10 Pound Progress. 150.

Waist: 31.5 >> 31
Hip:  38.5 >> 37
Thigh:  22 >>> 21.25
Upper Arm: 11.25 >>> forgot to measure
chest 35 >>> 34

FINALLY hit another 10 pounds lost, thinking it will be my last full 10 so maybe I'll start documenting every 2 pounds LOL Folks, it's been since FEBRUARY that I've been working on these 10, it just gets harder and harder to lose those last few. I had to quit relying on the scale, I even got sick of trying so I went to maintenance and ate wonderfully for a few weeks. Right now I'm 'cutting' {which means that I am eating below what my body is burning}, but my calories are still pretty high, around 1900 per day. 
So I still have a lot of wiggle room to cut my calories and see how it helps change my body, I'm not even sure what my end game is, but as long as I'm happy doing what I'm doing then I'll keep going. I for sure want to finish this cut and go back to maintenance or even a bit higher to build more muscle. 
With the exception of my vacation week I haven't been running a whole lot, it's just SO HOT and I'm being wimpy. I have a marathon planned for Feb 2016 and I for sure do want to keep my endurance up so I'm not struggling the first half of training. 
Anyways, so I text my friends....
And this is what I get back...
Rude. I just want to have a little sweatfest and I'm getting all kinds of push back.
They showed up anyways and it was so 'fun'. We ran a mile out and back to warm up then found a big hill - ran up for 1 minute and jog down for a minute 6x's - then huffed it back to the Y for chest and shoulders.
Someone posted this in my running group, looks like more 'fun' for next Tuesday.
Click here for workout

Look what I found again at Target! The mixed berry bites are fabulous on top of yogurt, I haven't tried the tropical yet. 
A little flat bread, fried up turkey and egg with some goat cheese, I know some of you were upset when I closed my MFP Diary so I'm trying to share more of what I eat on here :) A lot of my foods are easily accessible under the hashtag #skinnymegfood on Instagram.
 And just because I love them so.


  1. U look great!!u are so inspirational so real.. love ur posts😆

  2. Girl, you look amazing and your progress is so inspiring. Keep doing what you are doing!

  3. Ooooo my Target has only had the Mixed Berry Boom Chicka Bites. Hopefully they will get the others soon!!

    You are an inspiration and look great!

  4. tropical...meh. not crazy about it...nice work on the progress!! you are seriously shrinking :)

  5. You look awesome! Keep up the good work :)

  6. Skinny Meg for President!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!! SUCH an inspiration!!!!!!!

    Side question - where did you get your arm band????

  7. Wow! Great progress! Look at your upper tummy and thighs. You look smokin' hot. ;-) Running... I want to be a runner... working on that goal.

  8. Meg you look FANTASTIC! I am so glad you are not hard on yourself at all. This is a long term loss for you, and I am fully confident in your abilities to keep these pounds off. I have loved watching our journey to health.

  9. You look fabulous!

  10. Get it Meg!! You look amazing!! I'm so proud of you! Its crazy how far you have come! Quite an inspiration!

  11. Your egg makes me gag. But I love you.

  12. Can Defoe notice a huge difference especially in your legs - well done!

    I really love reading your blog - have been a lurker for a long time! :-)


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