Hair Curling Tutorial.

Look what popped on my Timehop, crazy difference huh?  I remember that day on the right, I had to put my hair in a pony because it was so dry and damaged, I vowed to stop with so much blonde and take better care of my hair. 

Totally effed up my macros yesterday, poor planning on my part, I forgot I told my Mom we would come over for spaghetti and ate too many carbs as snacks {Stupid Inner Peas from Trader Joes} then I was hungry, then there was Poppy Seed Lemon Bundt Cake, ugh. Shit happens, I just dust it off and move on, but I still log it because it happened whether you count it or not.

I still woke up feeling lean and strong, so happy #FlexFriday from my calves, one of the most boring muscles to work, but I like how they pop. 

I freaking LOVE how cute and comfortable this dress is, paired with some Target tenny's to complete my casual Friday outfit. All my OMB dresses are on sale, today only! Use code CHEERFUL20
Plus this {Minty Dot Dress} comes in S to 3XL!

Leather Earrings from JEGBoutique for $12
I did a second attempt at a hair curling video with my Magic 25mm Nume, it might be the most boring 5 minutes of your life, so I put it to music and sped it up, you're welcome.  A few tips, don't twist too tight before you wrap it and the longer you hold it on the wand the tighter the curl, so if you want more of a wave don't hold it on the wand very long, usually I count to 5 for a wave and count to 10 for a curl.

I noticed my sisters skin was glowing the last time I saw her, she told me she's been using this product and LOVES it. She's a super {like for reals} product junkie so I love her recommendations. It's the derma e - Vitamin E Creme and super afforadable, the smell is fantastic!! Oliver even commented how good I smelled after I put it on before bed, I've only been using it a week, but I think my skin looks more glowy, or maybe that's wishful thinking hahahhaha

Then I caught this one trying to climb out of his crib! No!!!!!!! I had to tattle to Daddy so he will turn the crib backwards today, can't have my little bald baby denting that perfect head on the ground.

Be sure to stop by Instagram today, I'm doing some flash {easy} giveaways of some of my favorite items just for fun!


  1. Why don't you just lower the mattress?

  2. You are very inspiring im seeing great changes since you started lifting weights and counting macros. Can you please share how to figre out what mactos to eat and what app you use for it. I usually just run but want to start lifting weights as well. Love reading your blog.

  3. I love that dress and want to buy it but it's not on your website. Will you have more?

    1. All sold out, not sure on a restock just yet :)

  4. Are you using that lotion all over or just on face or what? I am almost out of my body shop stuff and could use something different!

  5. Meg do you use the derma e in the place of your regular moisturizer? I use vitamin E cream as a regular moisturizer, but I don't like the smell. :P

  6. I hope you get more of that dress in! Love it!

  7. I need this dress!!! sold out :( sad face.... that's ok I have my eye on other things!!! LOL....

  8. Not sure if you've posted this before but what have you been taken for your hair to grow that fast

  9. I swear I nearly burn my fingers off using the curling wand! Also, LOVE the song choices!

  10. Thanks for the tutorial! What styling products do you use?

  11. I love derma e's products!! They make up the majority of my face care regimen :)

  12. I love derma e's products!! They make up the majority of my face care regimen :)

  13. I love derma e's products!! They make up the majority of my face care regimen :)


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