Things I eat.

My gym partner back there on the left is forever talking about wanting a little bump where her bicep should be, she likes to skip meals {busy, she says} and I don't think she hears me when I say you have to eat to grow. You can't build them with out the foods, don't be scared of eating. Then I almost fell over when she said she couldn't eat carbs before bed, cause, muffin top. OMG> I am failing my girls. They did overcome their trepidation about running with a group and both showed up at 5 for a 5 miles run, progress.

Sorry I had to call you out T, but I know her thinking is probably the same as many of you no matter how many times I try to say differently.

This is my arm on low calorie.

Eat your carbs whenever, the only thing that makes you truly gain weight is excess calories, it doesn't matter WHEN you eat them. This gets tricky though because it's hard not to overestimate how many calories you need a day, if only we knew the exact right now life would be so much easier. The frustration comes from trying and STICKING with numbers to see if they work or not, patience is not easy. 

Here are some of my eats this week.

 1 egg, 100g egg whites, 75g sweet potato, 14g goat cheese, 28g turkey bacon.
245 calorie 19c/10f/26p

Trader Joes ground turkey with season zucchini, broccoli, grape tomatoes, goat cheese
365 calories 15c/19f/34p

Dannon 80 calorie Strawberry Cheesecake yogurt, 100g strawberries,  .2 servings Ice Cream Pebbles.
132 calories 22c/1f/11p

Tuna salad on wheat with mixed veggies and goat cheese.
327 calories 26c/11f/33p

Thin Slim bagel with cream cheese and raspberry preserve.
175 calories 27c/8f/15p

Monday treat after leg day!
Flapjacked Cinnamon Apple pancakes topped with pureed banana mixed with banana cream Dannon, Truwhip, and graham crackers crumbs.
353 calories 65c/2f/25p

And a - I feel good and my hairs are on point selfie - Now I gotta go do real work, crazy busy today. See y'all tomorrow for something special!


  1. Mmmmm. The flap-jacked cinnamon apple pancakes are going to have to be added to the menu for the weekend! I have been reading your blog for 3 years now & still love it & love to see you evolve (ya know, like a real human being). Hope yall have a great week!

    Lauren | Southern20Something

  2. That yogurt and ice cream pebbles combo looks Goooood!

  3. Wow yummy! And your hair looks awesome. You're so sweet for posting this free information and motivation!!! Thank you!!

  4. Looking fantastic SkinnyMeg! I have a couple of quick questions for you. I just got my macros from Paige (thanks for sharing her), scale came in last night and food waiting in the fridge. When you are cooking do you weigh everything before it goes in the pan and then enter those weights in MFP to get your count? Also how do you determine what a serving size is when calculating the calories on MFP? Thanks!

    1. She posted a video a while back on how she does it. I weigh everything before cooking and enter the ingredients into the recipe builder. Weigh the final product to determine portion sizes.

  5. Thank you! I find this soooo helpful! I am currently doing IFFYM and still struggle with my food :)

  6. Can you share Paige's details again please?

  7. LOVE that you advocate for actually eating! It’s such a misconception that one needs to deprive themselves in order to get in shape. So not true! I love that you allow yourself the food you want. Your mindset toward food is so balanced. I don’t think I could ever do IIFYM, given that I have had an eating disorder, but I am so happy it works for you and it is not restrictive! You rock Meg. I have never tried cream cheese + preserves, but it sounds delicious, and I am intrigued now!

  8. Love your hair! Could you share with us how you got those curls?

  9. Gosh, I don't know why I dread eating right. I just need to be more creative with my food. Your meals look fantastic!!

  10. Your hair is amazing, can you please share your secrets! I am constantly trying to figure out when you sleep- between kids, hubby, house, work, working out and now new clothing line.

  11. I'm new to IIFYM and I'm struggling with figuring out how meet those goals. For example, today I'm over 1g of fat and I still have 32g of carbs and 29g of protein and I have no idea what to eat.

    I'm also struggling with the number of calories the calculator is telling me to eat (I used the same as you) it's 150 more than the people at my gym were telling me, but then their number (1500) seemed low. How did you decide your carb/fat split? Sorry to ask you a million questions, I really admire your determination and dedication.

    1. It takes time to figure out how to fill the last few macros - but in general if you have protein + carbs I'd do a yogurt with some type of toppings. Or fruit with yogurt. Or Acrtic Zero ice creams with toppings :) Lots of choices!

  12. SkinnyMeg can you tell me the brand and the color name of the pink lipstick you are wearing in this picture of you i the car? Very pretty!!


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