Friday Fun

My face at 4:45am usually doesn't include lipstick, but dang if this Covergirl wasn't still showing up after be applied at 6pm the night before, eating dinner, washing my face, sleeping, and still tint of pink! The color is Enchantress Blush.

Also picked up this eyeshadow palette at Ulta - Mally Beauty Shadow Palette- Loving Life I really like that it has a shadow base included and the colors vary - I feel like the Naked Palette gets old with so many similar colors in on kit.

I threw together some Salted Caramel balls last night - so good!! I got the idea from Corina Nielsen's blog, but used what I had on hand.

She dipped her's in chocolate, but that's a lot of work so I bought some Coconut Caramel at Whole Foods {I don't do Walden's Farm, makes my tummy hurt} Trust me the 5g I used per ball is worth the calories to not use Waldens. I used this brand - Hey Boo Coconut Caramel Sauce I do think I'll order some of the PB Crave though and give it a try for next time! 

 To make just chop up the pretzels and mix everything together - refrigerate for 15 minutes and top with caramel and Pink Salt. Easy.

We have a cold front coming through tomorrow, high of 96 so of course that means I must make a trip to Canton. Early is better so I went today for my second let day, I kinda like Friday's at the gym, it's pretty dead and I like that! I might start going Fridays and resting on Saturdays to give myself more weekend time.

#selfmade tank

Casual Fridays are the best!! Just something so clean and fresh about grey on white, add in a little bling and I'm feeling good. I have a ton of new product coming so we need to make room - everything is 20% off today at OMB with the code BIG20 

Happy Friday!


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  2. You look amazing in those white pants and tank. Such an inspiration !!!!!!!!

  3. I also love going to the gym on Fridays because no one is ever there!

  4. Wow, you are so freaking gorgeous!! Love the combination. Wish I could figure out how to put outfits together like you do :)


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