Picture this Weekend.

Friday when I got to work I found that our entire first floor was under 6 inches of water, no fun, we are not even on low ground, but it literally rained so hard that the water had no where to go but inside. The day was spent transferring wet files to dry boxes and freezing in my office because fans were running all day to dry out the floor. When my MIL called to ask if she could keep the kids I didn't put up much of a fight, a night alone with my husband sounded pretty good. I went home and put on my sexy clothes, we went out for gourmet pizza and binged on Royal Pains via Net Flix until way past my normal bedtime. It. was. perfect.

Saturday I awoke to a serious thunderstorm, I pulled on my rain boots and hit the Y. I love to workout when it's storming, no one is there and it's kinda relaxing. I was supposed to run a half marathon Saturday evening, but the river by the course was flooded. 

I don't do triathlons, so I'm glad they changed it to another day. I did a ton of pyramid leg exercises, starting at a lower weight and working my way heavier for each one. 

Came home and made some chocolate banana protein pancakes, showered, and went to get the kids. Aiden did NOT sleep well at my MIL's he's very much used to his own crib and doesn't really sleep as well anywhere else. I'm very nervous about vacation at the end of June, it could be a long damn week with a cranky sleepy baby. 

We just hung out and worked on some stuff around the house the rest of the day, The Bald One learned to climb on a chair, pretty pleased with himself. I love that look he gets when he accomplishes something new or gets into something he shouldn't - that glint in his eye. I see you baby boy!

The rain finally has come to an end, the morning broke cool and clear, perfect for running! 

Aiden didn't wake until around 9:30, we were all famished so I bulleted up a banana and yogurt for him, he hates fruit so I'm sneaking it in where I can. You can almost see the mischief in those eyes, I doubt I'm fooling him. I can't tell you how many times I put food on his trey, see it's gone and think he ate it, only to realize it's all stuck to his thighs when I pull him out.

Tank from Hazel and Olive

We decided it was way too gorgeous outside to spend the day cleaning the house! I'll be honest - I didn't clean one thing this weekend or do any laundry, no shame. With it hopefully getting warmer out we will start spending every Sunday swimming, so I plan to start having a housekeeper come regularly again. I stopped a while ago cause I was feeling guilty for spend the money, but I shouldn't, it's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing most days. I work full time, have two kids, and a bunch of side stuff going on, cleaning is the bottom of my to do list. Oliver's just REALLY picky about how they do it, drives me batty to listen to him complain if he doesn't think they did it good enough.

After breakfast we went for a walk, but first sunscreen. always. Madison is trained to put it on, the application needs some perfecting though.

My lovely little family.

I sat down on the couch for 1 minute and she immediately climbed on, grabbed a blanket, and snuggled in for a nap. I was searching for recipes to prep food for the week and I dozed off too, it was nice to take a little nap on a lazy Sunday. 

Mimi came over to pick up the princess because she was missing her. She tagged along to Sam's Club, came home with a new book, towel, and swimsuit. They have a hard time saying no to her, obviously, but I still remember how much I loved being spoiled by my own Grandmother who died when I was 14. We were very close despite living in different states, so I'm thrilled Madison is close with both mine and Oliver's parents.

Oliver and I took the Bald One to the grocery, spent way too much money, and I prepped breakfast and lunch for the week. Swear, we spend more than our mortgage on food! I was bored with my regular foods so I whipped up some new stuff this week, I'll share details tomorrow. 

This one threw us for a loop last night, crying and crying when we put him to bed. Finally I took him out, gave him some milk and just held him for a while. He didn't fight me or try to get down to run around, just sat on my lap and snuggled. After about half and hour I took him in again and he went right to sleep. Maybe he was hungry or maybe he just missed me, I'm gonna go with the latter.


  1. Details on the pants in the top photo!?!?!

    1. my sweats? They are old and from the college I attended :)

    2. Ha! yes. I have a hard time finding good sweats. Those look comfy!

  2. Before you started lifting and were just running, did you take any supplements or anything? I am just starting to run again and I feel like I need some more energy... any advice?

  3. Summertime housekeepers are a must!

  4. I think it must have been something in the air! My Ms Madelyn didn't fall asleep until 3 am!!! So fussy!! :( Your weekend looked about the same as mine! Love the sweats too! You can look so cute in anything!!

  5. Have you shared the recipe for the chocolate banana protein pancakes before? Cause those look AMAZING!!!

  6. Some unsolicited advice for getting little man to sleep on your trip ;) (My son would only sleep in his bed, but slept great there). What worked for us was setting up his pack n play (or whatever he will be sleeping in when you travel) and having him nap in his own room, but in the pack n play for a week or two before the trip. The first couple weren't as long as normal, but he got used to it. Then when we were on vacation he was used to sleeping in there and didn't skip a beat!

  7. I love reading your blog and following you on Instagram. Thanks for the inspiration to drop some pounds! Do you know when you will be hosting another diet bet?

  8. I LOLed at your triatholon comment! I grew up being spoiled a tad by my grandma as well, so I love that your daughter is close with hers as well!


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