Popsicles + Bald Babies

Throwin' it back to when my sweet little girl was a chubby little baby.

I don't know, I think she looks the same just with more hair. I saw this Milk and Cereal Popsicle on Pinterest and promised her we'd try it - I have to put my Ice Cream Pebbles to good use anyways! 

I used Keifer Probiotic in Strawberries and Cream + Strawberry Greek yogurt + Bananas + Ice Cream Pebbles

They turned out very good - the kids and adults all loved them!

You know it's good when he smacks his lips and say's ummmmmmmm.

I'm kinda a slacker when it comes to buying the Bald One clothes - boy stuff can be very hit or miss and Target's boy section still gives me the sads every time I browse it. I have a bunch of workout headbands from Sew Foxxy and I remembered she made kids clothing so I ordered some playground shorts - I am so in love with these!! Very well made, affordable {uhhhhhhhh I've seen them cost 25 - 30 bucks EACH, that's just nuts} and super cute! Some even come with a matching Mommy headband, how adorable is that??

Took my cracked screen in yesterday for repair - 90 minutes later they come out and hand me a new phone - sorry about your luck. I just bought a new MAC too and haven't had a chance to set up iTunes on it or back my phone up. So everyone please text me your phone numbers cause, yeah, ugh. Someone told me about Amazon Prime's Photo App - free storage for all your pictures so I downloaded it and apparently I knew about this and there were already a ton of pics on it - so maybe I've been backing those up and didn't know it LOL

Do all those red notifications stress you out???


  1. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that has a ton of unread emails.

  2. As long as the red dots on your phone and not mine! Those popsicles sound amazing. I wish my sweet baby (who is now 4) still called them "pop-e-beels", time flies. What app did you use to jazz up your phone icons? LOVE

  3. How did you get those crazy fun icons?! I love them!!

  4. Those notifications drive me crazy! Not only am I constantly clearly them from my iphone, but from my boyfriends too! It almost gives me a weird sense of joy to clear the notifications.

  5. HAHA!! I 'bout had a heart attack at those mail counts! 20K+?! Oy.
    It's OK - I still love you, girl. ;)

  6. Yes those red numbers stress me out!! omg. I can't handle it, lol. Also, good to know about the Amazon app. I was the worst about backing stuff up until I almost lost everything on my phone. I've been better since but I still want to check out that amazon app.

  7. I live your background and how did you change your Facebook and music to run colors? We need a tutorial👍🏻😃

  8. I cannot deal with the red notifications. It's a problem I have haha


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