How to not Starve while Dieting.

When you are actively trying to lose weight there are a few things you an expect - cravings and hunger. Here are few of my tips, or more things I do/eat, so I don't die while cutting. Literally, thought there were days I would die.

1. Carbs before all else.

I recently switched the majority of my carbohydrates to earlier in the day, I used to save them for evening time so I could have pretty much whatever I wanted at dinner. My carbs right now are set for 185g/day and most days I eat around 50g of carbs just for breakfast.

I also am sure to get in a 50g of protein for breakfast, I keep the fats low and save them for dinner.

If I go for more than a 3 mile run I also eat about 20g of carbs before I run, usually in the form of a Kid's Z Bar.  I've heard trainers recommend eating carbs around your workouts and your fats further away, but I've just recently put that into practice and I can tell it's made a difference on my hunger levels and body, my stomach looks flatter.

2. Layering my Food.

This is probably a mental thing, but when I layer and build up a yummy snack I feel more satisfied. If I had only eaten the yogurt I probably would've been hungry again within an hour, but with half a serving of Chicka Bites and a third a serving of  Protein Almond Butter I was full for a good 3 hours.

3. High Volume Foods.

Popcorn is usually my afternoon snack, along with a huge Bubba of water, for around 1f/15c/2p I will stay full until I get home for dinner.

Veggies, yes yes yes, they are not only good for your body, but they are low calorie and keep you full. They are just as easy to pick up and buy as anything else at a grocery store, most stores have fresh produce available in steam-able bags right in the produce area. Throw on some salt and pepper, or goat cheese, and I could eat 3 servings just for lunch.

Even my Protein Pancakes are made with coconut flour + Protein Powder - this combo gives you more cakes for less calories. Just my cakes alone are 11c/4f/37p and that makes about 5 medium sized pancakes!

If you still don't have the recipe saved to your phone here you go - via Poppy Locks who is coming out with a 40 recipe protein pancake cookbook later this week!!

Do you love pasta? I do too, but rarely eat it because it's so high calorie for so little amount of food, but you can beef it up by adding in spiraled zucchini! If you don't have a Spiral Vegetable Slicer you are missing out! I use mine several times a week.

3. Choosing wisely.

IIFYM touts a 'eat whatever you'd like, no foods off limit' tag line, but when I am cutting I have to make hard choices and I tend to pick things that keep my tummy happy on less. I don't eat red meat, too high in fat. I don't eat avocados, a serving size is just sad. I pick berries over melon and apples, I go through 2 packs of strawberries by myself Mon to Friday.

I can be satisfied on less than a serving, if I want to add some oreos to my pancakes I can crush up a few minis {usually less than half a serving} and still feel like I had a fun treat. I used to have trouble stopping after 4 full Oreo's! Weighing your food is the biggest eye opener on how much a serving size really is.... if you haven't watched this video I recommend you do.

Now, excuse me while I go cry for a while over this head that has hair.


  1. OMG but it looks like he has RED hair!!!!! PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

  2. I've seen several of your meals where you shred the sweet potatoes. Do you shred first then cook?

  3. How long are your workouts on average? I usually workout 5 days a week, combining cardio and lifting and 1 day a week I do a long run. This makes my workouts about 1 hr and 15 min most days. Is that long enough or too long?

    1. Depends on your intensity, if you feel like you had a good workout then you probably did :) I usually do 90 minutes.

  4. How long are your workouts on average? I usually workout 5 days a week, combining cardio and lifting and 1 day a week I do a long run. This makes my workouts about 1 hr and 15 min most days. Is that long enough or too long?

  5. I'd like to try making some of those amazing protein pancakes that you post! Are you using specific recipes from Pinterest or somewhere else, or are you simply making up your own concoctions? If the latter is true, could you post a base recipe that your readers can use and build upon? Thanks - love your posts! :)

    1. Crissy, the recipe is in the picture in the post LOL

  6. Awesome post! I'm on a cut right now too and one thing that's really helped me is taking out my morning snack so I can eat more at meals. I used to eat 6 times a day! Now I'm at a much more reasonable 5 haha. That yogurt/popcorn combo looks BOMB too!

  7. wow that video was an eye opener. Amazing how it can add up. Im in canada and we dont have those danone yogurts or the triple zero yogurts. We used to have the strawberry cheesecake one but theyve stopped selling them. Im sad :( i made pancakes that were to dense so i will be trying these. Thanks :)

    1. You can also mix plain greek yogurt with sugar free pudding mixes - probably about a tablespoon or so to a yogurt container, just taste test :) SO MANY COMBOS!

  8. I love your food posts. ... I may have bought my first kitchen scale this weekend, possible for making coffee in a French press. ;)
    I'll have to start trying the pancake recipe cause my family (besides me) could eat them everyday if I made them!

  9. Just love all your help! We are lucky to have someone like you willing to share everything you've learned. Thank you.

  10. How do you weigh/measure your food?

    What are your must haves in the kitchen? (Ingredients/appliances)

  11. Did you add protein powder to your yoghurt in the above snack photo? Just wondering how you got the protein up to 38. I am trying to figure out ways to add more protein to my diet. Thanks!

  12. I keep burning the crap out of the pancake recupe...any suggestions?

  13. I'm confused about macros and iifym. I'm trying to lose weight and have seen so many people have success with these two things but I'm at loss as to where to begin. Do you have any recommendations or a suggestion of where to get good information? Thanks in advance!

  14. Hi there, any recommendations on where to
    get more info on IIFYM for initial weightloss? I have googled and read lot of info but some of it seems conflicting


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