Mini Hair Tute

We leave for vacation soon and I've been having a little panic attack about our sleeping arrangements, well just the bald one actually. We took some advice and put the pack and play in his room to get him used to sleeping in it - the first night was a little rough, but once he fell asleep he stayed asleep, he cries just seeing the dang thing in his room...  #sideeye Aiden. This is how I found him this morning, I don't know if he slept like this or is he was playing this morning, now I'm gonna have to sneek in around 4am and see what's going on in there. 

The happiest little camper in the morning, how adorable are his playshorts from SewFoxxy? I had some requests for pics in them, happy to oblige with this bald baby! 

Time to get ready for work, but first a little flex for feeling good about myself and my commitment this week to my cut. Despite being busier than I've ever been, I made a promise to myself that I would not let my diet slip and I didn't - for that I'm proud. I'm no superwomen, but I know it seems like I am sometimes on my blog, don't get twisted - I struggle too. Someone had a birthday yesterday at work and brought a Nothing Bundt Cake - my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv. OMG> I had one little slice and literally had to sit on my hands to not get another. There have been so many nights I almost stopped on the way home from work for easy dinner, then really wished I had when the baby was crying, the oil burned too hot in the pan, and I spilled the food all over the kitchen floor. That was a bad one.

So today is a rest day, I decided to forgo a hair washing in lieu of some protein pancakes - did a quick little tutorial on how I curl my hair. 

 There are many different ways to curl your hair with a wand, but I LOVE the super wavy big hair look I get with this method - the secret is to twirl then curl. 

The other secret is the wand, they are NOT created equally, I have a Hot Tools and while it's nice it doesn't get the same heat as the Nume. The Nume curls faster and holds better, they can be $$$ so Google around for a coupon code - I ended up paying 40 bucks for mine. I have the 25mm, but I really want to try some other sizes soon.

Madison spent the night with Mimi last night, I get a update on her activities pretty much once an hour.

No secret why she loves to stay with her Grandparents every chance she gets, swimming, dogs, and iPad while you brush your teeth. 

Protein pancakes were so ahhhhhhmazing this morning, this is why I love flexible dieting - eat things I love and still rock my body.

53g Kodiak Cake - protein mix
46g Egg Whites
80 ML Unsweetened Coconut Almond Milk >>> just add until right consistency.
14g Vanilla protein powder
 - mix and cook

125g of Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Yogurt - dannon brand
8g of Ice Cream Pebbles
110g Strawberries
14g Whip Topping

445 Cals 61c/6f/39p


  1. I love everything about you. that is all. :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You are awesome Lisa!!! Marjie B. (not Nick B.!!!)

  2. Are the ice cream pebbles the same as fruity pebble cereal?

  3. Aiden is so stinking cute.

    I've had the most success with PNP when I put one of the boys' favorite blankets on the bottom. Spread it out like a sheet on top of the pad and normal sheet or whatever you use. My parents also wrap the pad with a big fuzzy blanket to give it a little extra cushion. My boys seem to dig on that too.

    Oh and noisemaker/night lite plus whatever lovey he takes to bed if he does. I try to recreate the crib experience as much as possible. Good luck!

  4. Love the flex break! I'm going to need to look into this fruity pebble ice cream goodness you speak of...


  5. I bought a Nume when you posted something a few weeks ago. Still haven't gotten a chance to use it, but I'm hoping to make some time to play with it this weekend.

  6. Ordering the playground shorts now! Thankssss! Loving these

  7. Love all your posts so much. I live in the middle of nowhere.. Where do you get the pancake mix????

  8. Damn girl, you look AMAZING!!

  9. Where did you get the pack n play extra cushion? Desperately needing something like this! Please don't tell me you made it :-P


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