Tuesday Cardio + Protein Finds

On Tuesday's we run, my running motivation has been super low which I'm chalking up to the heat. We all decided to run track this morning, it's a way for us all to run 'together' with out anyone getting left behind. Two of us showed up at 4:45 for the 2 miles warm up and the parking lot was completely empty. Strange, there are usually at least 15 other people there, sometimes more! I just assumed they were out running somewhere else, so we took of for a out and back 2 mile loop while we waited for the others to show. Then at 5 we hit the track and about 20 minutes later some of the girls rememebers they were fogging the area for mosquitoes, so here's hoping I don't die later today. We finished off our cardio at the Y.

30 Second Sprints.{adjust speed to your level}
7.5 incline 1 
7.8 incline 1
8.0 incline 1
8.5 incline 1
9.0 incline 1
8.0 incline 3
8.0 incline 3.5
7.5 incline 5
7.5 incline 5
7.5 incline 6
7.5 incline 6
7.5 incline 7
8.5 incline 1
9.0 incline 1
9.5 incline 1
10.0 incline 1
3.5 incline 14
3.5 incline 15
4.0 incline 15
cool down 1 minute

I've been using Arginine Extreme before my cardio sessions, it helps to open up your blood flow to give you increased stamina and I've really noticed a difference when I use it. I feel less fatigued after my cardio which helps me lift afterwards.

 Then some upper body: 3 sets of{6 to 10} depending on the weight used.

Chest Press
Upright Row
Side Raises
Underhand Row {heavy}
Tricep Kickbacks
Bent Over Row {heavy!}
Lat Pull Downs
Bicep Curls / hammercurls / bicep pulses 
Pushups on your toes, then drop to your knees and burn your arms out

I have to say I was pretty annoyed this morning at a lady who made a comment about me grunting while I was lifting. It was heavy and I was pretty far from where she was, it's a gym, not a library. I almost prefer lifting with men, they are a heck of a lot nicer than women in the gym, which is sad. When I see someone doing something awesome in the gym I compliment them, THAT'S the girl I want to be. If I see someone trying to figure out a machine, I offer to help. I don't make rude comments about someone I don't even know.

Anyways, lets talk about food. I'm still on my BBQ chicken kick, but my no sugar BBQ sauce did not come in yet - boo on you Amazon Prime. 

Got this marinade at Kroger, has no fats, carbs, protein, I dumped it in with the chicken for 4ish hours in the crockpot.

 It doesn't have a ton of flavor so after it cooked I weighed out 500g {100g each day for lunch} then weighed out 5 servings of this low carb one I found at Kroger. Boom. Lunch is served. 

 Last night I ended up with about 1000 calories left for dinner, yikes. I cooked up some turkey meat, taco seasoning, and kale for some homemade nachos. Kale in spicy dishes is pretty amazing, a favorite of Aidens!

I know I've been over sharing my new found love of protein pancakes, I just really really hope to inspire some of you to get in more protein! You don't have to shovel meat in your mouth all day to achieve it either, lots of FUN ways to get in that magic macro. I firmly believe that focusing on your protein daily can yield so many benefits for a most of you!

Here are a few things I've ordered and can't wait to incorporate into my diet!

I hear the flavor on this Snickerdoodle Protein is pretty damn good, here's a recipe I want to try!

11g of protein per serving, yes please! Buff Bake - Protein Nut Butter Snickerdoodle

I've never used Creatine, I honestly stayed away from it after hearing women talk about how it makes you gain weight, but after reading an article on the benefits of using it during a cut to keep your muscles from deflating I thought I'd give it a try. Pure Micronized Creatine. What is worse, a few pounds of water weight or losing all the muscle I've worked so hard for? We shall see, I'm going to take 3g/daily.


  1. I can't wait to follow you and see what you think of the creatine!

  2. Thank you for the tips again. I am so going to try that protein powder in Snickerdoodle and Blondie!! I "used to" love making peanut butter blondie cookie bars - and eating like a trillion of them. I hope this protein powder will make me not miss those sweets as much, and giving me 27 g of protein - hello!!

  3. I LOVE Stubb's sauces and marinades.

  4. Don't let that mean lady get to you... You are amazing and truly and inspiration. Some people just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

  5. What kind of chips did you use for the nachos?

  6. The mean lady should move her membership to Planet Fitness. I'm not bashing the gym AT ALL, but they don't allow grunting there, right? What is wrong with people?! I wish you could live with me and cook for me. I'd eat anything you put in front of me :))


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