around 9pm the night before I had to be back at work.

Nothing fancy, just cooked up a sweet potato and chopped broccoli with some chicken - separate containers to take to work.

Outfit via OMB

All in all I came home weighing the same as when I left, but HOLY CRAP was I sore after that first workout, I'm talking I could barely sit! I only was out of the gym for about 10 days, it's been a long time since I was this workout hungover. I felt like crying when I foam rolled today.

Muscle Fuel from Advocare

A week without any preworkout is good for you, makes them that much more effective if you 'deload' for a while - I killed it this morning {{heart eye emoji}}


  1. Congrats on no weight gained over vacation! That is a huge victory!! I always hate coming home and having to do damage control. Have a great week!

  2. Woot Woot! My last vacation I really watched everything and actually came home 1 pound lighter! Also, your booty and thighs look AMAZING in those pink pants!!!! You might not think you are shrinking there but girl you totally are. Keep rocking it! You are so inspiring!

  3. Vacations are tough, so way to go sticking so closely to your macros! Also, I love that Madison wants to run with you. I wish I had gotten into running at a young age.

  4. Ok, what's the secret with cooking a sweet potato quickly? You made it sound like you could just throw it together...clearly I need a pointer ☺

    1. I poke holes in it and microwave for 8 mins (rotate at 4min)

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