Summer Vacation 2015. We survived.

We left Saturday around 5am for a 14.5 hour car ride to South Bend, Indiana where I am from to see my Dad's side of the family. As you can see Twilight was less than thrilled to be up and awake before dawn, you'd think that would mean she'd sleep in the car, but no.

Y'all hat from Ollie Marie - glasses from Far Out
In fact, both kids were on a sleep strike and even the Bald One cat napped here and there the entire day. Madison kept asking, 'how many more miles?' and 'how far are we from Texas?' over and over again, finally when the baby was done we exited the first exit to a brand new Best Western for early bedtimes after a little swim. BW has the best freaking beds, so comfy!!! 

We had about 4 hours left the second day and finally made it to the cabin which is right on Lake Michigan. If you've never been to the Lake I highly suggest it, just beautiful and the water is so clean, plus nothing is going to eat you. We met up with our family, Madison plays shy for a minute until she warms up, they range in age from 11-18, but she had the time of her life hanging out with them! Plus it's nice for me, they are old enough to watch her without my supervision. 

My Mom really wanted to go for two days to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island which was about 4 hours from us, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we literally almost drove to Canada. It was a fun experience, but too much damn driving.

The weather there is a lot cooler than Texas, the highs were in the 70's, but I highly enjoyed it, we get more than enough heat where we live. 

She really enjoyed the beach, we even found a gorgeous piece of driftwood to take home, you know Oliver was thrilled to carry that around town all day.

See how light it is outside? It doesn't get dark until almost 11 there, which really throws off your sleep and meal times. Madison stayed up playing chicken in the pool until almost midnight, that's why it's nice to have older cousins I was in bed long before that with the baby.

The next day we took the ferry across to the island, no cars or vehicles of any kind are allowed on it! That really threw me, I mean in the Winter they have to get tons of snow, how do you get groceries?? How do they build houses?? How to you transport a baby around?? People live here all year long too, in fact a friend of my Mom's does and she uses a snow mobile in the winter. Anyways, we rented bikes and biked the 8 miles around the island, so much fun!! Madison just LOVED it! 

Play shorts from Sew Foxxy.

He loved riding on the back of the bike, I wish we had a bike trail close to my house I'd buy a bike just to take him around. 

By the time we got back to the hotel I just wanted to sleep, but Oliver and the rest of them were hungry - at 9:30pm which is way past Aiden and my bedtime. He was so grouchy I let him do whatever he wanted while we waited for the food - LOL. #sorrynotsorry 

We were so worried about how he was going to sleep and honestly it was not even an issue, he was so tired every night he passed out anywhere! We usually got double beds, Aiden and I in one and Madison and Oliver in another.

We drove the bridge to the UP part of MI and had lunch, then hit a fun park on the way back down to get the kids tired. 

Top from OMB - pants from Banana Republic

The next day Oliver and the men took some of the kids and went golfing, Mom and I took the smaller kids to the outlets in Michigan City. I found some super cute items really cheap, they have some awesome deals on summer clothing for 'end of year' hahahha our summer lasts well into November in Texas. 

Then we took the kids down to the beach, Aiden absolutely LOVED the sand, he kept trying to eat it though - such a weird kid. When Madison was his age she hated it and cried if she got it on her, not him, he kept sticking his lips in it. 

The rest of the week was filled with fishing and relaxing. 

Downtown St. Joesph, MI is a fun area if you've never been. Shopping, food, water park, carousal, and a nice beach with a playground.

Lots of hanging out and beer drinking.

Also - Silver Beach Pizza - so so good! 

He was in fishing heaven, it's nice when you have Uncles who have big boats :)

Dress from Sew Foxxy!
We went to South Haven a few towns down for their 4th of July parade, nothing beats a small town parade!! We had a blast!! The best moment of the week happened here, Madison was a few feet in front of me where they were throwing candy and I saw her give candy, not once, but twice, to a little boy who wasn't as fast and didn't get any. My sweet girl, nothing makes me happier than to see her be kind even when she doesn't think anyone's watching!!!!

Little Man was getting pretty worn out by the end of the week, falling asleep on me several times. He was teething so badly the entire week, two bottom molars coming in, he refused to eat pretty much any food so we had to resort to formula again because I was worried about him not getting enough in.

 By Saturday he was running a fever, it felt hotter than a small teething fever, but he was acting ok if just a little fussy, but you can see it in his eyes and cheeks. We skipped the fireworks and took him back to the cabin, I slept with him in only his diaper and barely slept because I just kept touching him to  see how hot he was, finally around 3:30 I told Oliver to just pack the car so we could head home.

There was a lot more sleeping on the way back, but it was still a crazy long car ride, it's hard when you have to stop for long periods of time for the kids. I think 10 hours is my limit from now on, or at least until they are both old enough to watch an iPad, I can only play 5 finger bingo so many times :)


  1. It's so great to hear someone from outside of Michigan talk about how great it is :) I've lived here my whole life and can't imagine moving away. I'm glad to hear you all had a great time!

  2. I was born & raised about 20 miles from Mackinaw City. I worked there for about 6 summers & worked on the island for a summer as well. The beauty of northern Michigan is just unreal.

  3. Goodness! I knew I was going to miss your posts, but damn! I was starting to get the shakes! I'm so glad that y'all had such a great vaca and the bald one slept pretty decently for you! I can't wait to take a good, long vaca. But that will have to wait until next year since my husband just started at a new job! Boo!!

  4. I'm actually from Valparaiso, IN and beach days at Lake Michigan and trips to the outlet mall bring back good memories ;) Silver Beach Pizza's recipe is actually based off of Gelsosomo's Pizza in NW Indiana (my fav and we get it every time we visit home)!

  5. I am with Tatianna. I was very sad without your posts. Please don't ever go away for that long again!! ;-) I love reading about your vacation. The good and the ugly! Makes me relate to you so well! I have that ya'll hat. I love it! It looks better as it becomes more worn!

  6. So glad you were able to take a - much deserved - break!!! :)

  7. How cool that you were up at Mackinaw! I got married at the Little Stone Church (just down the hill from the Grand Hotel) and we absolutely love doing the bike ride around the island!. Glad you took the time to visit my lovely state!

  8. So awesome to read about your adventure here in my neck of the woods! I work in South Bend, live across the border in Michigan.

  9. I just discovered your blog and I am absolutely in love with it... Maybe it's cause my little guy looks a lot like your bald one ;) thank you for all your inspiration!

  10. That was one loooong ride. I had to peek at your post...we have a year round second home on Diamond Lake, not too far from South Bend so I' sure you know of it. We have been to St, Joe and South Haven (my fave lake town) many times. Just sort of cool to know we might have crossed paths.

    Aiden has grown! So cute--both kids!

    Jane x

  11. I just can't get over Madison's style. LOVE IT!


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