Oreo's for Breakfast.

Protein pancakes for breakfast this week has really made an impact on my stomach this week! These babies keep me full from 9:30 until 1pm which leave a lot more calories for later in the day when I have the munchies. They are the perfect amount of 'fun' food and superbly satisfying. 

I tried a new flavor of protein - Cellucor Peanut Butter Marshmallow Powder with Banana Caramel yogurt between each cake.
Topped with banana, Truwhip, Graham Cracker Crumbs, and Mini Oreos. 
All easily packed up and taken to work.

Sweet bald baby did not know what to think of my dark hair last night, then I put on my glasses {which I rarely do} and he kept looking at me like he had no idea who I was. I swear he couldn't get any more loveable, he defiently is Oliver all over again. As a child Oliver's nickname was Huggie, he was a hugger and Aiden is exactly the same way.

His favorite person to hug, he's constantly pulling her down to him, hold on my heart just exploded.

I've been dying to go dark for a while, I chickened out a bit last time and didn't go as dark as I wanted, but took the plunge this go round and I FREAKING LOVE IT. I can't remember the last time I've loved my hair this much, I left a bit of blonde in the front cause I like a tiny bit of drama to my hair.

Had a few questions on my weekly hair routine so here's what I do most weeks:

Sunday - wash at night, go to bed with it wet.
Monday - after my workout I blow dry it and usually wear it straight and silky.
Tuesday - after my workout I shower and only rinse around the hair line, then blow dry, dry shampoo {no fav just whatever I pick up} the rest of my scalp, and braid/curl
Wednesday - After my workout I wash, blow dry, wear straight.
Thursday - dry shampoo, curl
Friday - PONYTAIL DAY or awesome hair curling day.
Saturday - whatever, depends on my plans but most weekends my hair goes into a pony and stays there.

A few things, when my hair was shorter I had to wash and style DAILY, which only took around 12 minutes usually so no biggie. The longer it gets the less I have to wash it, in fact even on 2 day hair it still feels TOO clean, hard to curl and braid, dirty hair styles better. I also limit the products I use in my hair, I quit the mousse and lightly use some Kenra 25 to set and Argan Oil before I blow dry.

Yes I sweat like a man when I workout, but if I keep a loose pony on my head and rinse around the hairline it doesn't even feel dirty. Retraining your hair so you don't have to shampoo everyday is worth it, my hair has never ever been healthier - it's legit pet-able. Here's a good article on it and why shampooing daily can be damaging. When I hear people say, oh but it gets so greasy, that may be because it's over producing oils from being dried out from the shampoo.

I loved the BBQ Chicken I made for lunches last week, but found a highly recommend low sugar BBQ sauce and ordered it - hoping it's a keeper! Guy's Award Winning Sugar Free BBQ Sauce, It's never too early to think about what you're going to eat next week ;)

This is our weekend HIIT Challenge in my 12 week challenge group, but it's so cute and fun I had to share it here! Great way to get in a little cardio between sets, dance style

Ok, here it is! You guys asked for this song... And if you know us you know we DONT dance!! Soooo here is our WORKOUT version! And this is how you know we love yall! (Reana LeBlanc, Lisa Linch, Amy Swiney, Taylor Graves)Hit like if you thought our freestyle at the beginning was awesome. Don't forget to share with your friends, and send some more song suggestions our way!! Check out my page, Focus Fit With Britt for all the weekly updates!#getfitwithcallieandbritt #watchusnaenae #kindof
Posted by Brittany Culbertson on Wednesday, July 15, 2015


  1. I love the hair! It looks fantastic! I'm with you on the hair, I'm washing it 2 or 3 days a week. My hair is a lot longer and I've been practicing my french braids. I'm getting pretty good at it! I'm always thinking about next week's food because I don't want to burn out on one thing (like I did with special K bars. I just can't eat those any more.) I've been doing body pump 3 days a week for 2 months and my progress is lackluster. Next month, I"m going to start training for another half and I'll be taking body pump 2 days a week instead. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong in the class or maybe its a nutrition thing. Anyways, I love your blog and your instagram! (I'm no-reply right now, my email is estherdavison@gmail.com if you wanted to say hi. No biggie if you don't have time.)

  2. You are killing me with all these delicious pancakes!!

    1. I know, the pancakes!!!! Would you please fix me some for breakfast??!!!? I know I should get my butt in gear and do it, but for now - I just do Quest protein bars, cheese, and a banana for breakfast and mid-morning snack, then I meal prep and have homemade food for lunches and dinner.

  3. You are not alone in planning next week's food already. Meal planning is essential!

  4. that bbq sauce is bomb.. I ordered it a few months back!! I make meatloaf with it too instead of ketchup!! Love the hair!

  5. OMG! I Love Stanking leg! I will do this all weekend! And I only wash my hair 2x wk! Best condition ever! I rinse and add conditioner if needed on the other days!

  6. I agree, "dirty" hair is so much easier to fix! Day 2 and Day 3 hair always gets compliments while day 1 freshly washed hair never gets any love...lol!! You look great, love the new 'do too!

  7. Your hair is looking awesome!!! I love the HITT work out to that song. My little nieces and nephews were dancing to that song a few weeks ago and I had never heard it before but now it is everyone. I will have to try that HIIT out!

  8. Those pancakes look incredible! We're usually too hungry to wait to eat so as soon as we get home, we fix ourselves a bowl of crunchy cereal and devour it within minutes. Probably not the most nutritious meal but we try to make up for it at lunch and dinner. If only I had a stack of pancakes waiting for me when I got home from my morning work out. I should probably look into making them in advance and freezing them! The new hair colour looks fantastic on you! Love it!

  9. This one isn't sugar free, but have you tried Stubbs bbq sauce? The original flavor is only 4g of sugar per 2 tbsp. serving and it is sooo good. I actually like the sweet heat flavor the best but it's 8g of sugar; still low calorie though. http://www.stubbsbbq.com/products/

  10. I love that video so much! Gonna have to use it to warm up. That'll be quite a warm up with all those burpies. I'm a little scared. lol

  11. can you share your Protein Pancake recipe please!!


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