No more selfies for a while.

Wow, wow, wow - we were completely overwhelmed at the response to my boutique! Thank all of you so much for all the support!! I know I'm sold out of a lot, but I have most of it on reorder and on the way to my house, plus so much cute new stuff. I have my little minions hard at work, all orders are shipped and on the their way to you. Madison is in charge of sticking return labels on the envelopes and also writing the names of all the clothing in her 'journal', she absolutely has loved all of this process so much! Aiden is in charge of running from person to person and providing a little grin. Oliver is shipping and receiving and he's had his work cut out for him, but he's been awesome about all the extra work.

Taking product pictures is really what takes up the most time, items come in daily and finding time to shoot, edit, and post is going to take a little fine tuning. I'm still trying to figure out the best route to manage this, such a learning curve! I experimented with an indoor shoot this weekend - I really have the most awesome girlfriends who show up at the drop of hat!

Some worked and some didn't so I am still working on this aspect, most of the issue is finding time around my regular work schedule. Madison on the other hand begs to take pictures, she changed her outfit 6 times and has some pretty creative poses.

Saturday I went for a run by myself before weight training, I prefer to do my cardio first if I do any at all. I'm pretty proud of myself for not getting lost - usually I just follow the group with no sense of where we actually are - I even found this monster hill and ran it for fun. The humidity is killer even early in the morning, I only did 5 miles at a 9:45 pace, but I literally felt like I was running a 11 min mile. 

Aiden and I had an early birthday party to attend, Pancakes and Pajamas, Daddy is in charge of dressing him because you literally have to sit on the child to reign him in. 

I found some shorts I freaking love from TJMaxx, they are Calvin Klein Reaction, but with a longer inseam and a bit of distressing. Tshirt from PinkSlate and hat monogrammed hat from Pumpkin Butter Kids - today's the last day to order for 4th of July!

Then we drove to pick up Madison from a sleepover at her BFF's - she was kind enough to bless us with her presence over lunch before grabbing her suitcase and hightailing over to Mimi's house for swimming, reading, and cuddling. Her dress is from Target and I'm sure you'll be seeing a ton of pictures of it, she refuses to wear anything else. 

Sunday I was so so so unmotivated to go to the gym and honestly the only reason I went was because I told my friends I would meet them there, but after I was done I had so much more energy, which I needed to get everything done before work Monday. 

Oliver had the kids with him at his parents house for a few hours and I was able to pick up and make breakfast before they got home. Shockingly I did not have a griddle and a friend bought me one - it's so much faster to get my protein pancakes made! 

After the kids got home we headed to the spray park for a while, it was Aiden's first time and he loved it so much! It's hard to swim with him, he wants to run around the pool and it's just nerve wracking for everyone.

Glasses from Far Out Sunglasses - loveee. $25 bucks! code skinnymeg makes 'em uber cheap!

He's such a good boy and a real joy to be around, he's not a lover or snuggler though, I just tackle him for a smooch fest.

All the babies took nice long naps when we got home, I inventoried my clothing and meal prepped. I found this seasonal rub at Trader Joes and used it on my chicken this week - SO DANG GOOD. They only carry it in the summer so I'll be stocking up!

I know he's super cute right? I can't even be mad that he stepped on my phone and shattered the glass :( Apple store can't get me in until Wednesday so if you don't see any selfies of me for a few days just know that I am still alive...


  1. SO overjoyed for you! What an awesome thing! Congrats on much success. It's great to see women going for their dreams and succeding.

  2. Oh no! When I read the headline I was SHATTERED! Sorry about your phone. Hurry up and get it fixed. I love your selfies. :-)

  3. i want the grey tank in the middle pic. Is it still available?

    1. It will be soon, such a flattering tank too!

  4. Two of those dresses in the pic I want - havent seen them online yet... :)

  5. Ah! I had no idea!! Congratulations!! How exciting!!


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