Shoulders + HIIT

Awwwwwwwwwww look what popped on my TimeHop from 5 years ago! I so remember that day, I just got back from bootcamp and I was feeling so good about my progress, I was pretty close to hitting my prepregnancy weight of 185 {this was after Madison}. Back then my weight loss routine was, burn all the calories I could and eat as little as I could manage, while that is not ideal {and definitely not sustainable for long term} it's all I knew at the time and it got me headed in a direction that wasn't up. 

I'm just glad my choice in workout clothing has improved, I used to throw on just any tank or tshirt. I just got these Flare Tanks in and they are little more expensive than I normally buy, but that fabric is to die for, the best fitting tank I own for sure, plus the print is beautiful! They had a pink one I didn't buy, but I may have to fix that :)

I recorded a shoulder video for y'all today, shoulders are the gateway to gorgeous arms - shoulders, triceps, then biceps -  according to me that is.

Pick your reps based on the amount of weight you use, less reps for heavier weights - or increase weight each round - no wrong way to work it out! FYI I sped up the video for time reasons, but do a slow and controlled movement when you are completing the reps!!

I also made a fun little cardio HIIT on the Stairmill - 20 minutes

1 to 2 min warmup
3 to 7 brisk pace NO HANDS
8-14 pick up the speed a bit and skip a step
15 - 20 Heart bursting sprints. 30 seconds at top running speed {adjust for your level!} and 1 minute of slow stepping letting your heart rate come down. 

Ok, go have some sweaty fun!


  1. Your transformation has been absolutely amazing. I've been following long enough to know how hard you worked and it's so inspiring to see how far you've come. :)

  2. You inspire me! You are totally my girl crush!

  3. You look great! I've been lifting weights (21 Day Fix Extreme) for the last 5 months and I'm down 15 lbs since September 2014 with 21 DF and PiYo!

  4. Just awesome! Thank you for the inspiration and making me believe that it is all possible.

  5. Wow! You should be proud of your hard work. I admire you and think it's great you're showing your daughter how to live a healthy life :)

  6. Holy schmoly!! Incredible!!

  7. Beautiful.. so inspiring i have followed u since ur 2nd pregnancy and u have always maintained very humble ty for all u share.

  8. You are amazing!!! And your hips??? What hips? They are gone. You should be so proud of yourself as I know you always mentioned wanting to lose more there! Keep Rockin' It!

  9. Wow! Your progress is amazing!! You look fab!!

  10. Your arms looking amazing in that video!!!!!!!! :):) thanks!!

  11. You look amazing as always - thanks for the constant motivation and especially the videos. I love how you speed them up, you are just the best for all of us!! Love!! :)

  12. I love working shoulders, and I love around the worlds!

  13. Man, you are looking amazing. SERIOUS inspo. But that stairmill...That + me = ER.


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