IIFYM Sources of Information.

I thought I would put together a post with my go to sources for macro information, I won't even pretend that I just somehow know everything there is to know about this diet, I literally just googled stuff after a few people recommended it to me on Instagram.

The right was 2 years ago, before I got pregnant with Aiden, lots of cardio and trying to stick to clean eating. My goals are different now, I'm trying to grow my muscles with food and I won't lie - I prefer counting my macros over any of my diets before. 

The number one thing that drives me nuts is the misconception that you can't clean eat AND count macros - they are not mutually exclusive. If you prefer to fill your calories with all natural, organic, grass fed, non processed food that's totally your choice. IIFYM get's a bad rep for being filled with 'junk' food, but my diet has never been this well rounded, and I've never felt less deprived. So if you need to do some more reading on the subject here are a few places I recommend.

Watch a few of these videos from Mike Vacanti, so many times people think they are doing better by eating something 'healthy' but you have to pay attention to what's IN your foods don't be fooled by labels.



Corina Nielsen is my absolute favorite blogger for macro friendly food ideas, her instagram is food porn galore and I freaking lurve it!

Katie of Katie's Fit Scripts is super knowledgeable on food, diet, macros, and fitness. If you have questions about any of those things be sure to search her blog, she breaks things down in a way everyone can understand.

I also frequently check the IIFYM Women Exclusive Facebook page, people post food and progress pics which can be helpful and motivating. Speaking of motivation....

In case you're not sure IIFYM actually works you should just take a look at Molly of Happy Hungry Fit.  Talk about #goals


  1. Molly is a rockstar! I love following her progress :)
    You've made some great booty & leg gainz!!! High fives!
    I spent the past 12 weeks working on gaining strength. I wouldn't call it an official bulk but I was certainly more leineint with my food to allow myself the energy & stamina for my workouts & recovery. I made great gains strength wise. I also gained 2lbs. I know the scale doesn't matter but the fluff hanging over my shorts needs to go! lol! So i'm now working on cutting a bit of that. My main gain (and one of my goals) was to get my booty back. Two kids basically left what was once a boo-tay (that I loved & was also adored by my hubby), pretty flat & disappointing. I incorporated a lot of the Strong Curves, Bret Contreras workouts in with my 2x week Leg days & BOOM! Such great changes! I'm thrilled & so is my hubby! haha! Anyways - Thanks for all that you share. I started weight training with Body Pump last Spring & then stumbled upon & began using IIFYM last August. I was thrilled when I read you started the same process - as you are a wealth of information, always! :)

  2. great post! I also don't understand why many think counting macros and clean eating are mutually exclusive :)


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