Leg Day is the Best Day.

I literally feel like I have tree trunks for legs, which I don't think is a bad thing, but it would sure be nice if I could drop a little fat around that muscle and show all my hard work! 

I'm STILL sore from my leg day workout Monday, it's been a while since I've been this sore! 

Here's a run down of what we did, I included the weight I used because I know some of you will ask for it, but really - do what is right for YOU. This is a high rep workout so go light on the weights, if you injure yourself you're just setting yourself back. 

My preworkout - Stick of Spark and 3 Catalyst.

We did 60 reps of everything - so you can break it up any way you please - I prefer 4 sets of 15.

 .5 mile run to warm up or 6 minutes on the stair-master
Back Squats: 95 Pounds
Hip Thrusts: 105 Pounds
Split Squats: 30 pound dumbbell
Goblet Squats: 20 Pounds
Quad Machine: 70 Pounds
Conventional Deadlifts: 95 Pounds
Wide Stance Deadlifts: 95 Pounds
Closed Leg Squat on smith machine: 50 pounds
Leg Press on Smith Machine: 90 pounds <<<< this one did me in.
Standing Calf Raises on smith machine: 100 pounds

**You better foam roll those legs out afterward!**

 I know this looks like the most awkward exercise, but it works the back of your legs so good! I'll just be real honest, I don't give a damn what anyone thinks about me in the gym, I am there to sweat, have fun, and sometimes hang out with my girlfriends. It's my me time before I work, take care of kids, husbands, my second job, and whatever else I fit into my day. I pay to be there so I kinda treat it like an extension of my home, I rerack my weights, wipe up my sweat, smile and say hello to my fellow gym goers. I also sing out loud occasionally, break out in dance, and do whatever moves I please on any machine I want. Truly no one cares what you are doing as long as you are respectful of others, I don't hog up machines and let others work in if need be. Don't be scared of the weight areas, you belong there as much as anyone else - I actually find the men to be pretty nice in that area, even if they do move slow as molasses during their workouts. Heck I've even helped a few of them out with some moves :) 


  1. I have tree trunks for legs too! And I kind of love them. It's the rest of me that I a not as in love with. Rock on, girl!

  2. You look amazing .. I will admit to laughing out loud for real at this line before I work, take care of kids, husbands <~~~ how many husbands do you have girlfriend!! ;-)

  3. Love this! Doing it today-- thanks for the great idea! i'm like you. I pay for the gym, treat it well, am friendly to others, and enjoy my workouts :)

  4. Tree trunk proud! I'll never get totally rid of my "soccer player legs", but I don't want to! Lookin good, mama!

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  6. Do you only take 3 catalyst a day? I'm confused about it! There are 30 servings and 90 capsules, so 3 a day makes sense. But a friend told me that you could take up to 9 a day?? And the bottle says to take up to three between meals or before physical activity. What do you do??


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