Raspberry Chocolate Protein Crepes.

Friday night my parents wanted to surprise Madison by picking her up from camp to go see Inside Out, which they all RAVED about so I'm kinda sad I didn't get to go, but the bald one and I had a nice time hanging out just the two of us. Until he bit me. Madison was never a biter so I didn't really know what to do, I put him in timeout then realized he's probably still too young for that, hahaha, I'm a little rusty on the baby/toddler stage. He's so sensitive, he does not like to be in trouble and he actually listens when I tell him no. Now every time he hugs my leg I tense up thinking he's going to take a chunk out of my flesh.

After baby bedtime I spent a few hours unpacking inventory and getting shipments ready, I try not to make many plans on the weekends any more, OMB has been really busy {SO THANKFUL!} and we spend all of our free time keeping up. 

Oliver wasn't scheduled to get home until later Saturday afternoon, so I waited until Aiden woke up before going to the gym, him and Madison both enjoy the kid area there so they go play while I get a workout in and then we go home eat and they nap. 

We had some friends over for a while, the kids pulled out every toy we had, but that's ok cause Daddy's coming home. Aiden is getting much better at being around other kids, he is such a little people hater and it will break my heart if he cries every day when he starts preschool 2x a week in September. 

Tank from Ollie Marie.
It was 500 degrees outside, so we decided to do an early dinner at a local restaurant near the lake that has a water feature. Madison was there for about 4 minutes before she came running up holding another little girls had and showing off her brother, loves to make friends, my little lover girl!

Finished off the night with a little fro-yo, they were nice enough to put the nutritional stats on the wall for me :) I got the non-fat topped with crushed oreos, I'm pretty good at guessing crushed oreos since I eat them at home.

Sunday I went for an early run and some upper body, then hit the grocery store, ALONE. It's much more relaxing to go it alone and before the crowds! Effing Oreo people, but I resisted, my cut is going so well right now. 

I attempted something new for breakfast, recipe via Poppy Locks

Coconut flour tortilla

56g coconut flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
370ml egg whites (or 16 egg whites)
180 ml unsweet almond milk

Combine all ingredients and allow to sit for 5-7min for coconut to absorb moisture

Heat nonstick crêpe pan (don't use stainless steel...they stick 😳) to medium. Pour 1/3 cup batter into hot pan and "swirl" around to even out batter. Flip tortilla when edges begin to crust. Don't worry if they get crunchy as they will soften up again on the plate. Makes 12 tortillas. MACROS (per tortilla) 34 cal 0.8f/3.2c/3.2p

***This was my first attempt at making these - 1. mine made 6 tortillas the first few were too thick {still good!} but you need very little batter to shake around the crepe pan. 2. It's SUPER runny, but will thicken up in about 5 minutes. Threw me off, I thought I had misread the 16 egg whites LOL

Filled with Chocolate Raspberry Greek Yogurt, topped with {Chocolate Eclair Protein powder, almond milk, and xanthan gum to thicken it - just beat them together for a minute or so} TruWhip and raspberries. 59g protein right here! 

This one kept sneaking over to steal my berries. 

Oliver promised Madison a lunch date to Chili's before he left. Back story - about a year ago he had taken her there before they went to a movies, well I guess the food was just terrible and he came home and went on and on about how gross the food was, and then for the next year every time we drove past a Chili's he would complain about the food again. Well a few weeks ago Madison said 'Mommy I need to tell you something, I liked the food at Chili's' this child has been guilt ridden for the last year, agreeing with Oliver every time he brought it up because she loves her Daddy so much she didn't want to disagree with him. I told her she can always have her own opinion, Daddy loves her even if she doesn't agree with him. SO Oliver told her he would give it a second chance just for her. 

I stayed home, used a left over breakfast crepe to make lunch, fancy huh?

Dress comes in Small - 3xl - Oynx dress
We have so much inventory turnover that I have to take pictures every weekend, my model backed out last minute so I had to buck up, curl my hair and promote Oliver from shipping department to photographer. I'm pretty impressed with his skills, guess I'll keep him around :) I always feel a little awkward modeling my own stuff, I don't know why. Too much SkinnyMeg I guess.

Have to finish off the weekend with a little swimming and free dinner at Mimi's house, usually after food prepping I'm over cooking so I let her do it :)

I wasn't keeping a close eye on my macros, but I've been highly motivated to keep on track over the weekends. Those crepes totally put me on track for my protein, a little too much hahahha. 

Those weeks I went to maintenance were so good for me, I'm seeing progress again. I'm putting a lot of thought into my food before I eat them, will this keep me full? Will this help me wake up proud tomorrow? Weekends are getting a bit easier for me, even adding in a meal out and some summer fro-yo. #iifymforever


  1. You look so good! I put my children on time outs but all of them are doing sitting on my lap facing away from me. I tell them they are on time out and set a time. Then after that's up I turn them around and say, "Let's talk" I discuss with them why they got the time out, what they need to do differently, and always tell them I love them. It was harder with Cameron than Daphne, but he still does well. He's almost three and will go sit on the couch for a time out when I tell him to. He's so funny though because before his time out was up he'd say, "Let's talk, Let's talk" LOL! Awwww I wish I lived closer...I would totally be a model for your clothes :( - Christy Danner

  2. Your hair looks awesome. The food looks delicious. You should always be the model, you wear it so well!


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