I Only Cried Twice.

Friday I went with friends to see Magic Mike, terrible for sure, one good dance scene, some funny parts, but I really just went for the company. Having girl friends is important and making time for them is sometimes hard, it's the first to fall off my list when I get busy. I didn't get home until 1am, way past my usual bedtime, but had a blast so it was worth it. 

Only 2 out of 4 of us showed up for Saturday spin, twinning at that! Oliver had to go out of town for work, left at 5am on Saturday. Now I totally get that he had to go for work, but he refused to fly because they had no night flights and he's terrified of flying and will only go if it's pitch black outside. So he drove. 21 hours each way AND he left early so he could get is 'some good fishing Sunday'. We just got back from vacation, my patience with 'fishing' has expired. I'll be honest I was cussing him in my head Saturday while trying to get everything done that needed to be finished.

Ollie Marie is a full time all weekend gig, there are SO MANY things I can't do during the week due to having to be at my full time job everyday. Which has been ok, but I've now learned it's not a one person job with 2 kids running around. 

My parent helped some, but they both have jobs and things to get done too and it's not fair to ask them to always help. By Saturday evening I'm pretty sure I hadn't sat down all day and my feet were throbbing when I fell into bed. Then I let Madison sleep with me and she legit kicked me all night, at one point I woke up with her feet in my face and her head at the end of the bed! Wild sleeper!! 

Sunday was even worse, every time I would try to accomplish one thing I would turn around to 2 more messes. I can't stand it when my house is messy, I feel like my entire life is falling apart. I said enough, packed up the kids to take to the spray park.

Don't worry about the blood stain, nothing was broken and all his pearly whites are still intact. 

We came home and had lunch then everyone passed out and it was my chance to fill orders! Logged on to the computer and realized the internet was down, you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I text Oliver and he tells me to unplug the router and plug it back it, sheesh. No go. So I do what always calms me, clean. 

Finally I called my Dad to come help, he gets it working and of course Aiden and Madison both wake up. In terrible moods. Madison is crying he cheek hurts, for 45 minutes and Aiden just whines whenever he sees me LOL. 

My Mom is a saint and comes over to make us dinner, one serving of pasta is so depressing though. The green beans where ahhhhhhmazing - I need to go buy more to eat this week. 

Then the printer won't install on the program I need, an hour later we get it working, and then it just won't print at all. Then I start to cry. Just needed to get it out. I started to worry that my entire week would be crap if I didn't get this worked out before I had to go to work on Monday. Got all the orders filled and realized I had nothing prepped for breakfast.

Busted out some protein pancakes for the next 3 days at 9:30pm, laid out some workout gear, then passed out.

I sure was tired this morning when my alarm went off, but I chugged my preworkout and decided to wake myself up before leg day with a heart bursting stair-master workout. Worked like a charm! 

Then this guy was giving me the sweetest hugs before I left, all is right in my life again. While I might seem like 'superwomen' to most of you, my life is all about teamwork and when my team member is gone it's just not the same.


  1. Glad you are starting to feel better today! No kids for me yet, but I know how it feels when life doesn't go as planned and you aren't able to bust a whole bunch of tasks off the good ol' to-do list.

  2. I can totally sympathize with you. If my house is a mess I'm a mess. I could be away from the house and all I can think about is the laundry on the floor or the dishes in the sink. I need a clean house to function. Also, I feel for you hubby......I'm not a fan of flying either. Although a 21 hour drive might be just as bad. Good luck this week. Deep Breath! You got this!!!

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  4. Wow! What a busy weekend! You did amazing!!

  5. You do so much ! I feel like if I have dinner on table I'm a champion lol
    great job!

    Happy Medley


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